Aussie brugmansias in December 2012

West of Brisbane, Australia

OK, the new thread starts with the photo of the Angels Flight x Superspot seedling that Chrissy (inexplicably!) requested LOL Plus a few extras: Pink Sweetie, flowering up in the stratosphere. A white My Seuss x unknown seedling, showing the pretty tendrils that My Seuss seems to produce in its offspring. (The pod parent was misidentified as Dr Seuss, so now I'm calling it My Seuss to differentiate it from the real doctor, which Shaun has.) Another aurea seedling, almost certainly Golden Butter x one of my early brugs, nothing special here but GB does tend to produce yellow/seasonal orange offspring. (Unless paired with an equally strong brug, like OA, in which case you're just as likely to get a white.) Finally, the pink Aztec Gold (from memory, I'll have to recheck the tag; either AG or white suaveolens) seedling. This is as dark and lovely as it gets. Sadly, it goes floppy and bleached in the hot sun but at night, when the flower is fully matured, it flares open and takes on this pale pink colour.

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West of Brisbane, Australia

BTW, we have come from here:

Sydney, Australia

Hi and thankyou cestrum ...awfully sorry, I meant pic 4, rushing nanna moment, but I like that one too ^_^

Looks like it's all happening in your garden ...wonderful !
The weather here is darned lousy, yellow leaves everywhere on most plants (not just Brugs) looking just like Autumn, I think it is the sudden changes in temps, very hot then cold. Throw in the wind and there you have it.

Loving your Brugs ! and the Oleander too.


West of Brisbane, Australia

Yeah, I was puzzled by your choice of photo, Chrissy :-) Anyway, here's a pic of that aurea (probably Golden Butter) seedling when it first opened, paler in colour but with longer tendrils before they curled back.

Quote from mavrice :
Hi All

Another plant has flowered for the first time this week. It is one of those smaller one from the the AuraXClementine. The others have been slightly nodding to almost hanging. This is distincly nodding. Have pollinated back to the pod mate with the double skirt - 2012G.


As I posted in the old thread:
Fascinating, Maurice, that you not only have bred a double-yellow but that so many of your aurea seedlings seem to be dwarfs.
So many of our seedlings seems to be giants! You're onto a good trait there, a small plant that takes up less space and whose flowers can be readily reached. I wonder where that dwarf trait came from? Anyway, it's a valuable characteristic.

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Korumburra, Australia

I.ll load the pics again as some would have missed them

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Sydney, Australia

Late ... great pics !
Exhausted, early night for me.
Potted and potted till I dropped ^_^ too hot.
Talk tomorrow !


Sydney, Australia

Morning everyone !

Heavy fog, so humid ...predicted storms so, I took these (not very good pics of a big load of buds on Melissa Amy, just in case they are smashed ) flush after flush on her and more buds with each flush.
Pictures are dark because of the fog. Hopefully the storm will spare her. 1)and 2).
Poor little D PnG ...the munchers got her, (grasshoppers everywhere). Look closely to see a friendly Ladybird not the dreaded 28 spotted one. 3) She lost some buds in the high wind but still has a few more, I can see she will be a heavy bearer in the future.Pretty little Fairy Brug she is .

Have a great day (if you can) ! ^_^

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Merino, Australia

Not a lot going on here at the moment. The heat stopped all the brugs growing as they hid from the sun.
They are enjoying the cooler weather now for a day or two.

Mango Cornet is starting to open his flowers. He would look a lot nicer if the magpies didnt sit in the gum tree above him..
I have white splashed plants everywhere. Doesnt seem to bother the plants , they just dont look nice.
I love the birds around though, so just grin & bear.

Lots of kindy kids to pot up and babies still sprouting.
I have been trying to make some space where I can put more brugs in the ground, but the only place is out in the iris area which cops all the weather.
I do have brugs out there , but they are still small enough to not be damaged in the wind.
I am hoping the frost doesnt come in and burn them later.

Its never ending story of fitting them all around , but I love them so dont really mind .


Sydney, Australia

We were almost blown away when the wind came in ...a huge drop in temperature.
Hope everyone's gardens are ok, we have trees down around the area. (Again).

It was so hot today and then BANG ...cold gale.
At least we will sleep better tonight, hopefully not too much damage out there.
Enjoy your evening everyone ^_^


*。*./ .˛* .˛.*.★* *★ 。*
˛. (´• ̮•)*˛°*/.♫.♫*˛.* ˛_Π_____. * ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
*(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .
¯˜"*°••°*"˜¯`´¯˜"*°••°*"˜¯` ´¯˜"*°´¯˜"*°••°*"˜¯`´¯˜"*°

Sydney, Australia

Good morning ...Melissa Amy survived ! a little pale due to the Camera flash. 1) 2) 3)
Cool grey and wet so far this morning (relief) ^_^

A bit of damage due to the wind but it's mostly ok.

