DECEMBER 2012 in your neck of the woods

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

That's where we were :-)


Hope this move works ~~

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woo hoo...... I's FIRST lol

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thank you "M"
How is work going Susan?

Drats, go to bed with a headache, get up with a headache
Been taking high blood pressure pills, likely the weatherj!

Glad the meds are almost out of your to wonder what other dangers we create ingesting pills to fix one thing to do damage to another.. Catch 22 isn't it.

Cold out there, snow yesterday melted so still seeing leaves on the ground lol

Looking at the date, 2 weeks tomorrow I leave tor Florida, so glad I'm ready for Santa and have the upcoming birthdays under control.

Seeing I'm finished with my Santa gifts I'm going to take all Suzanne's left over rag quilt blocks ( different sizes/colors) an,d make them into a blanket..won't look the prettiest ur am sure it will be warm.

What are you all up to today?

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Glad the 'move over' worked ^_^
Bends my brain .. a good thing !!

Betty, the barometric pressure headaches are painful and irritating, sure do hope yours move on.
I bet that the rag quilt will be a favourite .. it'll be very colourful that's for sure!!

I am going OUT for lunch today with friends. Something I haven't been able to do since October !! Driving myself !!
You sure have it right re the 'Catch 22' and the meds we take to fix one thing, but, in so doing, we foul up something else :-(
I gotta tell ya .. I think the drug ALMOST did me in.

Lorna has a dental appt at 4pm .. thinks she may be developing an abcess in one of her teeth .. she thinks that, but, says it could also be a sinus thing. Don't know if you remember, but LAST Xmas, it was ME with the abcess on Xmas eve, put up with it until Dec. 27th and then HAD to call my dentist at home and get antibiotics .. I sure don't want that to happen to Lorna..

We have large grassy patches here .. our 25cm snowfall has dissipated .. going to be 8C today !!

Take care everyone


Victoria Harbour, ON

You sound like you are living life again "M"..wonderful thing!
what was the name of the drug just so I know I'll not get a prescription for it lol

Enjoy your day with the girls..know you are looking forward to be self sufficient, no need for caregivers or driver..

Don't think it's that hot here..will have to check it out..

By days end the quilt of many colors will be done, not fond of it but hey it's not mine nor am I giving it away!!!!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

The drug is called 'SULPHASALAZINE' .. has a LARGE amount of aspirin in it, plus, of course Sulpha (which I now know I have a sensitivity to)
It's unlikely you'd be put on it unless your lab work looked like mine .. at the time.

Lunch was wonderful .. lots of laughing and just all around HAPPY times ^_^
Getting ready now to take Lorna in to the dentist .. altho she now thinks it's a false alarm, I say, better SAFE than sorry !!

Nice to hear the quilt is done, I think it probably looks wonderful ..

Snow is melting fast .. it's 42F right now !!!



Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad you had a good time..right now it's only 32F here..tomorrow calling for drizzle, high of 41, flurries for Sat/Sun/Mon.

Yes, feels good to have the rag quilt done..that's 3 I've sewn for Suzanne, she is far too busy to undertake the project she THINKS she can undertake..

Now there are about 90 - 6" squares sitting left they have a Christmas drive downstairs and I don't see a lot left each day, told her next week with no pressure that I'd finish up the squares and we could give it to the next week

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I found you, but don't have much time. Am starting bells early tonight to get in extra practice time.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Everyone is sooooo busy! Tis the season. We have a TON of snow. Poor Hubby has blowed every night this week and he does 4 houses , Seniors, single Mom and folks away plus us. He deserves a gold star !

Sounds like mending is occuring for those that need it. Good thing! Sisters friends child who had brain surgery last week went back to school yesterday. Waiting to see how she made out. She hasn't felt this well in some time so even her ill Mom is on a high. Now they are waiting for the pathology on the manderine size tumor they took out.

Working on getting all my baking done and it's too busy at work to take a day off during the week so I'm craming it in during the week after dinner and runing daughter around. Neighbor and I will do some of the thimble and whipped shortbread this weekend and I will tackle Naniamo and brownies to share with her at my own pace.
Have not shopped at all so very envious of you who have this feat accomplished.
Bye for now
Alberta Ann

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Nice to hear from both ViAnn and AbAnn ^_^
Busy as always, but, tis the season.

