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SOLVED: Ornamental Silene for ID from Kashmir

Delhi, India

Pl. help in ID of this low growing species of Silene, barely 25 cm tall with small flowers about 6-8 mm across.

Thumbnail by singhg45 Thumbnail by singhg45
Delhi, India

Adding cropped close up to help in ID

Thumbnail by singhg45
Delhi, India


Seattle, WA

I have tried to id this one but I couldn't find a good match. You maybe already knew that Lychnis is very closely related to Silene. Some species of Lychnis have moved into Silene or the other way around. So maybe you could do more research into Lychnis.

Just my suggestion. Hopefully someone comes along and recognizes it for you.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Saponaria calabrica?

Seattle, WA

Quote from Rlalique :
Saponaria calabrica?

Highly probable that is indeed a good match. This one is tough to crack or maybe I'm just naive.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

That looks like a good match.

Delhi, India

Thanks Rlalique, vngarden and growin
We seem to have found the ID.
I will confirm on my next visit in summer any way.
I usually take side view of flower, somehow missed in this one.

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