High Country Gardens closes its doors

Candor, NC

Bad news! David Salman has been forced to shut down High Country Gardens because of the combination of the drought and weakened economy.


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

That's really a shame--they were one of my favorites.

London, United Kingdom

Agree that this is very sad, not that I ever had the pleasure to visit.

This is the first post for almost one month............suspect that this forum is finished, a pity.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Winter is always sort of a slow time around here--since most of the people here are in the US and it's winter there's not always a lot of gardening going on. And it's the holiday season in the US too with Thanksgiving happening recently and Christmas coming up--I wouldn't give up on things yet.

Candor, NC

Still, there has been a gradual tapering off over the last two years on all Salvia forums that I know of. I am not sure if this is because general interest has tapered off, because of drought and the economy, or because people are moving to blogs.

Arlington, TX

I see the same thing on the other forums as well. Not sure about the cause though.

I did visit HCG once when we were vacationing in NM. It was a nice place but not nearly as large a retail operation as I expected. I think I bought a plant or two and drove back home with them.

Frisco, TX(Zone 8a)

It does seem to me also that things are slower everywhere on this site. I have found a few local blogs I read that focus on gardening in my region. Has anyone found one they particularly enjoy about salvias?

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Too bad about High Country Gardens.

I know this past summer was bad for me, Agastache-wise.

Out off the 8 or so I attempted to grow, only 1 survived. And I do not recall being about to collect ANY seeds. the plants just did not produce seeds for me this year -- even my Hyssops.

Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

It says that they will be a mail order company. I signed up for updates. I do like what they have and the variety.

Arlington, TX

There used to be great discussions on the various forums I watch but now its rare to find a new posting.

Nineveh, NY(Zone 5a)

yes, I agree. I do hope they keep their doors open though. They do have a good selection.


Belton, TX

In February, High Country Gardens..ie David Salman sold out to American Meadows in Vermont. Sad...hardly a water-wise institution and no where near the category of High Country Gardens. Official statements at the time stated that David would be 'in-control' and guiding 'progress.'

As per a phone call to the company today...and after only 7 months after the sale, David has nothing to do with High Country Gardens aka American Meadows...sad loss for the customers.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 7a)

I agree.

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