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How was your day #367

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Welcome, please join us

We came from here

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Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

We need some of that sunshine! Had a few minutes this morning! Then it disappeared.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

sort of a gray sunshine here.... very cool. I've been wearing my winter coat teh past few days...

DH has been reading FLA weather.... mid70's

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Just give me sunshine and no snow and I will be happy!

Verona, ON

Me too Vicki, me too. Sunshine this morning but it has long gone. Makes it seem colder than it really is once that sunshine is gone. Course Debbie won't be worried she is off to warm Florida on Thursday. Wish I could run away and join you Debbie.

Guys are cutting wood - they are such large lads they make the largest of the chainsaws look like toys in their hands. No wonder Warren always said he felt short around them - Warren was 6'2" - lol. Steve and I are making plans for the splitter - he has devised a way theoretically speaking of bringing it in so we work off of both sides of the pile and don't have to cross the lane to stack it. Its a great plan if he can get the splitter in there the way he wants it. I will use the electric splitter to split some of the smaller stuff and then will stack that closer to the house. Warren had a special spot for it so no point in changing things now - if it works don't fix it, right?

Quill hasn't moved but is quite happy on her rug in front of the wood stove. I don't know how she stands the heat byt she loves it. Sometimes I can barely put my hand on her side she is so hot. It is not uncommon for Quill to lay in 1 spot for hours so I don't feel like she is missing out or needing something.Just have her some water which she drank down - she hadn't had anything, refused it since last night.Of course Vicki my hand will be on her all night.

Sandy I thought about you and Andre when I was in Pet Smart today in Kingston. There were 4 aisles of toys plus a Christmas selection. I was smiling to myself thinking about Andre 'killing' each and every one of them.Diesel got a new BIG boy collar today - Extra large and it just fits.Guess I will have to look and see if they have even bigger sizes. I went to put Stormy's pinch collar on him yesterday for some training and it just fit. And here I thought Stormy was a big guy! Debbie you wouldn't believe how thick Diesel's neck is now! His sister He has a play date set up with his sister Layla in the new year. Hopefully she will be all healed and ready to rock and roll by the end of January. I can't imagine how the poor little thing is staying still and in a crate almost 24/7. Diesel would be out of his mind by now but I am sure they are medicating the poor little girl.

Guys are heading in so I had better find some snacks for them and some cool ones. Well Mike only drinks water but I am sure Steve will have Mike's share of wobbly pops now the chainsaws are put away.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Dianne you should see the "KILL ZONE" here in my room. Surprising he does not kill all of them, a few he still has not killed and they have been here all year.

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY

I just got home from a long day.

Dianne, my love and hugs are with you and Quill. You will know when it is right, just like with Stormy.

She is such a special loving girl, I just adored her while I visited. She just smiles.

For those that haven't seen a picture of Quill, this is the beauty we are praying for.

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Verona, ON

There's my sweet girl!! She is just so full of love sometimes it is a bit overwhelming.

somewhere, PA

Oh I'm so sad to read about Quill!

Thanks for the new thread Sandy.

Scirocco had to stay at the vetspital all afternoon. The bloodwork from a couple months ago didn't show anything. Today they did an x-ray. Nothing. So then they did an ultrasound. The digestive tract looks fine but there is some oddities in her liver. The vet just didn't know what it could be so he's repeating the blood work to see if anything has changed. There was no sign of thyroid issues before Debbie.


Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I know the hot baths ampliify the dry skin but with the issues of Restless Legs..sometimes I just have to take another bath..the hot water soothes the muscles...
Dianne I am just so sorry for Quill and you)

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I'd think the oil would be nice and soothing after a hot bath. I understand about not adding it to the tub, for slickness reasons,
I also find eating nuts, especially cashews when i have dry skin.

Lyndonville, NY

Melva, the iron pills have really really helped DH with his restless leg issues. The sleep clinic doctors put him on it, and I have had much better sleep and so has he.

Tam, so sorry Scirocoo had to stay, but hopefully will find out what the heck is going on!

I am on antibiotics again, recurring sinus infection and of all things "thrush" in my mouth probably from the last round. So have meds for that and decongestants for the plane and acidophulus tabs with each meal.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Dianne peace, comfort and love to you and your sweet Quill.

Tam keeping good thoughts for Sirocco, too.

Don't assume that where Debbie is going she will be warm. WarmER maybe, but not necessarily warm. It has been cold in this part of FL ever since I arrived.

Just got in after leaving here for a 1:15 appointment with the sleep doc that Patti2 works for. More later. Have to feed the boys ans get ready to watch the finals of DWTS.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Dianne, still keeping you and Quill in my thoughts and prayers. She is such a beauty and of course she is a sweet loving girl, look who raised her!

