SCHOOL, A New Adventure

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Howdy! So, I've mentioned elsewhere that it's been made clearly known to me that I'm to go back to school. **Gulp!** I already know that I'll at least start out in Environmental Studies, aiming eventually toward agriculture. I guess I'll just sorta chronicle my adventures with you all here; share my excitement and joys, tears of frustration... ask for help with math, heeheeheee. Interestingly enough I got some confirmation in the mail yesterday... in the form of a book from my school of choice, cataloging all their course options. WOW, talk about confirmation!!

My next day off is tomorrow and I've got nothing scheduled, no window/door contractors etc., so I'll be dry-calling my way up to the school tomorrow into an advisor's office to look like a big ol' Pollack asking "Hi, I wanna attend here, what do I do now!?" < =D THAT won't be too awkward!! LOL! Wish me luck, please?!

< =D

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Speedie: You've made an exciting decision: I can't wait for the chronicles!

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Good luck. That is very exciting!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Thank you guys. Yeah it's exciting, another new chapter. Wheee! =)

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This will be LONG--but i want to share with you the same struggles and trepidations you are now going through.

By the mid-80's, my girls were grown--my husband was in a pretty high-up position as the
Chief of the Design Branch of the US Army Corps of Engineers---and there I was...
working with plants in some greenhouse and getting paid nothing to brag about.

I always felt a bit "unaccomplished" in the education area--as my two sisters are both degree'd ladies.
My older sister is a Masters Degree Librarian--and my younger sister has always been a very respected Nurse.
Both are now retired--maybe doing some spotty fill ins--as we are all in our mid 70's.

I had, for years, thought about going to college, but as the registration times arrived--I always chickened out.
Just had NO guts to take this leap--mainly because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.
One MUST have some kind of a goal to start college courses--right? That costs a lot of money!!!
And--so it went for several years. It bugged me to no end at how indecisive i was.

SO! Sometime in the--mid--80's, I took a deep breath and went to my closest Community College (Essex)
and started the enrollment process. I had NO idea what I really wanted to do--and in what field.
My main interests were Gardening (no such a curriculum)--Psychology to some level--
and anything to do with medicine (they have a great Nursing program). But--I was too old to start this by now.

So--I enrolled--with NO Program in mind--and the first class I took was called "Career Life Planing".
This course was a bunch of interest assessments, a lot of aptitude tests--like writing and math
and spacial perceptions and such. Lots of tests and scoring. It was aimed at narrowing down
where your interests and abilities lay and for what jobs I would best be suited for.

After this exhaustive class--what came out of all this testing was that I would be most suited as a
Librarian (I do not read books)--or in sales. More logical.
Both of these positions emphasized "Organization" and attention to detail. Yes--I do personify that. I know!

But--neither of these appealed to me--so I enrolled in the "Mental Health/Human Services" program.
This would, surely, combine my interest in Psychology and Medicinal things. Human dynamics---YES!

Because I had taken a bunch of courses in the late 50's, when I was working in a Pharmaceutical
Research Lab--cutting up mice and Guinea Pigs daily--as they paid for any relevant courses I took.
So--I took every class I could that ended in "ology" in the Evening programs at the (then called) McCoy College
--which was then part of what is now the Johns Hopkins University on 33rd Street.
And so--I had acquired about 28 credits from all this--which Essex CC accepted.
This shortened my attendance time there to 3 years.

And thus--in 1990 I graduated with an AA in "Mental Health and Human Services" with a 3.8 GPA.

These were the MOST stimulating, fulfilling years of my life. I felt so rejuvenated!!!! Learning and studying
and interacting with younger people was just great....I was one of many Senior-aged students there.
It was hard--but it was so rewarding. Mostly--because I am not a swift reader--and as many of you know--college
courses take a lot of reading....BUT--I had a disciplined mind and was tested (in the 1st class) with an
amazing level (80%) in Math and numerical perception. But--then I am also artistic--and these often
go hand-in-hand. Haaa...I can still look at a peg and a hole and know that it will fit in there....:o)

Spent the year after graduating trying to find a job, roughly, in this area--to NO avail.
With an AA, all I may have been qualified was to work in addictions, and these lower level jobs with wayward people.

