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Anyone using FUji finepix?

Orange, CA

I have a Fujifinepix330 - which I love. It takes great pictures and is easy to use.
I would like to upgrade to a newer camera but I don't see any threads on Fuji cams. I want to take pictures of birds, flora and fauna etc. with more detail.
Any suggestions will be appreciated. TKS

Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Got to and read camera reviews. Fuji are ok but not really great anymore. So many to choose from. They almost come out with a new model a week now. Any more specifics on what you are looking for will help us direct you.

Orange, CA

Thank you for your response. we have a great bird watching spot: a bird bath with a water dripper. The drip-drip water

attracts a wide variety of birds. I want a camera (easy to use ) with which I can get closeup shots -through a window. The bird bath is no greater tthan ten feet away from my chair at the dining room table.

The only trouble I have is with Rosey -the neighbor's pesky cat!

A big thanks and Blessed Christmas to you.

Orange, CA

I will try to post a picture of the bird bath.

Thumbnail by snowtop
Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

To begin with I bought my Electronic Scarecrow from Amazon to keep the deer from attacking my Apple trees. Has a 9v bty inside, attaches to your garden hose, motion detector - sprays anything approaching it. After just 2 weeks I could turn the water off it was so effective. Finally used it in the back yard to keep cats and other critters (yes, it works at night even on the Racoons,) from approaching the bird feeders. It is aimed at the bottom of all my feeders. Cats took just 3 days to learn exactly the area to avoid. I did manage to get the UPS guy on a hot day since I forgot to turn it off durning the day. 90 out, he didn't complain.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Whoa! Is that a hawk on your birdbath? I'm looking at it on my iPhone so hard to tell. Very cool!

I think just about any of the new cameras will do what you need. With the birds that close, you don't need a super zoom. But, if you are planning to shoot any birds or other wildlife at farther distances, you might look at them. They are also called Bridge cameras. They are bigger and bulkier than most point and shoot type cams, so if you want something small enough to fit in a pocket, they won't work.

It might be worth a trip to a store that carries a large selection so you can check out the sizes and see if you can easily navigate the menus.

If you have se idea before you go as to what features are important to you, it will narrow down the ones you need to look at.

GR, That electronic scarecrow sounds fantastic. Never heard of one.

Orange, CA

Another good tip from you gasrocks. WildBirds Forever might have that device. I am boycotting Amazon since they caved to California and are now charging us tax.

Yes Edens -the hawk is a frequent visitor to the bird bath. Lately a Rufus Humingbird visits too. I would love to get a picture of that colorful bird. I have not seen it before.

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