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Salvia adenophora

Candor, NC

I took this picture at Tony Avent's trial gardens of Salvia adenophora back on November 17, 2012. I doubt it will be hardy for him, but it should do well closer to the Gulf of Mexico and the southern Atlantic coast. perhaps as far north as Norfolk, Virginia. A killing frost arrived about 10 days later, and this was one of the first three spikes to flush out.

Thumbnail by Rich_dufresne
Donna in Douglas, GA(Zone 8b)

Richard, I've been keeping Salvia adenophora in the greenhouse just waiting for it to bloom! Maybe with these warmer days it will happen soon here in southeast GA.

Candor, NC

Mine is barely blooming now. It is related to S. gesneriflora and S. disjuncta, and gesneriflora has put on a spring bloom. I've been taking and rooting cuttings of both the mountain form and straight form quite successfully over the last few weeks.

This is the very first time in 30 years with a greenhouse that I've been able to take and root cuttings this time of year. January promises to be warmer than usual, and hopefully I'll keep going through February, our worst two months for botrytis and winter losses.

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