Meet Ms. Nosy Rosy..

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

This Lemon Cuckoo Orp hen follows me everywhere I go n gets into stuff..I have had to get her out of situations when she one time gets shut up in my hothouse cuz she knows where the good stuff to eat is..when it gets dark..I shut the hothouse plastic door...she stays in there eating and I don't know it..or like when I shut the shed door not looking while she is inside being she likes to be with Babe too..

Thumbnail by Moodene
Richmond, TX

That is a color I have not seen before.

Bridgewater, ME

I had ordered some of those eggs and the hen that hatched them was new at it and killed all the babies.Then I tried some lavendars and all those eggs dissapered a week before they were to hatch,same hen.Neve let her stay broody again.Selling all my b/b/s orps in Jan. WIll only have bantam cochins and silkies.

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