Aussie brugmansias in December 2012

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Thanks all, and congratulations to you Allan. Yes Jean, a lucky day, 121212! :)
I am hoping that the slight pink blush in the first bloom colours up - shall soon find out... Just past 5;30

Sydney, Australia

It may not darken in the heat Wayne, you may have to wait until Autumn for the real colour, I like it just the way it is !

I must rush off to work so hi and bye to all our lovely Brug Nuts !
Big heat coming so stay cool !


NW Sydney NSW, Australia

We will wait and see.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

On Thursday the weather was up in the mid 30's by 3pm the temp dropped and the rains came the rain has been here ever since
It's been nice in the garden with the rain trinkeling down on all of the plants and flowers, I have many plants with buds on but am vey excited about Pink Knight it has Y and has a few buds on it
I would love to thank Alistair again for the beautiful soft double pink

Jean I still have the Bergfeuer x.aurea and have placed it in the back outside yard for it todo as it pleases I will not cut it back and let it do what it needs to to beta bloom on it


Sydney, Australia

Looking forward to seeing your Pink Knight bloom Shaun, how exciting.
Haven't had time to do anything in the garden today was quite warm and muggy.
I watered very early ...Melissa Amy was still doing her thing, Heart of Gold is in bloom, Buck's Fizz, and the plain Shoot that I grew from Maya has a bloom on it, looks just the same as Maya and Axelrose of course, but it is over 6ft tall now. Fifi is starting up, Love Potion no Nine is full of buds just opening ...many buds coming on lots of plants, hopefully the heat won't get them.
A very very exciting but busy time of the year for all of us.


Sydney, Australia

Too sad to chat today ...awful tragedy over the pond,
we can't discuss current news, I am sure you all know about it.
Our thoughts and prayers to those poor people over there.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Wayne and Allan...congratulations...that is something very special if it keeps all of those petal tips......
It would be pretty if it turned pink, but it's quite lovely as it is....

Wayne are there many other buds on the bush? from the pics it seems to have quite a flush going for a first time flowering......

The hot days were too much for my A.swingtime x A.exotic buds they fell off,,,at least I know that they were doubles, so that's something to look forward too.

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Sorry to hear of your bud drop Dianne - we look forward to these new ones so much.

Thanks for your kind comment. Quite a large first flush for a pot grown plant. There is a follow on flush there.
No sign of "blushing" up - my wishful imagination! :)


Sydney, Australia

Good morning all,
yes sorry to hear about the bud drop Dianne, same here we hit 42C here yesterday ...lots of crispy bits out there, leaf burn etc, it is quite cool here this morning but muggy of course.

I love your double just as it is Wayne, it may change in another season of course.

Well here is Bengal Tiger who somehow laps up the heat, the wind has knocked him around a bit but you can see the subtle orange sherbet colour creeping into the bloom. A very interesting and different kind of bloom,quite large. 1) 2)

Love Potion no 9 had a huge flush, sadly mostly cooked, it is usually very long lasting but the day was a killer. 3) what a shame. I love it.

This is a no name seedling, way up in the sky blowing around. 4) a bit cooked but still sporting some blooms in tact.

I think today will be kinder so lots to do.
Enjoy your day everyone !


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

good morning Every one.
chrissy tho there has been a lot of heat and high temps your babies still seem to put on a great show i like the pastel colors on BT.

Dianne now the weather is a bit cooler the buds left on the plants will move quickly to give you a show, sorry about the bud fall in the last few days the weather here in east of Melbourne was the same as Geelong.

I have plants with budds & 'Y' all over the place now waiting game for the blooms hope we dont get that dreaded 40oC days again they almost killed me ""hahahah"" i have snowcone, Iced Lemon, Pink Knight, Red Hot Pink,aurea's DRC, Angel Flight, a few Colchester road plants all ready to show off in the next week or 2 i really hope by Christmas that will be an amazing look in my Back yard and may get me in the mood for that dan day which i don't really like.

just a little story, gil went to help his Nephew (Tony) to move a fridge to his niece place and while there noticed a Brugmansia in the back yard and asked a few questions as Gil thought it was probably a plant that was there before he moved in,
NO he is also very interested in the Angel Trumpets and has a small collection of them, the one that gil noticed was 'Knightii' which he calls double white thats ok for those not in the Know. so gil told his Tony to go talk to Shaun as he is a collector and breeder, As he is a molecular biologist which can make me look like a right twit if he applies his knowledge to this field, so ill be interested in knkowing what he has and what he is planing to do also

just an interesting gaff

Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks for the encouragement re my A.swingtime x A. exotic buds....there are a few coming so we might see one before Autumn...