AbAnn .. this year I am BUYING my baking from a very nice bakery .. I just haven't got the stamina quite yet .. I can make a banana loaf or maybe a few dozen cookies, but, a 3 recipe night is out of my grasp right now .. sounds as though you'll have fun baking though.

ViAnn .. I can imagine how busy you must be .. a challenge, but, a labour of love, the BELLS sound SO wonderful.

Took 2 pics of the dog compound today .. you can see the melting that has occured .. supposedly we'll get a few inches over the weekend.
Hard to believe the yard was a sea of white just last weekend!!

Lorna has NO abscess .. it's sinus related .. whew .. she thinks it'll pass .. fingers crossed on that!!

Off to watch Corrie


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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

First musical activity is Come sing Messiah tomorrow evening. Starts at 5 for rehearsal with soloists. At 6:15 we rehearse with the roughly 700 singers. Half-hour break and then at 8, we run it, finishing up around 10. Great fun and so many of the "Choir" have been going to brush-up sessions during November that it gets better every year.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I just LOVE 'Come Sing Messiah' .. have a DVD of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing it .. play it evey year, many times, but, am thinking I haven't seen 'many' bells in the production .. perhaps they are in the background, will have to pay more attention, I'm usually on the go while the music plays in the background ..

Gentle snowfall here, banana loaf in the oven. Am thinking that the bananas I am buying are ripening a lot quicker for some reason .. I seem to bake a loaf a week .. course, perhaps we aren't consuming the bananas quickly enough ... LoL

TGIF .. have an awesome weekend, I hear this is 'dubbed' XMAS TREE WEEKEND' .. ^_^


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

No bells. I play viola in the orchestra.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Drats, wrote a long post, back in a bit

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I think the site might be 'acting up' .. I just had to LOGIN .. I never LOGOFF ever .. good thing my wee bean could remember my password LoL ...



hi all......... like Christmas baking?

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

It might have been acting up. I was writing a post this afternoon, just before I had to get ready for Messiah and everything seemed to flicker and my post was gone. Can't even remember for sure which thread it was for.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for the link Susan .. some nice looking recipes that's for sure!!
As above, I am buying my baking this year. Seems folks aren't all that GUNG HO for sweets anymore. I bought an assorted Macaroon tray at M&Ms yesterday, looks lovely .. and the bakery I go to has such nice trays laden with butter tarts, lemon tarts and Almond tarts .. and for a price I think is a good price.
That said, I am about to bake a blueberry pie. My brother picked some berries in August and gave me enough for a pie, I froze them and they have become a real pain in the butt in the freezer !! Because berries seem to 'shift' in position ,, I am forever hauling them back to where they should be, one time the bag opened and about a cup escaped ... grrrrrrrrrr ... so .. blueberry pie in December time ^_^

C O L D here .. like a January day .. supposedly snow on the way tonight ..

The site seems less 'wonkie' this morning, perhaps there was a glitch of sorts ..

Feeling so bad re the nurse who took her life after letting those foolish Australian DJs 'prank her' into believing they were the queen and Prince Charles calling to inquire as to Kate's health .. UNCALLED for .. I can't imagine how horrrid she must have felt !!! I do so hope the DJs are reprimanded to the MAX .. I would imagine it's some sort of 'Public Mischeif' .. just way too sad !!!

Off to make a pie



ViAnn......... I know what you mean about forgetting which thread you're replying to. I've not been so unlucky as to lose posts, but I'm using Google Chrome and maybe that's why?

omygosh, Marilyn - I hadn't heard about the nurse who'd taken her life............ how very sad, and unnecessary.......

Victoria Harbour, ON

Evening all,

Long day, playing mrs Santa has exhausted me..but so nice to have visited everyone. Just too bad some I do only at Christmas and in the 90's so won't be too many of those left.

I know "M" you will understand what i mean when I say I'm so tired of dealing with pressure in shoulders and severe headaches..

Terrible thing about the nurse..heard the conversation that took place on the audio..hope pranksters get their comings to.

Waving to those I've missed..can't keep head up

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

SNOW .. it started at about 5am .. looks as though it may continue most of the day, but, the temps are so nice and mild.

Glad to know your visiting is done Betty, but, as for the headaches and sore shoulders .. ugggggggggg .. know thw feeling , altho, stopping that med (sulfasalazine) took care of the headache problem ..
Perhaps you need a med review done, not all BP pills are right for everyone.
A nurse I once worked with was on 3 different ones before she was placed on THE one that worked for her.

