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TEA ROOM # 115

Merino, Australia

I moved us again so I hope noone gets lost .
Its another cold & cloudy morning but may clear later .
How fickle Mother Nature is....
Long cold spells, a sneak peek at Summer, then plunged back into the cold again.
It seems s o funny to have been sitting near the air con , then going back to hugging the heater..
Oh well, they say variety is the spice of life. What would we all complain about if the weather was always perfect ..?

I hope everyone is not rushed off their feet getting ready for Christmas.
Take things easy and relax..

Hello Anthony, I hope those bushfires are being brought under control down there and are not near you.
Sorry to hear about the loss of so many of your liliums.

Teresa, hope there is some sun over your way. Give the spotty ones a pat for me.

Dianne, you must be going to have a nice show of liliums too, unless the odd weather has ruined them.
Give Tilly a doggie biscuit for me.

Hello Colleen, Chrissy and Moon.
Hope all is well with you all.

Charleen. Charley loves his little cookie bag. He was here for me to fill it again, He must think I'm

Al, hope you have some fine weather over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas.
A white Christmas always looks nice in pictures, but I am sure its not that pleasant to be out in it.

Hello to everyone else popping in or just looking.
We came from here...
Enjoy the day

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Merino, Australia

Did it again. clicked before I added pic. Hope everyone finds us without a pretty pic.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I found this little fellow....maybe you can download and edit him in....he is the Christmouse in a Tea Cup.....grin

Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Sydney, Australia

What a lovely little picture moon ...^_^

Sydney, Australia

I tried to insert a pic in edit but you can't.

Morning everyone ...continuing the Chrismouse theme here it is again.

Yes another busy day ahead hard in the mugginess but we must keep pushing on.

I hope everyone has a lovely day, yes I know it's Monday.

Bye for now ...happy gardening/shopping/babysitting/baking etc etc


Thumbnail by chrissy100
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I thought it sweet and a touch nostalgic....and rather apropos....GRIN

Merino, Australia

Moon, I love the little Christmouse.


Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Me too. He and i are both happy to have you back at the Tea Room door...grin It was a bit unsettling until we managed to find out that it was Telstra that incurred the damage, not you and Hubby.

Sydney, Australia

Oops rushed back in to put a picture from yesterday, aren't these pretty ? I grew it from a teensy cutting.
The flowers are like red velvet ^_^ unlike me they are enjoying the steam bath . I just adore red flowers.
Nice and Chrismousy !


Thumbnail by chrissy100
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I love the dipladenias....that red is just beautiful.

Merino, Australia

Sometimes I do envy those in warmer climates with pretty flowers like those, Chrissy.

Moon, some people are still without their phones. It is very slack when you think that telephones are a vital link for a lot of people.

Merino, Australia

A few of todays epis


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, those Epis are just really have the knack with them.....when a lot of them are opened at the same time they must really be spectacular......
I couldn't send cuttings today, promise to do so tomorrow......
Moon, that mouse is delightful...had to save the pic for myself....
I did a bit of Christmas shopping today, we are a small family and there aren't many gifts to buy, so I really enjoy choosing them....
I'm so desperate to buy presents, I even buy the kids pets a gift, usually a pet
Well, I'd better get back to my Charlie Carp......all the pots are getting some today....they love it...

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Christchurch, New Zealand

we had 30C yesterday!
It made for a hot time at dog club so we only did a little training & played a few games then had morning tea.
Nice relaxed Xmas break up & the dogs were happy to relax in the shade while the humans socialised.

I did some weeding but it was a bit hot to keep working outside.
Today was cooler, only 21C :)
I mowed the lawn when I got home from work so it looks nice & tidy for when Baz gets home tomorrow.

He has been away since Friday picking up his second plane.
I've seen photos & it is bad shape but there are some useful parts to help our Auster get back in the air.

western sydney nsw, Australia

Sorry about the late acknowledgements When I turn on I get side tracked -
Chrissy --I've been in good health I have been trying a Himalayan natural salt lamp its a natural ionizer it seems to help with breathing,

Colleen have not done the decorating like other years gone back to basic only one tree in the house flags and tails out side ,

Dianne I Have not done any crafting this last 6 months just dont have the time ,

Jean They took their time repairing the getting your phone line working when it was so important for your husbands work in the fire pron time .
I unpluged my phone and P C for about the last 6 months did not miss the phone it drove the family mad they would come and plug it back in

I have not bought any new plants but the boys dug and planted a few things that were a bit root bound nice surprise when I got home.sounds like our nightly storm is a about to hit .
Till later .

elaine .

