How to get your Figs on your Fig Tree to Ripen Faster

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

I saw this video on youtube about a month ago, and thought I'd try it on my blackjack fig tree.

The tree was starting to go into dormancy for the winter, but there were still several dozen small, green figs left on the branches. So on a couple of branches, I removed all the leaves to see what would happen. And guess what - the figs started turning colors!! But, it's just too cool right now for them to grow to full size and fully ripen. I wish I had seen this video a couple of months ago.

Next year, I'll give this a try much earlier & get all those leftover figs!

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Wake Forest, NC(Zone 7b)

2012 was a harder year for my figs than 2011 was. A lot of Breva figs formed and then all were lost due to a frost about April 10th. The second crop (is that the "main" crop?) formed ok but there just weren't as many as in 2011. I don't now how late it stays warm in New Orleans but my main comment is that this year probably won't be like last year.

Having said all that, be aware that there is quite a difference between all the different fig types. Celeste (my fav.) does best for me. LSU Gold did poorly and I don't like the fruit. I planted my one LSU purple in a too shady place so it doesn't do that well anyhow but the figs taste very good. I ignore my Brown turkey because I don't like the flavor that much. Several others may do much better this year - I hope so, They are all covered with little figlets today (Apr. 15, 2013) and it's unlikely we will have any more cold weather.


Wake Forest, NC(Zone 7b)

The figlets I photographed 2 days ago on my B-17G tree, it's a real bomber!

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Dahlonega, GA

Last year I had some to ripen very early and had no taste . The later ones were good .

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