Going to make it a lazier day here .. I overdid yesterday .. stood too long baking even though I was adamant I wouldn't DO that this year ..
WAS going to make sugar cookies, but, that can wait til another day.

Off to do some laundry

Have a great day



Hope you relax much, much, much, Marilyn!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Quick drop in...we are both quite the pair, should be on the couch with feet up doing nothing and here we are pushing ourselves although we know we shall pay for it...

Thought today was going to be a headache free day, was but this evening is a killer..vomiting is yukkk

I heard what I thought icy rain on the windows a bit ago, they were allying for freezing why can't it do that at 7:30 tomorrow morning?

Kitty isn't helping, knawing me while I try to sleep..Riley isn't the affectionate one so hate to shoo her away but it does hurt. Lol

Going to call dr's office in the a.m. And see what century I'm able to book an appt.


(((((((((Betty))))))))))) sounds like a migraine - vomiting from a "so bad" headache.........

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, been up for ages..sitting with coffee, enjoying the quietness of early morning. Peeked outside, no snow, no freezing rain so that is a plus..

Monday's..why can't we start with Tuesday instead. Lol

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Snowed all night here .. if I were back to being REAL ME, I would be out shovelling the patio and dog runs, BUT, I am learning there are other hands and arms that can do that for me .. Gord will do it, and, the snow is not heavy .. light and fluffy .. so .. if I think about it, I'll take a pic of the 'dog yard', and you can compare it to the one I posted a couple of days ago. Course, I may also forget to take the pic LoL

I THINK Lorna wants to go into the city to tie up a few loose ends today, and, I need to pick up some milk and fruit. No need to make supper tonight as I am taking the fam out for dinner. I won't be hosting a full on Christmas dinner for 9 this year .. I simply know I wouldn't be able to do it .. so .. I am taking all to Montanas for supper tonight .. around Xmas I'll have an open house .. cold cuts and baking (ALL ordered in)

Have a nuclear bone scan tomorrow, kinda nervous, but, it has to be done .. can't imagine being a nurse and being so afraid of needles !!
Then, Wednesday I am planning a trip to the Minnesota border to pick up a parcel .. I will have to take my bone scan appt paper with me as cars are now scanned at border crossings for radiation, and, I will be chock full of it ..

Starting the week on a Tuesday sounds GREAT to me Bettty ^_^

Hope everyone has a stellar week


Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Whew....Betty hope the headaches have eased. Here is a trick that has eased my migranes ...Ice pack for the neck and forhead and hands in hot water. It can help ease the pain and I learned of it when I was doing the bucket patrol a few years ago. Now I have some good drugs which mostly fix the head.

Marilyn, you are like my Mom who always is doing for others and not so good at letting others help her. Take it easy and allow folks to help , they want to. As far as the scan , they will offer you two , two ltrs of drink. Don't take it cold as by the time you finnish all that stuff you are shivering! It doesn't taste too bad and then when you get the injection you get a lovely warm sensation so all is good then. I didn't have any ill effects other than being cold and they did offer warming blankets to those of us waiting.

Susan..Baking seems to dissapear at home and if it's the Christmas baking then I have to hide it if I want any for the Christmas break, LOL.
V Ann. I can just imagine all those voices. Choir's always bring me emotions , their voices are so beautiful!

My sisters good friend with the Daughter with tumors on her brain needs all your prayers tomorrow. They are going back in to remove the 2nd tumor and depending on the tissue may rego to the original site. It was diagnosed on Friday as Stage 4 very aggressive Brain Cancer. This 15 yr old has a lot to cope with so she needs all your help, she hasn't asked for help but none the less I want all the stars on her side mid day on Tuesday, please. Her name is Kayla.

I am so remided of how blessed I am when the world spins around my small family, the good friends I have and with the support in all the corners of my life.

Alberta Ann


so Betty - whiplash your Dr said (on another thread)..... take care of it, and be med-smart, k?!?!

AbAnn - baking disappears around here too lol My DH takes it to work, or scrarfs it down himself! Oh, and lest we forget - he's making several doz cookies to take to a Bowling League potluck next Mon, so he's baking on Sat. I'd best get my baking done before then!
I have a Church Board Potluck tomorrow, and then I have another PotLuck at work on Friday..... yikes! We're PotLuck'ed out by next week LOL Of course I go to 2 of 'em, and Bob goes to 2 of 'em - only meet in the middle at the Church Board one, cuz he's invited as a "spouse of the board member" me..... lol

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, wish we could have a cookie/sweets bake day together..I'm so not good in the cookie department!

