Q? About beans and herbs

Northern Lake County, IL(Zone 5a)

I'm new to both and was wondering.....
1. What kind of beans do you grow and dry for soups,stews and chili?
2. Can I grow medicinal,culinary and herbs for essential oils


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Kentucky wonder I most often grow , not a huge but a good producer, Takes lots of space in my little garden so upward and skyward on trellis they grow. I'm going to try some red runner beans this year, last years garden garden was a fail as of drought ,bugs, and me being unwilling to water.
Kentucky wonder are like the white dry beans in the store ,only they taste a little better as with most fruits and vegetables when you grow them.(ham&beans)
I use take a upside down pan lid and steam herbs for oils , distiller is better if you can get non- poison coil tubing .The pan lid drips back into a smaller jar or container inside the pan at low heat , pretty fair home made oil that way. Difficult to find a pan ready -go for that though as most have holders or lid pins that won't drip into a jar like the oils from steam should, Wide mouth jelly jars and upside down steel lid pin worked a-okay Kinda fun when interested it was as I recall. I will have to return to doing that sometime as I always enjoyed peppermint and lavender oils for different things,Thanks for reminding me!!! have fun!!!

Hobart, IN

DD grew various beans for drying down in TN where the season is hotter and longer. Is our season long enough for growing drying beans?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Easily if your good at it , maybe even two crops of them!! 52 through 68 days ?

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I do a few herbs -- just because.... they seem to do very well here.

I have a ton of "Fever Few" - grows like crazy and now I'm pulling out the volunteers as they self seed by the million.... love the aroma - though have never used it as an herb... i just like the plant.

I'd think in our zone, you could grow just about any herb.

Hobart, IN

Good to know about the beans in case I ever get enough room to grow them. :)

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