Thumbnail by sammut
Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I wanted to get a picture with me and T Bo, big problem. He is no longer Lap dog size. He is like a Christmoose. Poor little feller. but hubby did take a picture of us...also had on my Moose ears and here I am with Radar...Then had you show you some of my latest ornaments. some reason can't get Christmas ornaments but got plenty of flowers and the Monkey Orchid. I love it!!!!
Charley sends nuzzles of love to all. Yes he does love his cookie sack.

Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule Thumbnail by ridesredmule
Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
The Tea Room sign looks bare without any picture. .
I must be careful next time and do the thing properly.

Dianne, your flowers are very pretty. It would be restful to sit among them contemplating.
I only buy Christmas presents for the gt grandies now.
Certainly makes shopping easy .
Usually books as they get so much else from others. They like books.
Even the littlest will sit still for a story.

Elaine, your yard is looking very nice. I like the use of the bamboo screen. May try some myself.

Teresa, sounds like you and the dogs had an enjoyable day at the dog club breakup.
You had better watch Baz with the planes. he may want to bring more

Hello Chrissy and Moon. Are you getting ready for the Christmas meals ?
Its a time when everyone enjoys the old favorites.
I could not have Christmas without my pudding. I must admit I have been buying them now for a number of years. Not worth me making them any more.

Charleen, I love all the little ornaments you make.
You are very clever.
My word , that cute little cuddly T Bo has grown into a handsome fellow now..
Pat Charley & friends for me. I will be saving a bit of cake for them all.

Hello Al, are you still getting a dusting of snow ?
Your garden will be asleep by now for the winter.
Thats why I love Spring. All sorts of little green things pop up from places you forgot about all winter.

Hello Anthony. I have few more Asiatics out and I found a little stem coming up in a pot that had been hidden under a shrub. I dont know what type of lily as the birds have pinched the label.. I know its not an Asiatic though. Have to wait until next year as its only a tiny thing.
I hope all your bulbs are doing well after you lost so many.

Hello to everyone looking in the windows.

I am going to be digging a bit of garden today to plant a few more vegie seeds.
My little tomato plants are standing up well. I am glad we had a few days of cool so they can get going before the heat arrives again.

Here a tasty treat for morning tea....Almond and Strawberry Cake.

Stay safe and enjoy the day.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

Morning all ^_^.

Yep Jean, starting to ease back on all the Christmas stuff,
as specially since it will be a really hot one this year.
I hate heating the home up with cooking and I am a bit over cooking at 2 and 3' ošlock in the morning because I can't do hot meal preparation in high heat. No little ones so no real need to push yourself.

I am the only one who loves the Christmas pudding and cake so I buy them too. I am a sucker for mince, sorry mice tarts ^_^.

Charleen what cute little thingies you get up to.

Elaine ... so good to see you getting back into things, taking it a bit easy this year is a good idea. It's looking cosy and festive.

Al you can have a bit of a rest now ...spend time dreaming about next Spring.

Waving at everyone else ! have a great day !


Sydney, Australia

psssst ...moon (Jeanne) I borrowed your sweet little mouse to use elsewhere, I hope you don't mind.
He is so cute !

chrissy ^_^

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Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi Everyone!

Love the pictures! Esp. the Christmas mouse! He is soooooo cute!

Another gorgeous day here! You would think it was summer.....not fall. I had the A/C going it got so hot in here!


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

We had a very strange but beautiful sunny day as temps were in the warm 60's. Fear not, the snows will soon come. The garden is virtually dead, awaiting the first real covering. It's a great time to relax and read the new seed catalogs in the mail. I won't be doing much gardening until April when we plant our seed starts.


western sydney nsw, Australia

I had a roll of the fence screen left over from when I covered the back fence just sitting in storage I was not up to sewing the new roof cover on the little gazebo so first covered the roof with shade cloth then cut and attached the screen bamboo used wire to hold it all in place the off cuts and blind completed the new summer look .

I dont think I told but My poor Rocky passed a few months b ack I adopted special needs dog poor little girl was mis treated and used in a puppy factory her life was locked in a wire yard she is now happy and thinks any visitor is here to pat her and play ,. Princess Mi Mi its been a joy to watch her learn how to play with a ball and toys.even with a trainer to help its to stressful for her to have a lead on , She as started to wear a ribben tied loose around her neck 10 minutes most days .

the new roof Gazebo
Princess sleeping under the tree.