SO! That was a negative awakening. I reverted to my first love and got a job with a Florist/greenhouse business.
That led to more jobs in this area--and I am still working in that field --more or less--at HD.
This is a total of over 25 years now I have been working in the Plants and gardening field.
And--have accumulated an amazing knowledge field in this area.

However--I still wanted to use my new College-earned degree in some way--and I signed up as a Volunteer
Facilitator with the (then) "Parents Anonymous Organization" Its aim was to abolish child abuse.
This is now called "Family Tree". I no longer know what their goals are--might be the same--in a more
political way.....Things change..................

Every Wednesday evening--for 12 years--I went to a location where our meetings were held and attended to
the needs of whomever showed up. I always had a Co-Facilitator --I think there were 4 of them--but I stayed the whole time.

They came and went. One of them ended up hanging himself in his basement..... Seems dysfunctional people
seek out other dysfunctional people to try to help--as they have "been there"... but still cannot deal with their own lives.
The last one I had was, herself, a seriously abused woman by her Mom--and she contributed immensely to this Group.
She is still a dear friend of mine...we get together now and then.

This endeavor ended when the Organization, basically, abandoned all the volunteers with no further support
and closed many of the locations the meetings were held in. There used to be about 50--all around
Baltimore City and County.The one we were holding our meetings in also got closed.
Sandy Plains Elementary School.
More greedy politics....More bowing to the fund-raisers--No more attentiomn paid to the volunteers
that made the organization what it was known for. And so--this phase of my life ended.

BUT--I can tell you this...I learned more from the people attending these sessions than I ever did in college.
Weekly--we dealt with suicidal people--Sexual abused women and children--people cutting on themselves
to try to cope with the abuse in their lives and to turn their thinking around to teach them to see that
the abuser is the weaker of the two. There is just SO MUCH dynamics in this field that
most people do not know about--or understand. It was a true revelation to me have gone through all this.

We wept with the mothers whose children had been abused--and the one whose 11 year old, sexually abused
child was hit by a car and died. We went to her funeral to support the Mom---and as devastated as she was over all this--
she had gotten a new hair-do and make up to look nice at this Memorial Service...HUH???
I always found that to be a bit weird. BUT--that was their way of life....incomprehensible to the rest of us.
I could write a book on these years---and, maybe, I just have. I think I will print this out.....

I apologize for digressing to this level---as it all started with me sharing my late-in-life going to college
to gain some respect of myself--to have gotten a degree in something....
Besides--I beat my youngest daughter's graduation from college by one year....

The saddest part of all this was--that my husband decided to leave me soon after her graduation--I asked "WHY"!!!!!!
and he told me---because "I have fulfilled all my obligations"......(as in--seeing my daughter graduate from college)....
As if I was, in no way, an obligation to him.

That was in 1991. He divorced me in 1993 to be with another woman.
The rest is now history.....

Thank you for reading all this. You all are my "family" now and I feel comfortable sharing all this with you.
No sympathy needed--I am a stronger person having done all this. I AM a survivor!


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Have fun tomorrow Susan.

Can't help but note that just like your house has new windows and doors, so does your life! God bless your comings and goings.

And, a reminder that
the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

My God My God, do you guys have even the slightest idea of the Blessing you are? I mean, REALLY?? Really really!?!?!?
I read your (Gita and Judy) last 2 posts here and burst out crying. No, not all weepy "feel sorry for poor Gita" tears, but tears of thanks and joy to know you beautiful Ladies. Just to know you. That's enough, isn't it? Yes, it is. WOW, it's overwhelming, the beauty of you guys...

After I write this I'm gonna head into the shower and then out the door to school. (I've got my clothes all set out, including my Big Girl Britches). ;)

Judy, I'm ready for that First Step. I can actually SEE you standing beside me, taking this first step with me, and I don't feel alone, I feel all warm and supported. =') I'll carry you in my heart with me to that school and I'll be just fine as frog hair.