Melva another issue I found with adding oil to the water is that it leaves a ring and the dirt/soap clings to it and it gets really nasty in a very short time. I prefer the oil on a wash cloth, and that way, you can skip the places that you don't necessarily want/need it.

Debbie, I have never had a reaction of thrush from an antibiotic. Now having said that, the next time I need to take one, I will get it. Hope they cure everything and that by the time you leave for Florida that you will be feeling fine.

Bonnie, my DTS is leaving for Florida on the 14th of December, and I told her that she was not going to be warm, just warmer. Last year we did have a fine several months, and were lucky that we got to go to the beach just about every day. Hope the sleep dr has some good news for you. I worry abou the way you sleep. Just not a restful situation.

Tammy, sure hope that the vet can find out what is going on with Scirocco, and help her regain the weight. Poor girl, I know that she would much rather be at home with you all tonight.

Well, I have had a pretty good do nothing day. I did make some baked chicken with some parmesan cheese, some oven roasted dill potatoes, and a broccoli casserole for supper. Cooked some corn, but it was a variety that didn't freeze well, and has a definite "off taste" so the birds will be eating that tomorrow.

Off to look at other threads.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Sandy, thanks for the new thread.

Dianne, big hugs for you and Quill.

Tammy, I hope the vet finds out what is wrong with Scirocco.

Bonnie, I heard it is rather chilly in FL. We had plow trucks out today. YUCK

BonnieB, your dinner sounds very good. I have been having trouble finding a decent recipe for chicken breasts. I think I may have to try the slow cooker.

I was going to stop at the grocery on the way home but too snowy. It was a heavy wet snow.

I have seen some news about NJ businesses closing because of Sandy. One was a family owned grocery. Right before Sandy they bought all of their holiday turkeys. I guess they donated some but they lost so much stuff they had to close. there are still so many places still without power. It's so sad.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I think I fixed my lap top!!!
Please keep your fingers crossed that I have gotten rid of SweetIM!!!! This UGLY THING is the most evil thing that I have seen..
It is almost impossible to get rid of. I get it from GOGGLE and I wish to h---L that I had known about it and could have keep it off of my lap top.
I think I get it off but it keeps raising it's ugly little head and kicking the stuffing out of my laptop.

Right now the laptop is working good but I will not breath easy for a few days.

The problem is it hides under other names.

Going to call it a night, have to take DM to have a catscan early tomorrow morning.

Good night everyone

Sandy and Andre

Verona, ON

((Scirroco)) Pretty scarey goingons for the little girl. Sending positive thoughts Tam the new blood tests will help the vet make your sweet girl better.

I ended up with thrush when I first started on my inhalers. No wonder babies fuss when they get it. How is Izzy doing Debbie? All packed? Chortle, chortle. I just love that word.

Elsie I have been concerned that several small businesses would fold. So many oc these businesses are just hanging on as it is. Hey at least you got some money back from your insurance Elsie. I would faint dead away if that happened to me

Vicki do hou have company all your days off? How did the jerky turn out? Steve was doing it, right?

Bonnie will be interested in your sleep doctor visit. Joining you watching DWTS. Who do you think 'deserves' to win? I wonder about the weight of the fan based vote.


New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

I want Tony D to win. Way back before the first episode aired our quartet Toni met DWTS Tony D on a plane so ever since we have always rooted for Tony.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Did you know that Tony D was the undefeated men's rhythm champion of ballroom dancing for many years in a row? Last year I caught a tribute to him where he retired from competitive dancing.

Patti2's doctor who is a pulmonologist/sleep specialist is named - are you ready for this - Dr. Wabba W. Wabba. He ran an pulmonary study in the office, and a blood gas study. Wrote Rx for a TSH and chest a Xray, also scheduled a sleep study.

So worried about Quill and Sirocco

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TONY

Verona, ON

My wish came true Tony and Melissa!!! They were on fire these last few weeks. Woooo hoooo!!!!

Lyndonville, NY

I was also very glad Tony & Melissa won! They so deserved it.

Izzy is doing better, waiting for her to pass a stuffed catapillar kitty toy she got off the shelf. Grrr!

Having trouble with Axl peeing everywhere. On the toilet seat, on a pile of my papers I was sorting, DH will have to take him to the vet when I am gone.

Packed? Are you kidding? I have been on the run and no time. SO will start/finish that tomorrow I hope! Good grief. When will I get organized?

Keeping all our furbabies in my thoughts.....try and get some rest.

Did I mention The Child is sick again, tonsils or strep! Such is the life of customer service at a big store!


