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Need help with. 2 brick walls..

Northern Lake County, IL(Zone 5a)

I have been looking for my 2nd great grandmother with no help..this is everything I know about her..Born 1834 in pa married in 1865 on ohio and died in ohio.married Cicero Silin they had 8 kids.
Her mothers name may have been Elizabeth..she may have had siblings named david,john,Margaret ,Martha
I found this info in the 1850 census but need the husbands name and obit if is
Elizabeth 57
Martha 28
David 19
John 18
Eliza 15
Margaret 13
I have no proof that this is my 2nd great grandmothers family.
Any help would be great

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Couple questions that will help people help you...
1) What was your 2nd g-grandmother's maiden name? It seems like you must know it (or at least have a guess) or else you wouldn't have been able to find a possible family for her in the 1850 census.

2) Do you have any idea where in OH and/or where in PA they lived? Knowing at least the county if not the town in either/both states would be very helpful. Again since you found a possible family in the 1850 census it seems like you may know something or at least have a guess?

3) what is is about this family from the 1850 census that makes you think it could be yours? (your answers to #1 and #2 may answer this, but if not it would help to know what hints made you think they were related to you)

4) I found a family in Moultoun, Auglaize, OH in the 1870 and 1880 census, husband is Cicero Sillin/Sellin, wife Eliza, children Cecelia, Sarah/Sadie, Albert, Oral, William, Clement, Cora, Margaret. Is this your family?

The problem with that family is that Eliza was born in OH not PA, and the oldest daughter Cecelia was born in 1858 so either Cicero had another wife who died, or Cicero & Eliza got married prior to 1865. So I guess my other question would be where did you get the info about your g-g-grandmother being born in PA and married in 1865 and is there a chance it could be off a little bit? (Eliza's mother was born in OH and father in PA, and Cicero's father was born in VA and mother in OH).

If the family you show above from the 1850 census is yours and the husband died prior to 1850 I wouldn't hold my breath on finding an obituary, they sometimes can be found for that time period but quite often not. The good news is there are other ways to potentially figure it out--you can go back to the 1840 census in that same town and look for someone who had children matching the ages of the children from 1850, or in some areas you might be able to find marriage records. (but if you want someone to help track down husband/obituary for this 1850 family, at a minimum you will need to give us their last name--otherwise I don't know how anyone could find any further info)

Northern Lake County, IL(Zone 5a)

Yes the family in answer #4 is mine..
Cicero and Eliza were married on Dec 24,1856

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Well, it's your lucky day. I have Christy's in my family (from Beaver County PA) and I believe that your Christy's are related to mine. Since yours are not in my direct line I haven't done a ton of research and didn't do a good job documenting where I found all my info so you'll want to do your own research to verify, but at least this gives you some leads. I will also note that there are several places where I had to make some educated guesses.

First off, I think you are right that the family in the 1850 census is yours. That's the only Christy family I found in Auglaize county, and the fact that they're in the same town where Eliza & Cicero were living later on and that they had a daughter Eliza who was the right age make me pretty confident they're your family. It's not 100% for sure of course, but it feels like a pretty solid lead.

That family from the 1850 census is (I believe) the family of Cornelius Christy, who married (I believe) Elizabeth Kennedy (I will have to dig around and see if I can find my source for Cornelius marrying Elizabeth--I have several books on various branches of my family and one of them may have mentioned it, or maybe it was from a book on Beaver County PA history--I really don't remember). I don't have any names of children of theirs besides the ones that are in the 1850 census, although earlier census records would suggest there were at least a couple of other older children who had probably moved out on their own by 1850.

Cornelius shows up as a head of household in the 1840 census in Moulton Twp, although it was listed as part of Allen County OH at the time instead of Auglaize. According to the "History of Auglaize County" Cornelius Christy was one of the earlier settlers of that area, arriving sometime in the 1837-1840 timeframe. Since there aren't any other Christy families in the county in 1850 and since I believe Cornelius' wife was named Elizabeth, it seems like a pretty good assumption that the family you found in 1850 is his widow & children.