Gita, ya know what I think? I think God already knew what was coming (of course He did!), and he was preparing you for it, that's what I think. "Because I have fullfilled all my obligations" was just the lame excuse your ex used, but The Lord knew it was coming anyway, and He got you ready for that next phase of your life. He was sittin' up there in Heaven thinking "Ya know, that cretin is gonna do my Angel wrong, I'd better help her get ready..." He's always got our backs, always.

But I digress just a tad. I do so know the feeling of self-worth of which you speak. I went through that down-turn before I started working where I work now, and my own DH recognized it, probably before I did, and he was my MAJOR cheerleader in doing something about it.... as he is now to go back to school. He sees into me sometimes way better than I see myself, and he's told me a grazillion times already that he's behind me and supports me a million percent in my going back to school... heck, he's even already pulled out HIS old math books from when he was in school, to help me along. (have I mentioned, math is NOT my forté?) He recognizes that need for self-worth, encourages me to recognize my inteligence (which I tend not to), reminds me that, whatever it is, "YES I CAN!!", and... he's just the BEST all-around cheerleader. I voiced my concerns about the finances ... his response: "When YOU need something, have you ever known me to NOT be able to figure it out?" The answer is a flat out clear NO. Simple as that; he ALWAYS finds a way. I'm so blessed I can't express it enough. My only job now is to shuck my buns and GIT 'ER DONE!! < =D

And with that, I hear a shower calling me!! Have a fantastically BLESSED morning y'all, updates foth-coming (forthcoming?) when I get back! =)

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Thank you for your comments. You are such a sweetie!

What will you be taking in school? Are you going to a college? A trade school of some sort?
Do you have an end-goal in mind or are you just taking random courses to broaden your mind?
I think they call that "self-fulfillment" What will be your first class you are taking?

Re the math--it is hard if you have never had it in school--like algebra. I never had it and still had to
pass these tests. Relied a lot on my earlier schooling and plain old memory...

You know what classes i would still like to take?
I want to learn how to use tools correctly. Basic carpentry skills.
I have advice available at the HD just for asking--but no hands-on.
I have assorted tools that just sit--plus a lot of stuff my Ex left here.

He was the most talented handyman there ever existed. He could build anything.
The whole club room, walls, entertainment center, bathroom, etc....The roofed over patio
outside that is now "my world". All done with perfection and care. A true engineer.....
He has built intricate things for my/his daughter. She collects dragons which now sit is a glass-walled
etagierre (sp) made by Dad. Lately, a velvet lined jewelery box. A lg. chest--immaculately finished, etc...
I miss that about him not being here.

I am not an experimenter--so I shy away from trying to fix and do what needs to be done
because it may not turn out "perfect"......:o)
Finding people that do favors is next to impossible. Even if I offer to pay some money.
No one has time.......

Judy---I am a fine example of "inertia"......and I know it. Gita

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Gita, my dear - re: fixing things - I lost my husband, too - he died of Pancreatic cancer 5 1/2 years ago. This man could do anything, and did - I didn't learn to do anything until after he died. I just 'did' it, sometimes really messing things up, but I had a hammer, a nail, screw drivers, duct tape, pliers and baling wire. If I can't fix the problem with one of these tools, I hire it done, but for the most part, it turnes out o.k.

U-Tube is a wonderful resource for me - I have learned how to do a lot of jobs by watching it. If I can't figure out what I need to do, I go to Home Depot, tell Larry what my problem is and he helps me find the right tools and shows me what to do. Being single sucks, but I have adapted. I'd still like to find a cute handy man, though!! LOL

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Thank GOD I'm married to a cute handy man, and by golly he MAKES me work with him so I can learn to use the tools just as well as he can... and I try not to grumble too much. ;) Gita, if you ever need an old toilet removed and a new one installed, I'M YOUR MAN!! =) I can install a bathroom sink/vanity, I can hang an indoor door WITH hardware... from a plain slab, mind you. ;) (yeah, one year he bought me a set of planers and a handful of slab doors and said "Go to town, don't stop 'til it's just right!" HAAA! .. OK, technically he's an electrician, but he's one of those really smart guys who can do anything.