Shaun, the Christmas forecast is horrible, hot, hot, hot...
So anything new with buds on, I have tucked under the verandah....unfortunately some are just too we'll have to wait...
Everyone seems to be in the same boat with the upside down weather this year...Roll on Autumn.

Gil's nephew Tony may become one of us, Shaun....

I have to show you my 2 verge bargains..there they were, just sitting on the nature strip waiting for me to pick them up....
I love old wooden chairs around the garden for the pots, normally I would paint them, but these I will leave as is, because they are under cover.


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Korumburra, Australia

In 2009 I tried some pollination of Aurea & Frosty Pink, and there has been some discussion on the thread in relation to that. In that year I bought a few others and one of them was Clementine. One successful pollination was Aurea (pollen) & Clementine (Pod). Though there was only one pod, there was a range of outcomes in terms of plants. Some of those have already been on the thread, but I am here, attempting a comprehensive description of the outcomes. Both parents were yellow and all blossoms were yellow. I would be interested in any comments.

1. The first plant to flower is pic 1. When it opened it was a nodding dropped skirt yellow with no lips and very little whiskers. The plant was about 1.8 metres high. (see fig 1),There were three of this formation pics attached

Thumbnail by mavrice Thumbnail by mavrice Thumbnail by mavrice
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Good to see your 'Clementine' crosses Maurice. Do any of them have a scent? 'Clementine' has a great fragrance.

Cestrum, here is an early Christmas present for you!
This is the second seedling to bloom here of your 'Knightii' x 'Old Apricot' cross.
This bloom is much larger than the first and has a slightly sweet fragrance. The foliage is very healthy and small in size with the felty texture of 'Knightii'.

Plant number 1 is also out, second flush, so easy to compare. Number 2 is by far a better bloom. These pics are all of no.2

Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Sydney, Australia

How lovely to see doubles arriving out of Knightii,
Congratulations cestrum and Wayne ...the pics remind me of Hawaiian Double to look at.
Thankyou Wayne for letting us view these seedling results, maybe breed back to OA to grab some more colour.
Though I must say I really enjoy the double whites (personal taste).

Maurice the results for the Clementine crosses are interesting too they look like Clementine quite a bit, perhaps more petal tip length, I hope they retain the perfume too.

Gosh Shaun how do you manage to stumble into so many more Brug gardens ^_^ I am sure there will be many more interesting adventures for you to report back on. All your seeds Aurea (form ) x Culebra are up ! how cool is that ?

Dianne nice score !, unfortunately the big heat is on it's way for Christmas, but remember Autumn is just over 2 months away, that isn't long the way time is rushing past, so never mind. Fingers crossed for more blooms before then but sometimes in this heat the blooms are stressed and do not give a true picture. Frustrating though, I know.

Must rush ...have a lovely day everyone !


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Maurice the 'Clementine' x.aurea is cute i can not mention anything about it as i don't have 'Clementine' in bloom or seen it in True but if it's constant with the doubles and don't have the deformity that 'Clementine' often has it could be an improvement.

Wayne & Cestrum these 'Knighhtii' x.'Old Apricot' are real stunner and a big improvement to that of 'Knightii' Congrats to both and as chrissy said looks a bit like that of HD

Chrissy its great to see the seedlings up i have 9/15 up and already in 3" pots so they will be heading out side next week to see there cousins in the seedling trays.
there are alot of Brug nuts out there i have found one in Geelong also a newbie but not sure of his agenda, i have sold this week 12 plants via EBay so a bizy week here sending them out.

I have had nothing but scattered blooms all till now and as Dianne mentioned there is a long hot week coming so i could loose all those buds im waiting on but i hope mother nature holds of a little longer

Have a great day all and be safe

Merino, Australia

Nothing much going on here .
Mango Cornet is blooming and BB is putting out more buds, but half the leaves have fallen off all the big brugs.
All down to stress from the weird weather and the mit attacks.

The smaller seedlings are growing well after the rain . I moved all the coldies to the shade under the ash tree so they are looking much better. Plenty of Ys on the sangs but not a bud in sight. Maybe later in the autumn. .

I am going to put a few more brugs out in the vegie garden. The ones already there are coping well with the weather. winter cold will get them but they are going to lose leaves anyway where ever they are in winter.

I am hoping for buds on my lovely Senorita again. Clementine is.... well, just being Clementine... mutant flowers but gorgeous perfume.