Thumbnail by sammut Thumbnail by sammut
Christchurch, New Zealand

lovely day today, 24C & sunny.
It was still 22C at 6.30pm when I took Sugar to the park.
Little weasel went straight into the creek - the banks are planted with natives, lots of flax & dense shrubs so I couldn't see her but I could hear her splashing her way along until she popped out & came tearing up to me to shake all the water off...
I took her over the bridge to a quieter part of the park & two lovely boxers came running up, Sugar was a little overwhelmed to be mugged by two bouncy boxers but it wasn't long before she was running them ragged.
Baz is home now - worn out from his travels & pleased to have been phoned by his work to say there is a problem with his machine & he can have tomorrow off as well :)

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

So cold here now, I lit the fire tonight,.,,.,.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sammut - that was a good idea to use the left over fence screen, makes the gazebo look very polynesian :)
Princess Mi Mi looks like a sweetie, is she a Pomeranian?
I know the 'designer' breeds use Poms as a cross quite often.
Good for you taking on a rescue, my first dog was an abandoned mutt & he was wonderful.
It broke my heart when he died young as a result of being so badly treated before we found him.

Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre
Clifton Springs, Australia

Al, don't you just love seed/plant catalogues...they all look so wonderful..
Nice time for you now....
Elaine, we have missed your creations...what a nice thing you have done, giving a home to that dear little dog.
Sounds as though she is coming along nicely and will repay you a hundred times over with doggy affection.
Sorry about your Rocky......

Teresa it looks like Sugar is Miss Bossy with everyone.....I couldn't let Tilly run in long grass, we have snakes everywhere at the are very fortunate in that respect.....
My cousin who went to NZ a couple of weeks ago, had a wonderful time at the Cambridge Stud, she saw Zabeel and thought that he looked great for his age ...the manager gave Val some hairs from his mane and now I have a bit of his mane....
T.Bo really is a lump of a lad, Charleen...I wouldn't like to carry him anywhere....

Very cold here too Anthony...weird isn't it...
Jean, is it your hanging tomato bag that you're talking about...or are these ones in the ground

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Thumbnail by Seachanger
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Sooty thinks its pretty good, sitting in front of the fire..matter of fact'so do I'

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning
What a sweet pup Elaine. Good on you for taking her in. So sorry for your Rocky, like losing a family member.

Hasn't the weather played strange games with us all this year? We have had warm days and chilly nights...followed by warm nights and cool days...not enough rain, but we are getting used to dry, droughty weather. Anthony and Teresa...seems strange to be telling you guys to stay warm and it is your Summer already.

Chrissy,I am so pleased you like the Christmouse....please feel free to put him to work....

Jean, those epis of yours are so pretty. I agree, you certainly have a way with them.

Charleen, T-Bo is turning into Tebow....grin he is a fine handsome fellow. The ornaments are lovely.

Dianne, did the cousin bring you a picture of Zabeel to go with his mane?

Good thoughts for a good day to you all.

Moon (guess I could sign it Jean2) grin

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Looks like today is going to be a repeat of yesterday. I hope without the freezing wind.
Its sprinkling now but that sort of rain does nothing much for the garden.

Just been out looking to see which new epis are opening. A bit dark yet for pics but still lots of buds to open.
I think the silly things flower so madly they need a year or so without much blooming , to recover.
They certainly never stop growing.
Darn things are always wanting to hug me when I try to get pics.
I put some pots of rejects outside just sitting to the side of the shadehouse. last season.
They sat out there sadly all through winter. Now it looks like they are begging to be admitted back as they have also gone mad growing and even a flower or two has appeared.
I am being firm. They stay where they are.

The garden really needs a good heavy rain , but I guess I will have to do the job myself and water everything.
My climbing beans are getting to the top of their poles now so I will be looking to see little beans coming soon.
Something bit one of the tendrils off and I am blaming the darn rosellas as they devastated my roses by biting off all the lovely new growth through Spring.
At least the roses are doing well now the rosellas seem to have forgotten about them.
They must be attracted to the bright orange bean flowers. I am going to see if I can get some of the humming wire I used a few years ago, when the roses were in another part of the garden.

Michael is not doing his job as a scarecrow very well.
I suppose. he must get a bit of credit, I dont see any crows out

Dianne, I have some of the tomatoes in the bags and all the rest I put in the garden.
I went mad and bought a few more vegetable seeds so will have to get out and plant them.
More pumpkins ( nothing came up from the other lot ) some sweet corn and cucumbers. I also decided to put in some zucchinis , but only 2 plants as I know how they produce. I like them in cooking and if you make a Carrot Cake, use grated zucchini in place of half the carrot.