Oh yeah, I went to the school today!! =) Anti-climactic, really. Walked into the admissions building, went up to the "help" desk, said to the kid "Hiya, whom would I speak with about becoming a student here, please?". He raised his eyebrows at me and asked 'A brand new student?', incredulously. heeheeheee. I said "Yup!" OK, I've got an appointment with the asst. director of admissions on the 19th. I've also applied online, so that much is done too. Pheewww!!

Oh .. so, I'm interested in Environmental Studies, to eventually focus on agriculture. For now I'm starting out at a local community college. I'll take that as absolutely far as I can go there, then transfer after that, as necessary. I really want to focus on agriculture though, it's just really tugging at my heartstrings. And soils. I think I need some loonnngggg conversations with Tapla. ;)
As for math... From about 5th grade onward I never had any good math teachers, so I fell off the radar there. They all always seemed to be too busy being cute or snotty or flirty with the girls (that was in high school, that one algebra teacher, he was a young guy and could NOT find the time to help someone in need, too busy flirting, UGH)... so I just fell apart. I dunno where my son gets his math skills from, it sure wasn't me! He's waayyy beyond calculus and quantum whats-it and all that sort of stuff; I'm sure I'll have to have some study dates with him. =)

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Susan--you HAVE TO read this Thread!!! It is called "Poetry on the Pile" and was started by Steve
(aka "soferdig") in 2006. It is under the "Soil and Composting" Forum.
I have, once again, tried to resurrect it. Check in the MA. And--every time i do--I have to write a new "ditty".
It is a hoot! and--it is all about compost and poo and the slimy things that devour it....and how grateful we all are to have it.

You could think of this as "Lighthearted Agriculture".....

Take your time--there is a lot of fun poetry and "ditties", as i call them--and make them, on there.
It will give you chuckles when you need it....some insight as well. Some of the poems are more serious.
Besides--I am all over the place in there too--more so in Part #2.

Susan--could you post a picture of your "cute Handyman"?? We would like to see him.....


Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Speedie, I am just sooo excited for you and your new endeavor! Will be anxiously awaiting word of all the goings on. I soooo hear you about math. As soon as my cute handyman, teacher of Calc and physics starts talking about his classes I am positive my eyes glaze over and my ears close up, cuz I have nooooo clue what he is talking about. He does the same when I talk life science. Heehee. Must be true, opposites attract.

Methinks that your classmates will have to work hard to keep up with you.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Gita; thank you for directing me to that LOVELY poetry thread! Oh what fun!!! It's saved on my favourites list now, wheeee!!! Not sure how "fun" it'll be to read once I start posting ditties about the SCIENCE of soils though.. heh heh. As for a pic of DH.. I will respectfully decline in respect of his privacy in a "public" forum.

Jan, thank you!! =) Heeheeheee, next time you're trying to learn something from your Cutie, try putting blinders on! LOL!! I try not to look at my DH too much when he's explaining something to me 'cause I start thinking dumb stuff like "Gosh you've got such a nice face, I just wanna touch it!" Haahahahahaaaaa!! (I bet that's what your Cutie is thinking about you when you're talking about life science stuff,... among other things). ;)
I dunno about my classmates having a hard time keeping up, there's gonna be some serious science stuff there that I'm gonna be soooooo lost in!!! < =/ Well, eventually, anyway.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

On the contrary----

Whenever I wanted to "implement" my love and knowledge from the psychological aspect any way--
like, maybe, explaining why someone does something...all I ever heard from my family was:

"There she goes again!"... Quite belittling......

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

I busted up laughing, speedie!! Thank you for the merriment heehee. Oh, I am positive you will nail things. Why? Because you are sooooooooo motivated. You know I will never look at DH the same way again.