Prior to Ohio, Cornelius was in Beaver County PA, born ~1794 (based on census records). He is in Hopewell Twp, Beaver County in the 1830 census. I believe (although I am not positive) that he was one of the sons of my ancestor Daniel Christy, and Daniel's wife/Cornelius' mother may have been Rebecca Fitzgerald (source for her name is a Sons of the American Revolution application, which I prefer not to trust unless I have another source that says the same thing, and in this case I do not have another source for her name).

There is of course a possibility that it was a different Cornelius Christy in Beaver County vs Auglaize county, but Cornelius does not show up in Beaver county after the 1830 census or in Ohio prior to the 1840 census, and Cornelius is a less common name than some. And if I'm right that Beaver county Cornelius married Elizabeth, then Auglaize county Cornelius having a wife named Elizabeth would also fit. So it seems like a reasonable conclusion that it's the same person, although again it's not 100% certain.

Daniel Christy and Rebecca? had children Agnes, Elenor, Jane, Thomas, Mary, John, Margaret, James, and maybe Cornelius. I think that I attached Cornelius to Daniel because he was in the same area as Daniel in the early days and there was no other older Christy man around who would have been another possibility for his father. Also (this also came from a SAR application so take with a grain of salt), Daniel's father may have been Cornelius Christy, in which case it would make sense that he would name a son Cornelius. Of course it doesn't rule out Cornelius potentially being a nephew of Daniel's instead of a son, but since there weren't any other elder Christy men in Beaver county it seems reasonable that Cornelius was Daniel's son. Daniel was born ~1755 supposedly in Ireland and died in 1848 in Beaver county PA. I have him in Beaver County beginning in the 1800 census, but don't know where he was before that.

One point that would suggest Cornelius isn't Daniel's son is that he is not mentioned in Daniel's will. This doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't a son of Daniel's though, sometimes older children had already received their inheritance, or it's possible that he was left out because he was no longer in the area (since we know he'd gone to Ohio ~10 yrs prior to Daniel's death). Maybe he'd had a falling out with the family, or maybe nobody knew how to get in touch with him or had heard from him in a while, or (probably the most likely scenario) Daniel gave him his inheritance early to help him make his new start in Ohio. I do know that the census records show Daniel having one more son than the # of sons mentioned in his will, so either one of them died young or they didn't get mentioned in the will for one reason or another.

Northern Lake County, IL(Zone 5a) you know when he died?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Your lucky day again--a quick Google search turned up some cemetery records from Auglaize county, showing that he died 5 Oct 1847 (with a note that the death date is hard to read, so it's possible the year could be off a bit...although we know he had to have died between 1840 and 1850 since he was around in the 1840 census but not in the 1850). If the death year & age at death are correct, he would have been born in 1799 (which would actually fit better with the ages of the children of Daniel Christy in the 1810 census). Cornelius' wife Elizabeth apparently died in April 1860 and is buried with him. Cicero & Eliza Sillin are in the same cemetery, as well as some other Sillin's

Northern Lake County, IL(Zone 5a)

Cicero and Eliza are my great grandparents..
BTY I'm lisa
Do you have facebook

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Glad I was able to help you find a little info! If you have a membership on, my username on there is CraneKratzert and my tree is public, so you should be able to find it and take a look at the little bit of info I have on your branch of the family. I'll also see if I can find time this weekend to check a couple of my books to see where I got the info about Cornelius Christy's wife being Elizabeth Kennedy.

Northern Lake County, IL(Zone 5a)

Can to send me an invite to your tree

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Sure--you'll need to dmail me and let me know your email address though (or your username if you have an Ancestry account).

Northern Lake County, IL(Zone 5a)

Ancestry username is lisakocanda90

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