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

Thumbnail by wren107
Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Morning... been up since 4-something....

trying a new thing -- not consuming so much dairy.... bought some Almond Milk yesterday... [for my coffee] it's not bad tasting, but what I seem to be missing is the 'creaminess' of real milk.
~~ this past summer I switched from H&H to Whole milk. BUT - this is 1 carb per cup and 2grams of fat, per cup... the cals are about 40. we shall see if my taste buds adjust.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, the frost is so heavy this morning that it looks like snow. Good grief, the weather is just so unsettled. The forecast is for 60's for Sat and Sun, makes you uncertain of what to wear out.

Have had my coffee and read the paper, so heading to the shower and then off to the grocery.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Terese - I use almond milk everywhere except coffee & kefir. I limit the kefir to 1/2c so total consumption is probably 6oz a day.

Sandy - love the pic. again. I hadn't heard of that virus. Sounds awful!

Debbie - sure hope you get a little calm time to pack (and relax) before the trip. You leave tomorrow? Are you feeling better w/the meds?

Dianne - I love that word too. chortle. :-) Almost as much as gnocci. I ordered it the other day in large part because I love saying it! How is Ms Quill feeling today?

BonnieB - Scirocco just had to spend the day at the vets. She got to come home and was very happy for that!

Bonnie - glad your fav won the contest.

Loretta - what terrible timing for that business. Without power, I'm sure the demand even for the free turkey was low. What a waste!

Melva - sounds like you are on to a solution with the lotion/baby oil.

We still have snow. I'm just not ready for winter. wahhhh.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


Glad to see no bad news this morning.

Dianne I made the jerky. DH ground the meat. The jerkyis good but could use a bit more of the seasoning. Yes lots of company. Well not lots but company nontheless.

Deb can you sneak me along with you? I need to be somewhere different. It has been so long.

Elsie I was wondering how many business' would end up closing. That is so sad.

Bonnie glad your favorite won. Your mom's place is going to be so pretty. Have you gotten any rest?

Melva glad the itchies are getting under control.

BonnieB no heavy frost here but it looks like we will be cloudy again. Suppose to be in the 40's this weekend.

Sandy thanks for the start and the picture you posted today looks surreal compared to what I see out my windows! LOL

Better get going and get the day started. Have a kitchen full of dishes to take care of. Was just so tired last night.

Lyndonville, NY

Not feeling better yet, but only had one dose. HOWEVER, went from not having sniffles or cough to my nose running like Niagara I think it is working. Not what I wanted for the trip though!

Looks like I am taking Shannon to doctor/Urgent Care. Spots on throat/tonsils. Either has strep or mono. Trying to stay away from her is not going to be easy in the car. Thankfully on antibiotics.

I so wanted a pedicure and manicure today....not going to happen.

Thinking of little Scirocco, and praying for good news.

Dianne, how did you and Quill do last night? Paul sends his hug to both of you.

Vicki, we will get breakfast together


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

That will be good Deb!

Lyndonville, NY

Well, Shannon went by herself. Now I have to take the boy to work so I can have my car.....then it all starts! On the run!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam it is not classed as a virus but is just as bad.

Right now it is nasty out side. Cold and wet

S and A

Verona, ON

Morning! guess it is still officially that here. Dull day with ice pellets and some snow. Not anything that stays on the ground long.

Missy Quill is holding her own but just. She doesn't seem to be in any pain but you know it is very painful when she tries to get up and walk. She will only eat when she is hand fed and then only a wee bit of something at a time. She hasn't moved from her spot other than to shift position since about 10 pm last night. Now this is not uncommon for Quill as she can be quite the slug. I have always said she could go 24 hours without a pee and she is proving me correct. Diesel now senses something is amsiss and I have caught him 3 or 4 times just going up to her, licking her ears then laying down curled up to her body. Very sweet and I must try and remember to get a photo of it to share. Debbie you tell Paul I will take that hug and am honoured he wants to give me one.

Guys will be back on the weekend to split and stack the wood so I think I will make a pie or two - surely they won't refuse a homemade pie since Mike is a bachelor who exists on fast food and Steve's wife does not bake at all. Steven and Pam are holding Christmas for the first time for her family so I told her as my Christmas present to her I will bake a few pies and possibly a trifle. Oven will probably fall over in a faint when I turn it on!!I won't attend even though they insisted I do as I wish to be alone this year here at home with the dogs. I hate feeling like the person everyone "has" to invite for Christmas Day as I am all alone. It does not bother me to be so and never did Warren and I during the years we chose to be so. I know they all mean well but it is like someone going up to a young teenager who recently lost a parent and saying to their face "you poor, poor thing!" I know that everyone cares and is extending the invitation from the bottom of their heart but it is very difficult to get some to realize I want to be alone with the pups.

Tam how is the diet going for you? Can you eat lots of fruit on it? How is Scirrocco today?