I have lots of new seeds up, but many not sprouting at all.
Oh well , less to look after..
Going out to enjoy the sun.

Sydney, Australia

I took a few quick pics because the awful heat is coming back, nothing special but at least some are out and defying the weather.

Here they are battered, a little frizzled but I love my beautiful Brugs ! (sorry quality is not the best-weird light). High flash levels.

Good luck with your buds Jean - I have seeds popping up now that I planted months ago and gave up on.So don't give up.

Congratulations on your Ebay sales Shaun.

Better hurry up before the Big heat, I have watered early but need to do some potting on so bye for now, and like Shaun said be safe.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Here is my Dorthea x Sam seedling, I think it's one that you gave me Allan...I will double check later...
It was burnt on the hot day last week and it lost it's petal tips on one side but the other side is growing well...
The 4th pic is of one of it's buds, it must have seen the fasciated one going around, so it's decided to do the same...

Look at the lovely fat, fingers on Buck's Fizz, it will be a massive flush, it's like this all over.
they will probably be fried too.


Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Good luck with that one Dianne, it reminds me of how Melissa Amy starts, nose up in the air just like that.
Looking forward to seeing how it looks when it is happy.

Yes The Bucks Fizz is so a great Brug isn't it ?
Gotta rush ...back later.

Have a great day everyone (ugh the heat whew !)


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy, Bengal Tiger looks really great dose it have loads of blooms?

Dainne, that is an interesting trait that Dorthea x.sam carries but just like all brugs its going to relax, Buck's Fizz looks fully loaded and ready to show off in the next few days
Good luck with that

with that said im off to get another trailer load of potting mix

Sydney, Australia

Bengal Tiger had a lot of buds, some dropped in the 42C winds ...the previous flush was very good.
It is a plant I only shared with Mya because it has strange leaves, almost like rubber.
I have had it quite a few years now, sent to me by Alistair back in 2007. It came from up North I suppose, since I see it on that site.
Nothing much happening out there ...the air is very heavy right now, I think a storm is coming.
Found this starting up, a pale smokey lavender color.
I need to hack it back like Jean says as it is about 9ft tall.


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Clifton Springs, Australia

That Iochroma is lovely Chrissy, such a delicate shade....

I expected some pink to show up on my D x S seedling, but it's still yellow and too tall to sniff...

Sydney, Australia

Yes I love it came from Jean as a tiny seedling , so nice to see them coming into favour.

Well it will be (already is) a stinker today weather wise.
Had a quick wonder around early this morning, hard to find happy Angels right now, most don't like this heat.
These said hello ^_^

Have a lovely day !
How many sleeps ?


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Oops two I forgot !
these two really compliment each other (thanks cestrum ) pic one.
T T does not seem to worry too much about heat, though she lost some buds in the 42C wind the other day.

stay cool !


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Brisbane, Australia

Dianne.. I am looking forward to more photos of your D X S. Sam is reputed to carry good genes so hope this proves correct for you.
Jean, I hope you are able to get rid of the dreaded broadmites. I have been using a new spray for mites with very good success. It is an Amgrow product called "Insect and Mite systemic insecticide" The active ingredient is 100g/L Dimethoate.
How many sleeps Chrissy?? (1) to the start of the end of the world as we know it(Maya calendar) OR (5) sleeps to Christmas!!


Sydney, Australia

Ha ha ha I forgot about that ...I wonder if Australia goes first !

_// _

Oh Well, no I want to see how our babies turn out.
I meant Christmas ^_^

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Hi to all our lovely Brug nuts out there, too busy to even look for a flower today.
I hope everyone is starting to get a little winding down and ready for the Christmas Break.

Happy Brugging !
and Happy Christmas !

°_██_*˚°。°/ ♥ *˚°。°*。°*★*˚°。°*。°*★*˚°。°*。°*★
. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫*˛.*˛_Π_____*˚°。*。°*❤*˚°。°*。°*★
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •.˛*./______/~\*˚°。°*。°*°*❤ ˚°*★
*(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田❤|門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚°。°*。°*


Cairns, Australia

Happy Christmas to all.

be happy, have safe fun, Happy growing, to hot here for anything, the sun is burny.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Its Sunday night after a very hot day about 37oC all the plants seem to have come throw ok from the last 2 days
I'm finding that Iced Lemon is coming throw very well and not loosing buds even tho its in a pot in front of a glass window, should have a pic soon of this one,

