Importing trees to China from abroad

Shanghai, China

A strange question, and I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge on the subject. I am a garden designer in Shanghai looking to import specimen trees from nations abroad where the gardening habit has more than a twenty-year lifespan. Unavailable cultivars are also permissible and I welcome that opportunity as well, but what we're looking for mainly is well-established specimens of small-growing trees, things like Acer palmatum cvv. and others, that bend my attention toward Japan. Australia and New Zealand, to some degree, also seem like they might provide some sources. Two questions:

Does anyone have any experience with this? It's not necessary, strictly speaking, and I realize that the necessity of phytosanitary certification, not to mention the logistics of shipping these things over long distances and the toll such a journey might take on a mature tree, might make it less than feasible. I don't think customs on this side are a problem, and our budget is fairly unlimited. Any advice would be appreciated.

Then, suggestions of nurseries of particular merit in Japan, Korea, Australia or New Zealand are also welcome- particularly Japan, because of proximity.

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