Yes, whiplash he says..did manage to sleep through the night (oh happy days) but pain is the same in my neck and shoulder blade, have feeling in my right arm and no headache yet so that is a plus..we shall see how the day sure it takes awhile to work.

Time where everyone is out eating..our staff luncheon is next Thursday I believe at which time we close..the others will return Jan2nd but I will not return until 8th unless of course I cannot get a flight back ...wouldn't that be a terrible thing...NOT

Ann will be praying for Kayla...Christmas is the time for Miracles..know we shall be asking for them!

Time to start the car, nice having the auto starting this model of if I didn't shut the heater off whe I got home...must remember not to do that.

Hope you get all you want done today...

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Up and at'em here in the north country .. bone scan day, trying to ensure I am WELL hydrated so they can find a vein.
AbAnn, apparently I have to drink a 'few' glasses of fluid in the 2 hours AFTER the injection .. we'll see .. I just hope it goes well.

Betty, did your doc give you an new med for the 'whiplash' .. have used 'flexeril' quite effectively for patients with that problem .. frees up the spasm in jig time !!

Kayla will be in my heart and thoughts today .. stage 4 on the first tumour is not good news .. but, miracles DO happen .. I thought of her last evening when my 14yr old granddaughter came over and kissed and hugged me and told me she loved me .. gave me a chill, and I gave her a HUGE hug back ..

Dinner out with the fam was wonderful .. except for ONE thing .. the noisy MUSAK !! Lordie, it IS Christmas, but, there was some kind of contorted Rap/hip hop/crazy music playing, I asked if it could be turned down, it never was .. even Brooklyn and Austin thought it was crazy music.

Busy days for everyone, and Betty, there's usually ALWAYS a storm that closes down Pearson around or after Christmas, maybe Jan. 8th will be the day LoL

Off to finish my tea


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Scan is done, piece of cake .. nothing to drink, just an IV injection, wait 2 hours and an hour long scan.
My rheumatologist will have the results for my first appt with him this coming Monday, HURRAH !!!

Thoughts are with Kayla .. and family and friends


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

AbAnn .. hoping the news from the west re Kayla is good.

On my way to the border to pick up a parcel, waiting to see just what it looks like outside, so flippin dark at 8am !!
I know it's cold, but am sure it isn't snowing.
I have a letter from the Nuclear Medicine Dept that states I have a 'tracer' in me, and I hope I fer sure do NOT set off 'bells and whistles' .. truth is, the parcel has been there for a week now and I really NEED to pick it up. Gord would go but he is off hunting today and tomorrow.

Hope everyone is happy and caught up in the Spirit of Christmas :-)


Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning "M"

Sitting here with back pushed into the back of my chair, arm tingling but am in the the Christmas spirit.

Was -2 on my way to work but they did say we would have above normal temps for the rest of the week.

If we hear of border patrol having a manhunt going on we'll know who it is lol

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Thanks for all your positive energy. Kayla came through the surgery very well and although is still in special ICU will be moved to regular ICU today and if she perks up as good as last time she will go home on Friday. The surgeon found Cancer cells in the other tumor but no exact type until Friday. From there she will have very nasty Chemo and radiation exact details to be determined and talked about on the following Monday. There is also a possibility they won't do anything as it is so far advanced. But it is a time for Miracles, right!!!
Some anonomous person started doing the 12 days of Christmas gifts to her. Partrige in a pear tree was first and now this morning there was Two turtle doves in a turtle basket with a box of chocolate turtles on her side stand. Her Mom is very touched and what a lovely thing to give her something to look forward too every day for a while.

On a good note there are many lovely things, gestures and kindness's being shown this family. Just this weekend Kayla's good friend wanted to take her out for a special meal so it ended up that the Shaw family's driver and car picked up Kayla, her friend and her Mom and a friend in Calgary and drove them to Banff where they had a meal at a very fancy Banff restuarant then the driver took them home. Just before this a hairdresser came over and did Kayla's hair for her covering the, forhead to nape of neck, incision with a fancy doo. They had a wonderful evening and mostly due to the kindness and generosity of other people.

