Poor heat output and cracked fireboard

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Hi, we're new to the whole wood burning stove thing and were just wondering if someone could help us figure out why we aren't getting much heat output.

First of all I have a simple question:
Where you have two outlets to connect the flue pipe to on the burner; should the one not being used be sealed with fire cement to prevent heat loss through it?

We never sealed it off and now I am beginning to wonder if that is why we aren't getting much heat out of it as it is all escaping through the back of the burner. The reason I ask is; after checking over the burner this morning we found a huge crack spanning the width of the fire board directly behind the burner, presumably caused by it getting too hot.

If anyone could give their insights, it would be very much appreciated!


Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I'm not really following what you are trying ti tell us. Is this a fireplace insert? Are you saying that the chimney flue has two places to hook a stove to? If that is the case then the one not used must be closed off to both stop it from drawing air and also from letting combustion products into your home.

If you are saying that the stove has two different places where it can be connect to the chimney then the one not used must be closed off. The wood stoves that I've seen that were built that way had a a flanged ring and a flat plate, both with the same bolt holes. The ring one went on the opening you where going to use and the plate closed off the other one.

I don't know what you mean by a fire board. I stove getting too hot and not giving off enough heat sound inconsistent to me.

To me it sounds like you have a VERY serious problem and I wouldn't use it until I got it looked at by someone experienced.

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Thanks for the reply.

I was referring to the fact that the stove has two different places to attach the flue to. The one that is not being used had a cap on, but I was wondering if it needed to be sealed with fire cement or something similar?

Apologies for the poor description, I will try and be a little more descriptive this time.

The woodburner is stood in an opened up fireplace, which has had a flue liner installed in the chimney and a register plate and cowl fitted correctly. The wood burner does not really give off much heat out the front and does not seem to heat the room at all. All of the heat seems to be leaving the burner through the back as the fireboard used (instead of firebricks) is getting very hot. So hot in fact that we believe that is what has caused it to crack.

We have resealed everything with fire cement today, so will post again later after testing it again!

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Ok, I understand now. The problem seem to be that air is not circulating correctly around the stove. There should be some kind of a grill under the stove and one above also so that air can circulate. some wood burners also have blowers on them. Make sure they aren't blocked in some way.

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Thanks very much.
We're going to try to circulate the air a little more. We've got a small fan we're going to try and if it makes any difference, we will invest in a heat powered fan.

Thanks very much for your help! :)

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