Sometimes, Gita, family is our worst critic.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

I get that look from DH sometimes... but in a bemused sort of way, not in a "Oh Dear Lord help me, I don't want to hear this!!" sort of way. He looks like he's thinking "she's so cute, lookit the stuff she knows!". Haahahahaaa. Then he gently breaks in and says, "Dear... Dear... oh yooo-hooooo, Deeeaarrrrr!! You realize of course I have no CLUE what you're talking about, right?" Sometimes he's gotta say "Hey, please don't yell at me, I'll cry!", 'cause when I get overly-excited about something I tend to raise my voice. ;) (eg: "DUDE!!! Do you have ANY idea how beneficial that moth is to our little environment here!?!? Don't squash it!! Give it here, let me put it back outside on the Verbena. See....") .... Sometimes I swear, I could baste a ham with the glaze dripping off his eyes. < =D

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


You are too funny! "Basting a ham with the glaze dripping off his eyes"????

That is so weirdly poetic. Get thee to that "Poetry on the Pile" and make this line fit into
the "pile" topic in some fashion.

Will be looking for it......shovel in hand...........:o) G.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Mark tries but I can tell when he's going into lala land. When I talk, he has a pattern. First pause is huh.., second pause is uh huh.. then I know I am running out of time!

It's a skill, known as being a fast listener. He is finished listening before I am finished talking.

(I did not make that up. From a cartoon!)

Privacy is totally cool. Many around this area have jobs that require it.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Ahhhh y'all have me snorting!!! Got the 19th etched into my prayer 'remember to's'....for sure!! This is SO exciting!!! It's going to be a great start Suze...I'm SO proud of you!! Next time a young'un asks that questions ('a brand new student') - break out the 'here'sssssss Johnny' look from the Shining....nod yes and whisper...'be very afraid' LOL

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Quote from Chantell :
Next time a young'un asks that questions ('a brand new student') - break out the 'here'sssssss Johnny' look from the Shining....nod yes and whisper...'be very afraid' LOL

Aaaaaah, I wish I'd thought of that, I would have done it!!!!!!!!! Haahahahaaa!!!!!! I may even have said "Heeeere'sssss Suzie!!" < =D Thank you ever so kindly for the prayers, they are reeeallyyy appreciated!!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Day after tomorrow is the big day!!!

Meanwhile though... my son has worked for our local Department of Public Works while also in school. He's worked at the local landfill, and also in their government building... and while at the office, one day this past Spring, someone decided that he has a great voice and asked him to do the voice-over work for a commercial for the Dept. of Public Works, regarding the proper disposal of hazardous waste, and the DPW's facilities for such disposal. I've got a you tube link to his commercial... would I be allowed to share/post it in here? It doesn't sell anything, just tells locals where they can go to properly dispose of their stuff, and describes a few things that are, and are NOT, considered "hazardous waste". (like Latex paint! I never knew that!)

I'm so proud of my little peanut, I'd love to share his work here!! =)

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Well, personally, I think that would be just fine. I see links to all kinds of things on DG. Good for him!!!

Will be thinking about you tomorrow!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

I'll take your word for it, Jan... and if The Powers That Be decide it's not appropriate, then PLEASE remove it, or ask me to and I will obey gladly and willingly.

And now, for your listening pleasure.... Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny!!!!!

(no, really, my son's name is John!) =)

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

His voice is soooo soothing...dripping with honey....