Hope the meds kick in big time Debbie so you can enjoy your flight and the wedding.

Enjoy the rest of the day ladies! Keep those positive thoughts coming for my sweet girl.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Did a bit of shopping this morning.... slowly picking away at the Christmas list.

So -- Dh has his annual appointment with the DizzyDoc [literally - that is what he's called ]

they called the other day to verify the apt, and asked that he comes in 15 min early to do vitals....
mind you.. this is downtown Chicago ... so i drop him at the train at 9am.
he just sent me a mssg that they just did the vitals [10 min late ] and stated the Doc will see him in 45 min!!
SO much for coming in early... needless to say, he's not pleased.

Currently Sunny and mid30's here today.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

It is dark and 56 degrees. I had been planning to go take pictures of the full moon all month but tonight I will miss the full moon-we will not be able to see it. Infact have not seen the sun all day

Sandy and a bored Andre

Verona, ON

Terese I need that Dizzy Doctor!!!! I always feel like I am a hostage being held captive while I am waiting to see the doc. One specialist I see, he is a NeuroOpthmalogist, my wait is always more than than 90 min usually 2 - 2 1/2 hours. The wait is so long that patients are advised in writing if they are diabetic to bring snacks and drinks along with them. This doc is the only one in his field east of Toronto. That's a lot of area!!

Quill is still holding her own this afternoon. She managed to get up by herself this afternoon and ask to go outside. Once out she didn't want back it, headed off down the lane ( well more like staggering) like she wanted to go for her walk. I have to isolate Diesel when she does go out though. He gets so excited to have her out there with him he keeps jumping on her and down she goes. As I have said as long as she is comfortable and her quality of life is good I will let her take the lead in her day to day life.

I thought it was the full moon 2 nights ago. It was so clear out and the south yard was so well illuminated I thought the motion light was on but it was just the moon. Lighting up the area so the beavers didn't have to toil in the dark. Grrrr!

Found a neat toy yesterday at Pet Smart, should have bought it. It is to go over a plastic water bottle - they call it the bottle crusher cover.Diesel loves to get the empty bottle waters and carts them all over the house. With this I guess I wouldn't have to worry about him inhaling the plastic but on the other hand I might have to worry about him inhaling a piece of the coverup.

Question dog and TV watchers. What was the name of the fella who had a show about caring for dogs in NYC? The one Lee got excited about as it showed her old 'hood' in NYC where she used to hang.Thanks, I know someone here will know.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

The only one I know of was the animal rescue one

Do not worry about them eating the toys unless they are like Izzy they will not eat enough to hurt them


Sandy and Andre

Verona, ON

I just received news that a former co-worker's DD died from complications of gastric by pass surgery. She was only 26 years old. Her beautiful smile was a sight to behold. Apparently a tube that the family was originally told would remain in Candus' body for 20 days was removed after 2 days. Her body turned septic and she was gone almost in a blink of an eye.This is one of the times I just don't know what to say to LauraLee. What do you say anyway?

Lyndonville, NY

All you can say is "I am so sorry, this is unbelievable. She had the most amazing smile, which I will never forget" and off hugs, prayers or whatever you feel comfortable.

somewhere, PA

Dianne- I'm sorry to hear about the young woman who lost her life so suddenly & so young. I understand what you're saying about Christmas. Just remember everyone has your best interests in mind when they invite you to join them in their holidays. Keeping Quill in my heart and thoughts. She's got real pluck!

Vicki - do you get a few days straight to make up for working on TG?

Terese - what a royal PITA that long wait for medical stuff can be! I've actually asked them if they will actually get me in on time before I've left just to avoid long waits. Never works. Of course they are on schedule! hahaha

Debbie - When do you leave tomorrow? Having a runny nose is much better than being all congested while on a plane! I once flew with congestion and thought I was going ot die from the pain of my ears exploding. We tried to find an urgent care place but thankfully it cleared in a couple hours on its own.

Sandy - We've got a full moon and a clear night. So bright! I found a big ole oppossum in the barn when I shut up for the night. He & I did a dance around the stall for quite a while before he left.

No word from the vet on Scirocco. She's not acting like she's sick. Just moments ago she came to the living room to torment Pixel. She rolled around on the floor 3' away and then ran up and swatted Pixel. And got chased off by Gary & I. Pixel is on a living room chair. Oh such drama!


Lyndonville, NY

Tam, we leave here about 4:00 a.m Plane takes off from Buffalo about 6:10 to Atlanta, then a change into Sarasota. There is a cloudy fluid in my ears
that is the concern on flying. I have a decongestant to take at 5:30 a.m. She said to make sure I drink....well, she didn't say WHAT? lol I know its water, but
I might need something stronger. Should get into FL about 10:45.

Almost all packed.

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