Shaun your baby has shucked off it's cork hat ...what a sturdy stem ! COOL ! :-) 4 ) 5)
If we are lucky jean may have her Mango Cornet blooms to look at later.

I hope everyone is going to have a happy and productive day !


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Sydney, Australia

Popped in to say thankyou for the seeds Jean (soaking)

The Senorita Rosada x GHA look fab.

The SR x FFA ...were a little deflated but hopefully will be good ...sometimes if they are very deflated they haven't enough energy to grow (fingers crossed they will be ok).

The BB x noid were empty and crumbled (may have been eaten or aborted) So sorry.
I am really looking forward to growing these out ^_^

Thanks again

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Hi there Guys i have been so bizzy and yesterday i went to Maurice's place @ Korumburra where he has many plants and also a friends garden where he grows them, i was flabigastered with how many plants he has there were about 80-100 at his own home in both front and back yards the plants he is pollinating he moves in to the shed where he believes they are protected. there is a skylight there i also think its a great idea for this purpose.
he also has in the works a shade house the whole width of his yard which is still in the process of being built.

I was there for about 5-6 hours talking and helping him out with a few things,
he mentioned that he has over 100 sanguinea all but probably 5-6 have CDV so i mentioned to him that he should keep those few if he wants the sanguinea's to work with he will only be keeping 1:::::::: which to my eye was Virus free and looked so fresh and lush compaired to all the other plants. I did not get a photo of this

he had many plants there were a few that were so distinct i did take pics of like
Brilliant Orange x.Red Hot Pink (2012z) which is a Yellow flower which was not in bloom at this time
all 3 pics are of this cross look at the shape of the leaves and how pubescent they are i really love the leaves of this one

i still have more to come but am heading to dinner BRB

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

This is a cross involving Clementine x.aurea it looks like a mutant
Maurice said that he has kept these as they have been growing this way since being germinated there are 3 seedlings all with very similar traits
1: left of the 3
2: centre
3: right of centre

another beautiful and interesting plants which also have not bloomed at this time

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

this is one that Jean wants it is Frosty Pink x.aurea a very well structured bloom i could not tell the fragrance as it was the middle of the day and the sun was shining
Pic :1

Brilliant Orange x.aurea pic 2,3,4

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

This is one that i really liked and saw from a distance the color is like that of Savoy Cabbage a blue/green color very fascinating indeed
Sacred Sunset x. S1 pic 1,2

and a lime /golden foliage cross
DPG x.S1 pic 3,4

i did take a number of plants and cuttings up to Maurice's place and he was very impressed with them.
at this time all of the above crosses are on my wish list i hope that im first in line for these varieties and the double yellow when he dose cuttings and thay have bloomed for him

Thank you for the day and the tour and talk about the Brugs

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Very interesting, Shaun, it sounds as though you and Maurice had a mutually informative afternoon.....
What was the S1 that DPG and Sacred Sunset were crossed with?

I've had the odd plant that puts out those skinny leaves, but they always grew normally after a while....I had assumed that it was insect damage because it was always the top growth, odd that the three Clementine x aurea seedlings would do the same thing and stay like it...
Thanks for the pics....

Sydney, Australia

A great Variety of leaves ...they can change as they mature, one of the fascinating things about these plants is the different leaves.

The blue green leaves remind me of Sugar Pink in colour, and they grow huge ! Very velvety.

It looks like you and Maurice have had a lot of fun ...surely whatever plant can influence us as much as these.
Indeed a productive day for you two.
Funny how we all end up suffering the Brug Nut Obsession Disorder ^_^ there must be magic fairy dust in their blooms.

brrrrrr it's cold !

G'night all odd to be looking forward to a nice warm bed in Dec ???? what's up with that !


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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

S1 = frosty pink x.aurea

Korumburra, Australia


Like the dwarfs from the same pod they have been in the ground since December 2010. They are only growing slowly. Your little beauties are doing fine. Do not take any notice of Shaun, you will get a cuting if you visit.



Sydney, Australia

Good morning everyone, it is still cold and still damp.

I don't go visiting gardens Maurice ^_^ ...I am a homebody, unless there is some family thing or emergency. Besides too much to keep me busy here 24/7.
Love looking via pictures though.

Look at this sweet baby this morning, so very cute ! battered but beautiful ...Dwark Pink n Green glistening in the drizzle.
it's pink today ^_^

My darling Melissa Amy surviving beautifully
Enjoy your day everyone !


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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Chrissy, lovely to see your 'Melissa Amy', doing so well.

Your generosity in posting off generous sized plant material and information on your cvs is greatly appreciated.
Always P&D free material.
Always more than one lousy cutting!
Plants woman extraordinaire, Mrs. T! :)

Sydney, Australia

I just had to share this much fun !