He can read the phone book to me--any time..........:o)

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Heeheeheee, I thought it sounded really good too... but, honestly, do you really think so? I'm thinking, with a little more experience, he might actually persue a real career at this! I can sorta hear his nervousness (knowing him as I do), which makes him want to sort of talk faster... he really had to work hard to slow it down. But for a first time, I think he sounds darned sexy (NOT what a Mom thinks she'll ever say about her son, I know, LOL!!), but more importantly, clear and professional, and friendly and inviting, and intelligent. (trying to take the "I'M THE MOM!" out of it here, really I am).
I'm really proud of my little Peanut! (can you tell?) =)

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

your Peanut did done good! Loved it! THanks for sharing!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Thankee Sai! =)

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

He does have a pleasant voice to listen to. Voice career!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Played it for DH when he got home from work last evening, and he said at first he thought it was an intro, was waiting for John's voice... then it dawned on him; THAT IS John's voice!!!! He was speechless, something that doesn't happen to DH often. =) Was fun to see his response, love to see him blown away like that. < =D

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Speedie, Congrats, Such exciting news and a wonderful step into a new life experience. Go for it!

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Alrighty then, had the meeting with the Admissions Director today, and ooooh boy, I can see I'm REALLY gonna be in for a challenge!!!!! It all went well, I'm not lost as to the "Whats" to do, but the HOW I'm gonna get through it ... ACK!!
One part of the meeting included, not only going over getting my transcripts from nursing school sent to them, that's not a problem (even though it was 23 years ago), but she suggests that I ALSO take the "placement test" meanwhile. She directed me to a website that gives little samples of what the test looks like, so when I got home, the first thing I checked out was the maths portion. The beginning, the easy part, is the first section, and I had no 'troubles'.. it starts with basic pre-algebra. I had the WORST algebra teacher in high school (really, I had some awful math teachers across the board in school from Jr. High onward), so I never got any farther than Algebra I!!! And I never actually "got" those basics down!! The test then goes onto stuff like linear equations (hard for me to put numbers into "sentences" that make sense to my word-oriented mind), to polynomials... and don't even ASK what from there 'cause I just dunno.

I have a whoooole lotta ground to make up before I even TRY this placement test!!!!!!! Boy oh boy, time to buckle on the Big-Boy boots and get ready for a serious ride!!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Been there--done that when i enrolled.....back about 23 years ago as well.
I never had Algebra in HS either--as I majored in art and had 10 classes of art a week.
Besides all that--I was also just learning to speak English. many handicaps!

Believe it or not--when it came time for the equations and multiplying and dividing, fractions and all that,
my brain went back to all the classes I took in math before I came to the USA. at age 14.
They take the three "R's" seriously on schools in Europe. The old "math rules" just came flooding back.

Could you find a math geek to tutor you a bit in the basics--like two negatives added make a positive?
I was amazed that I passed all these tests. I actually did better than many my brain did not grow up
with a calculator in hand. I still, unconsciously, go back to metrics where everything deals in 10's.

I think the most confusing, and hardest, thing to me was these kind of math questions
ust making this up....OK?

If "A" = 15 and "B" equals 27---What is the value of "C"???? Those always threw me for a loop.....

I wish you much success--I know you will be able to do this.....math is ALL logic!

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I agree with Gita. And if you don't want to pay for a math tutor, buy a second hand textbook -- one with answers in the back -- and work your way through it.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

Gita, and I, without the same educational growing-up background, hope I can do 1/10th as well as you did (without having had the base of "old rules" drilled into my head so thoroughly as you did, to "come back to me"). I did not grow up with calculator in hand either, however, nor did I grow up with a full range of teachers dedicated to getting those basics into my head as well as could have been. What's funny though is, after reviewing stuff with DH, I do know the key in "solving for C".... or "X" or "Y". The key is to 'get C (or X or Y) by itself, to isolate each from the rest of the numeric stuff on that SAME side as the = sign. The key in THAT part, when you have more than 1 variable or constant (C and X and Y), is to know what those numbers around it/them are doing. THAT can be tricky!!
.... Now, having said that, it makes me look like I know something... don't be fooled! I'm at that dangerous "A LITTLE BIT of knowledge" phase.. emphasis on "Little Bit". ;) I'm pretty sure hiring a tutor would cost too much for us, we're praying hard about figuring out how we're gonna pay for school alone as it is. However...

