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(Zone 9a)

This is embarrassing but I just noticed this hedy blooming, there are dead flower panicles so it has bloomed before and I missed them. It was hidden in a jungle of Mutabilis rose, wax myrtle and a bunch of other stuff, I didn't even know it was in there. You know you have too many plants when you find surprises like this. I do not remember buying it, does anyone have an idea of which variety it might be?

Thumbnail by ardesia
mid central, FL(Zone 9a)


i wish i'd find a surprise like that!
try the id forum if you don't get any hits here.

(Zone 9a)

Another duh, I just realized those are not hedychium flowers, they are more like an alpinia. The only pinkish one I know I have is Extra Spicy, I'll have to see if that is close, the flowers in the picture are already past their prime.

noonamah, Australia

They're Alpinia zerumbet.

(Zone 9a)

You are corrrect of course. The flowers are different from my other zerumbets however. Different cultivars perhaps.

noonamah, Australia

The only zerumbets I have are like those I really like them. But I also have a couple of other species of Alpinia including our native Alpinia caerulea.

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