Elaine, sorry to hear about your little Rocky , but it seems you have found a little one who certainly deserves a good home.

Teresa. I had visions of you following Sugar through the long growth and ending up splashing in with her.
She does lead you on a merry chase and probably enjoys every minute of teasing you.

Anthony, stay near that fire with your furry friends. Hope Cocky is doing well .

It seems we have a group of Jeans here . Moon you will have to be Jean 2, The other Jeanne we can tell by the spelling.
I remember when I was much younger and a great fan of the cowboy films back in those days. I always wanted to change the spelling of my name to Gene ( Gene Autry of course )

Chrissy, you keep out of that sun up there. It seems that our summer has gone north and left us with winter down here.
Hubby says, I should not speak to soon, Summer will get here and I may not like it at all.

Al, it seems that Mother nature is playing tricks on us all weatherwise. It must be odd for you to be having warm weather after a dusting of snow.
Dont read too many of those catalogues or you will be spending all your money on new plants next year.

Charleen, I thought I saw a puddycat. No it was a T Bo.
He was around the corner with Charley.
I just saw the rear ends as they ran away thinking I didnt see them .
They had been here at the Tea Room looking to see what I had left out.
They were out of luck as Abigail was here before them and scoffed all the crumbs.

Better move myself as I have to wrap a few irises to post.

Heres something tasty for your morning tea....Carrot and Zucchini Cake.

Enjoy the day, no matter what the weather.


Thumbnail by 77sunset
Sydney, Australia

good morning everyone,
it's cold this morning, very windy too.

Just waving at everyone for now ...lots of domestic stuff awaits (cooking while it's cool).
You can freeze some stuff after it's cooked. I feel quite sick cooking in heat, so taking advantage of the cooler temps right now.
Then it's just a matter of using the micro wave oven to warm it up.

So funny, all I ate yesterday was a couple of baked bean and beetroot sandwiches, and a small pile of cherries (my favourite).
Still cooked for hubby but, no appetite.
I have frozen some bananas up for smoothies. When it gets stinking hot that is all I can manage. Thank goodness for blenders.

The lovely little dogs, better not to have any here, too dangerous for them between being on a busy main road (like PET Cemetery) and snakes. Through the years having loved so many, no more for us, at least not while we live here.

Have terrific day !


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Another fabulous day here, two in a row by gum. We were all walking the park in shirtsleeves, but not for long. The afternoon sun goes down about 4:30 PM which makes for a really short day. I planted a few garlic starter bulbs for next Spring's growth, soil is still soft enough to till.


Sydney, Australia

Al I roasted up some beetroot with garlic this morning, also baked spuds in their jackets.
Will have them with yoghurt/horseradish dressing for lunch along with salad.

I wish I could grow good garlic here but it is too warm I think, but I snip the shoots off as use like garlicky Spring onions, yummy.
The wind is ripping and tearing out there. But now it is the hot wind, I wish it would make it's mind up, better still go away. ^_^


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

I love homegrown fresh garlic, especially the "scape" upper part of the flower bud. We slice them to cook into omelets with ham and cheese. Also cook with fried potatoes and other recipes, and make salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar. Only home growers can do this, the scapes are not available at market.


Merino, Australia

I am allergic to it and cannot abide the smell.
I have so much trouble with it being used in everything these days . Okay if you want to use it at home , but everything you buy in packets seems to have it added...... casserole mixes , soup mixes etc.
I also find it added to so many things in cafes or restaurants.
I always have to ask if it is included and am looked at with surprise when I say I dont like it and am allergic.
Luckily, my reactions are usually not severe .I am sure there are others out there who do not like garlic.
Funny thing is , I love onions and have no trouble at all with them .