Betty take care of that whiplash as it can haunt you for a long time if you don't look after it now.
Marilynn I can send you my phone number for Border rescue if you like. LOL I can just envision how nervous you will be and THAT may alert them more than the actual tracer.

Our weather was nice for one day so I was able to take my Costco humongus pointsetta home yesterday. Now we are back in the -18 temps again. We have had a snow every day for a while and it varies between a skiff to a couple of inches. I think we have more snow than anyone can remember for a long time.
Anyway will be making Almond Roca tonight and get DD in on how to so she can take over sometime.
Bye for now
Ab Ann

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

AbAnn .. good to hear things are kind of in a positive state for Kayla .. not withstanding 'chemo' .. never pleasant if she has to endure it. Hard decisions ahead.
The 12 Days of Christmas gifts sound so wonderful .. bless whoever is doing 'Angels work', And the dinner out with friends .. how awesome a memory was made for Kayla and ALL involved ^_^
I think this just MADE my Christmas !!

Re the border .. OMG!!!! I went with the pre conceived notion that NOTHING would transpire .. W R O N G !!!!!!!!!!!!
Whe I pulled up to the Border Kiosk on the US side, the Guard had a small box in front of him that started to SCREAM .. (buzz loudly) .. I immediately handed him the letter from the Nuclear Diagnostic Dept. .. he looked over his glasses, took our passports, and said "Park your vehicle and come inside" .. AKKK
So, we parked, (Lorna and Myself) and out of the Rav we get .. both of us with canes (Lorna 2 canes, me one) and we make our way inside (the INNER sanctum of the US Border Patrol Office) .. 4 guards were 'at the ready' .. one holding a Geiger Counter. He pointed it at me and it went CRAZY .. screeching and clicking, he took a step back and I stood there dumb founded .. I actually thought all my hair might fall out immediately!!
I mentioned that the tech had said my levels would be low .. gone in 24-36 hours .. the guard informed me it would be TWO WEEKS !!
Next they took the SUV and drove it through an Xray machine .. then they checked me over once again ... no change ... duh !!
Finally, we were free to travel the mile to the Outlet to pick up the parcel. Got gas, and were back at the Canadian side in 15 minutes .. AND .. not a BEEP, not a ZIP ZAP ZOOM .. hello ladies and have a nice day.
I was kind of surprised at that .. kind of makes me wonder a bit re OUR National Security ?

Anywho, never a dull moment LoL


MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm Almond Roca .. sounds delish !!!!


hold on there now, Marilyn - WHY do you have a tracer in you?!?!?! I musta missed something....

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

I had a 'bone scan' to see what's UP or DOWN with my old bones, especially my hips/neck.
Nothing earth shattering (thank heavens)
Have my first appointment with a rheumatologist this coming Monday, and, he'll have the results.

Gorgeous day out there (so far) just -4C, NO SNOW (as was predicted)
Gord and Murray are heading out hunting. Moose season ends this coming weekend.

May pop into town today to return a gift not given yet ... trust me long story ... a case of 'over buying' !!!

Whatever you're up to today, be safe and ENJOY !!


Victoria Harbour, ON


-1 today in my neck of the woods..glad it's Thursday because it means I get to work from home tomorrow..still in mega pain, been changing times of pain killers so that I'm not falling asleep driving to and from home which means there is a lapse in time that I'm in mega pain..drats not good..

I'm worried about the trip to Florida as Darlene is not a driver outside of her own environment so the driving will lay with sure I'll cope, just worried.

Your long store "M" about extra gift..I keep trying to have everything even, almost to the penny I'm not as smart as you, returning the gift rather than buy everyone else something to even it out

you got the results quickly "M", glad it's nothing more serious!

Wow, a week tomorrow I leave for Florida..Sunday is my family gathering.sure got here quickly

Ann, how wonderful that Kayla is receiving such care and making this Christmas the best for her. Wonderful caring people out there.

You've got cold weather in your neck of the woods..saying that we're in for above normal temps the next 2's hoping we haven't a storm for me to travel otherwise I'll be waiting for the first clear day.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi All popping in.
Love the Border Story M , I had a good giggle, Thanks but sorry for your trouble!
B Whiplash is so painful I'm sorry to hear that its not easing. I was hoping that it would back off a bit for you.

If anyone is interested here is Kayla's journey on her Mom's website.

You can follow the blog, this family is so amazing and their spirit is truly inspirational.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ann, thank you for the link, will go and read..
Amazes me how strong and brave some are..

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