Happy, you hit on a GREAT idea with the text books!! DH has still got his (maths) text book from when he was in school, so what he started doing yesterday when he got home from work is...
He went online, found a homeschooling website that provides and and allows for printing of, sheets of progressively difficults maths problems! He found pages of equations that coincide with what is provided in his text book, printed them out, and then hand-wrote at the top of each page "refer to page(s) --- & --- in text book", (in case I need help). He's got a FAT stack of printed out maths problems for me to do... "work sheets", if you will. I got home last night and had my first homework assignment waiting for me on my desk. < =)
It may be a good idea to also buy a book or 2 as well.

math is ALL logic!
That is true, and sooooooo hard for a non-logical person like me... which I think might be why English studies were always my forté in school. In 4th grade, I was at an 11th grade reading/comprehension level. English makes absolutely no sense much of the time, and I adore it; so darned many variables! ... OH! "Variables"! I think I can use that with my maths problems, HA!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

English makes absolutely no sense much of the time, and I adore it; so darned many variables! ... OH! "Variables"! I think I can use that with my maths problems, HA![/quote]

Speedie---You are absolutely right. The English we speak here in America makes NO sense to someone
listening to it from another country.

WHY? because:
1--American English uses too many "idioms" as part of the language. Expressions--if you will.
These mean nothing on their own--it is what is implied by using them. There are thousands of these!
Ex: "Hang loose"---"don't sweat it"---"don't cut off your nose to spite your face"----"don't judge a book by its cover'--etc...
These, translated, mean is what is implied by using them.
Yet we "toss them around" and freely "pepper our language" with them. I could "go bonkers" just thinking about it.
It makes our English colorful--but confusing to newcomers that are trying to learn the language.

2--English should be easy, compared to other languages. Grammar is almost non-existent.
Conjugation (Nominative, genitive, accusative, etc....) is expressed with prepositions.
"to"--"from"--"Of"--under, etc. In most European languages the noun is conjugated and has different endings to denote
these forms. Also--the endings change whether using the "familiar" or the "formal" form of address.
And then conjugate with the new form of endings differently.

3--Too many words are spelled differently--but pronounced the same. Ex: There, their.
Or--spelled the same, but pronounced differently. Kansas and Arkansas.

4--We have NO gender endings (male/female); NO formal "YOU" in addressing people like elders and strangers.
"You" is "you"--whether you are talking to the homeless man--or the president of the USA.

5--Lastly--and I had a lot of problems with this, English is NOT a phonetic language. Letters all have
a different pronunciation that what it may look like (to one having spoken a phonetic language).
"tough or Rough"--only has 3 sounds in it. "taf" and Ruf" . "Hi"--to me would be--"hai"...

OK, enough. I just want to say to you all--Be more tolerant of people who do not speak English well.
They are not ignorant, uneducated or illegal.
They are still learning.....and, too many times, there is no one to teach them the correct way.
If you have a friend in this category--it is OK to point out the correct way to say something.
Usually--it is appreciated.

Ciao! (Chow). gita

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Speedie -- you can get used textbooks really cheap on Amazon -- shipping is 3.99, but the books themselves wont cost much if you don't care about the condition they are in. Or there may be a local second hand store where you can do better.

There is a lot of support on-line, but personally I need a physical book to really learn.

This message was edited Dec 21, 2012 11:10 AM

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

speedie- try the library!! books like Pre Algebra Made Easy or some like title... Look at the branch near you- ask where it is on shelf and if not on shelf ask if they can get it sent over for you to pick up in a couple days. With renewals you can keep them for couple months.

You current certificate program will require math credits?

If we lived close Mark would help you.
8 ^(
(over an hour...)

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

I sooo hear you, speedie!! Math is NOT my strong suit. Gotta love your dear hubby, doing all that to help you prepare. Whatta guy!!! Praying for you as you jump in with both feet

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


If you have an "Ollies" near you, they must have the complete line of "----for Dummies" books.
Maybe there is one for "Algebra for Dummies".....

Now--you KNOW that i am assuming you are a "Dummy"--it is just the name of these books.
They are like--$3.99 each.

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