Monthly hortiscope for December

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Those born under the sign of the birdfeeder are traditional gardeners, favoring old-fashioned plants such as pansies, English tea roses, hollyhocks, and Irises. These garden maintstays remind you of happy childhood memories. Ivy-covered topiaries are also a favorite of those born this month, as well as other vining and twining plants. Inside your home are often found ferns and rubber plants, while willows, hemlocks, pines, elm and poplar are among your favorite outdoor trees.

Notable naturalists, gardeners and botanists with birthdays this month include Sir James Edward Smith, English botanist; Alfred Joyce Kilmer, American journalist, poet and author of "Trees;" Eli Whitney, American inventor of the cotton gin; Clarence Birdseye, American naturalist; Thomas Tofield, British botanist; Robert Brown, Scottish botanist; John Fothergill, English physician and plant collector; Annie Montague Alexander, American naturalist and explorer; Joseph Rudyard Kipling, English author; Dr. August von Hayek, Austrian botanist; Emily Lovira Gregory, American botanist and Rosemary Verey, English gardener.

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