Still cold & wet here. Not a day for doing anything outside.
I did sit out in the greenhouse for a while and pot a few cuttings.
Lovely in there when the sun does come out.

western sydney nsw, Australia

Weeded and trimed out side this morning thank goodness it was cooler and wind I had no power from 8 till 330 ,
Had the small gas cooker to boil the kettle so was not so bad
The power comp, was putting new poles and wire but only did one side of the road but our side power had to be turned my side will have new poles at a later date .
sure m issed the air con.after lunch.
My sweet little dog has a thing about the Xmas tree when shes tired pulls her day mattres in to sleep next to it can be playing out side runs in looks sniffs at it ad runs out must be the smell. elaine

Clifton Springs, Australia

Elaine, Princess Mi Mi is like a little kid, she is making sure that the Christmas tree is still will be her first real Christmas remember...
Our garden club Christmas lunch was on today...this year has gone so much has happened.
I must enter flowers into the competitions, I always forget to bring any.....
That will be my new year's resolution....
I love the Zucchinis to bulk up my relishes and chutneys, they are great..
My cucumbers and watermelons are growing well, even though it's very cool, our little yard is a suntrap..
I went out to get a strawberry that was huge, this morning....all it had needed was a a bit more sun, unfortunately Tilly went out strawberry....

Barney, my son's silly dog, gets his stitches out tomorrow....after I checked on him this morning, I rang Pete from his phone to tell him all was well....some time later Peter rang me and asked why I rang again.....I said that I didn't, so I went back to his place to check and Barney had knocked the receiver off and pressed redial.
So it was actually Barney who phoned him....and I thought that Barney was

Moon/Jean 2, I have a pic of Zabeel with my cousin Valree......the horse is 26 and I asked Val if he was stuffed, he sure looked it.......she wasn't impressed.....but she still gave me the mane hair.... :-)


Thumbnail by Seachanger
Christchurch, New Zealand

My parents have a friend who is allergic to garlic - several times people have lied & said no garlic because they think she is just being precious.
My step dad is allergic to onion, loves the smell of fried onion but if he eats any it comes straight back up again.

It was really warm today - the weather report online says 26C but I think it got to at least 30C.
It is still warm so we had a couple of beers with dinner.
I like my wine but on really hot days beer just seems to hit the spot.
When we saw it in the supermarket we had to give it a try, Boundary Road brewery Flying Fortress Pale Ale.
Nice picture of a Flying Fortress on the label too.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I love Garlic..but my workmates dont, the next day[but that doesnt stop me],.,.On saturday, I ordered the 1st pizza in about 9 months-full seafood, with garlic and bacon,.,.It was 'bewwwwwwdiful'-fire is still pumpin' here-- Sooty loves it [warms the ol' bones]..for me too!..One of our 'life-standing ' members [of the show club] passed on yesterday, so tomorrow nights meeting will be a bit sombre,.Dianne , so you love your sister then ?..That is one 'mean' haircut she has,unless the photo was taken in the 70's,.,.I went to 'The Barber' on Monday, and asked for, 'the sophisticated cut'......He said 'so thats a normal cut then'?,.,man- I look like a neat trimmed 'Ned Kelly'...I dare not ask for a beard trim!!.......nearly time for bed, work has been very busy [which is good].. Ive just started to sleep well[the last few days], after the last few months dramas,.,..anyway, Christmas is on the way,.,.lets all get into it!!-Anthony

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning

Here we have what is called the "holy trinity" of seasonings...Onion, garlic and, depending on which part of the state you hail from, either celery or bell pepper (capsicum). Here in south Louisiana our foods are influenced by French, Spanish, Creole and African, flavorful and often spicy.

Dianne, I was teasing about the picture....but glad you did get one. Zabeel has indeed managed a ripe old age for a horse....good care and a happy life I imagine. I think I will stick with Moon...easier to remember who you're talking to...grin

Anthony, Hubby and Grandson are like you when it comes to garlic. They both love it dearly...Grandson will eat pickled garlic right out of the of their favorite pizzas is chicken, artichoke and sliced garlic....lots of sliced garlic....grin. A small town in California, Gilroy, has a Garlic festival every year.

Teresa, it is said that the three most enticing cooking fragrances are onions grilling, bacon frying and coffee brewing....all guaranteed to get your stomach growling...grin

Chrissy, my Hubby is a big fan of pickled beetroot on sandwiches and beetroot and sweet onion salad. Do stay in and try to keep cool...heat can just drain you.

Jean, my neighbor has decided that my name is spelled of both spellings....grin i was a big Gene Autry fan too.

Al, it is so confusing to the plants to have these up and down temperatures. Heard on the weather today that things are fixing to change for your area...they are saying by next week the north will be 25 degrees below normal temps and the South as much as 25 degrees above normal temps....Over the weekend, we have gotten close to 3.5 inches of rain with more to come this least the plants will be happy.

Hope you all have a lovely day

(Cardinal in the mist)

Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Hey! That's my Cardinal! He must have flown South for the Holidays. I fed him well, too.


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