Wayne I love to share the joy ...been doing it a long time now !
I can't write any book but hopefully people have benefited from the sharing ^_^

Here it is ...what great fun !
Santa Gangnam style Lol.

Enjoy the evening everyone ! pssst edited for spelling lol :-)


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Sydney, Australia

How does that song go ???
I'm still standing yeh yeh yeh,
yes she is still standing ...and I love her ❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥¸.•*¨`*•.♫❤♫

Have a lovely day everyone !

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Korumburra, Australia

High Chrissy

What a beauty, is that TT?

The cutings are looking good. The ones with a few leaves still has them and more seen to be forming. Had a lively day with Shaun.


Sydney, Australia

This is T T


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Korumburra, Australia

thanks Chrissy


Sydney, Australia

Loving the Calender !
Your picture came up beautifully Dianne, Congratulations.

Best Calender ever ! Merry Christmas and Cheers to all involved !

Beautiful Job !


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks Chrissy....looking forward to it...
It certainly was an amazing journey.
Shaun, how is your fasciation going?
Mine grew at an incredible rate.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

The Callander I
Look great and I was thinking of getting one but I don't use them, while I have an iPod, iPhone & now iPad all with Callander and appointment area there

But I should get one to support BGI, I will always be a member here not like some others sites where you leave a comment and it takes a newbie to answer it befor any one else sees it 9 months later an I find them more self indulgent then BGI and the family I have found here also

Dianne the Fasciation is growing very slow and when it moves quicker ill post a pic but for now almost frozen in time

Merino, Australia

Morning all. A bad day on the brug front here yesterday.
The sun and hot wind has burnt many of the brugs. The leaves are crispy toast.
Its surprising to see some right next to the burnt ones, with no damage at all.
Even most of the small seedling brugs are looking really great . I am going to definitely remove those Bergfeuer x aurea plants. They just completely shrivel in the sun.
Its no good me babying plants that are never going to be any good.
I am surprised at how weak they are considering they have aurea in them.
They do well in the cool weather but thats no good here. Every year they are ruined before they even Y .

Clementine has favored me with a few flowers. Still looking very scrunched. I am going to move her to the far corner of the yard . She is in disgrace.
Bucks Fizz is another that does absolutely nothing here. It is a favorite for the mites and has only ever put out one flower in all the time I have had it.
Another to go in the "bad"corner.

Better get out and water a few pots.
Dianne, your pic is so pretty on the calendar.

Sydney, Australia

Sorry to hear about the damage Jean, Brugs don't like high heat (as specially if it is low humidity).
This crazy weather is stressing many plants out .

I have to go but I wanted to show you this video showing a ten Petal Points Brug (a double seedling).
Amazing stuff !!
I wonder what that cross was ?

Enjoy your day !


Sydney, Australia

OOPS ...I forgot to say,
Shaun I don't need a Calender either, I purchased this Calender because of the beautiful Brug pics, which are are of such quality that they will make stunning framed pictures.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Poor Clementine, so beautiful and yet so fickle.....into Jean's naughty corner for you.

This is something that I keep forgetting to ask, Buck's Fizz' perfume......unusual, not the Brug talc powder, but something bitey...I can almost taste it.....initially it's lightly sweet then the bitey overwhelms you...a sort of citrus, but to me not pleasant...
I wouldn't like a lot of them in one place.....
Any comments/opinions?

My calendar is here, so quick too.

Interesting clip, Chrissy.. I don't think that her's is the first though.
Here's her other clip...


NW Sydney NSW, Australia

The calender looks fab!

A new brug opened yesterday, 121212.
'Musketeer x 'Fernando' - seed from Allan Little.
Grown by me here at "Flora".
Curious in that it has up to ten tips on each bloom.
Second day today, some hint of blush in first bloom.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Sydney, Australia

OMG ! love it Wayne ...can't wait until mine grow up !
Congratulations you two !
2012 the year of the Multi Tips ...loving it !


Brisbane, Australia

Great seedling bloom Wayne. Have you feed it anything special to produce the multi petal tips? Fernando appears to produce good progeny so far! Hope it continues.


Sydney, Australia

Dianne I was so excited by Wayne's Pics that I forgot to say that I love Clementine's piercing, tingling nose twitching fragrance.
Like an expensive aftershave to my nose.
Scent is perceived differently by individuals. I do think Clementine's Winter fragrance is more delicious than the Summer scent.
Perhaps because our noses are looking for a stronger scent in Winter, you know, like some perfumes are better worn in Winter than Summer.


Sydney, Australia

Yes Allan it seems to be a great cross ! ^_^
You must be thrilled !


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Wayne this is a super stunning bloom and hope that it carries the trait to the next flush and if so that will be a great trait o carry on in new generations of seedlings
A congratulations is in order for both Wayne & Allen

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Merino, Australia

Very beautiful Wayne, I love it.
Certainly a lucky day for the two of you.

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