Help in ID of this Quercus sp. from Sunnyvale

Delhi, India

This medium sized tree with almost 3-5 cm long leaves, greyish-tomentose beneath and with 2.5-3 cm long fruit, only 1/4 acorn visible. Pl. help in ID, photographed in Sunnyvale.

Thumbnail by singhg45 Thumbnail by singhg45
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I wonder if it might be Quercus douglasii?

Delhi, India

I have checked this tree fr a long time. This seems to be evergreen, whereas Q. douglasii is deciduous tree. Also occasional marginal spines on leaves are unusual for above species. I am adding one more photographs.

Thumbnail by singhg45
Seattle, WA

Looks like Quercus x alvodiana. It is evergreen and from California.

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