Currant pics
1,2 Frosty Pink
3 Datura 'La Fleur Lilac'
4,5 Aztec Gold

I hope that every one survived the heat and the Brugs also

Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan Thumbnail by SolMan
Sydney, Australia

Christmas Eve ...Have a good one everybody, had to share this because it looks so cool and peaceful,


Korumburra, Australia

Hi All Merry Christmas, its been great to meet you all. Have 7 pods set, out of about 30 attempts. Chrissy, I have Bengal Tiger, which flowered last year with two rounds, will send pics later from the old computer. It seemed to need plenty of heat, so I crossed with aurea and planted out ten plants, that seem to b e forking. Will keep all posted. Am asking for suggestions for naming S1. Is there a procedure to follow? It is frosty Pink pod and aurea pollen. I have about 50 seedlings where it has been crossed to pink and yellow.

Cheers again


Thumbnail by mavrice Thumbnail by mavrice
Merino, Australia

A very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of brugs for everyone.. ...

Maurice , your blooms are so lovely.
With names...
I would only name something that seems worthy of keeping with lots of good traits.
Pick your best and have a good look at them.
I find that names will sometimes come to you while you are looking at the special ones.
Maybe a color or shape may suggest a name.
Your S1 flower looks like an iced lemon ...
Check on BGI etc before you name anything in case the name is already out there.
I only name my best plants and its usually so I know which plant I am talking about .

Korumburra, Australia

Hi Chrissy

I included the bengal tiger in the previous post. It is the one on the left. They eventually went yellow, but did not seem to have much structure. A bit like a wet hankie.

I assumed that it preferred a warmer climate so that was what prompted me to toughen it up with aurea.

I cant see too well on the computer for the time being,



Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Maurice, thanks for the pics there great and full of blooms
I would also suggest that if naming a plant it should carry traits that are superior to that of ant other plant you have or seen
The best of the best are what should be registered because if every pant was registered there would be no names left.
Your doing very well with the plants which you have and sure will have many plants to name in the future.
I also would look at both BGI & IBrug to see if a name has been issued of what you may want to call it but it can be a very personal name ie: Fire Fighter Angel via Chrissy in reference to the bush fires that occurred around the day the plant bloomed and in Horner


Sydney, Australia

15 minutes to Christmas ...more Brug chat after Christmas,
have a wonderful break everyone and Merry Christmas ^_^
Have a Beaut time.


Thumbnail by chrissy100
Merino, Australia

Hello all. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Christmas holiday.

We had our Christmas lunch in Portland Gardens yesterday. We had the gardens to ourselves and I enjoyed looking around at all the plants.
I took pics of the few brugs there.
Sadly the old sanguinea is no more.

The original old double white ( planted back in the late 1800s ) is looking much healthier than last time I saw it.
I had a good look at it and it is definitely a knightii.
The other three are all similar but no flowers were out so I couldnt see if they were knightiis too.
I was told last time I was there that one is a different color. One of these days , I will be there at the right time to see the flowers open.
By the look and feel of the leaves, I would say they are all knightii.

I did catch a small piece of each as they "fell off ", so will see how they do here.

pic 1 is the base of the old tree. It is about 3 foot wide and 2 foot across. Very , very thick and has been cut back many times.

pic 2 is the rest of the tree, looking very healthy.

Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, you can almost feel the velvet on the leaves in your pic, isn't it wonderful how Knightii is so unique..
Please post that stump pic on BGI, I'm sure that the members there would find it fascinating. I do.
Not many people would have seen such an old timer...

Sydney, Australia

Wow just look at the trunk of that Knightii ...what a sight, I agree with Dianne.

Glad you had a lovely day Jean ...I hope everyone did.
It's wet outside, we have had such nice cool wet days yesterday and today ...what a great Christmas present. ^_^

I hope you are all resting up and getting ready to welcome 2013, to be honest I am a bit nervous because it has a 13 in it.
It adds up to 5 altogether so it should be ok.
Fingers crossed anyway for a great New Year ahead.

Meanwhile Happy Boxing Day.


Sydney, Australia

Coolish and dampish this morning ...Sun trying to peek out of the greyness, heat coming (they reckon anyway) so off back outside before either the heat or the rain pushes me back inside.

Enjoy your day everyone ^_^


Sydney, Australia

So muggy but not too hot ...been re potting more babies this morning, Shaun your Aurea form x Culebra are big strong kids, will repot pot them over the next couple of days. All the babies are doing very well. Once I repot I will post pics.

I don't expect any real flushes for at least another month, after the big heat the other day most of the blooms were cooked, it may even be Autumn but as I said before, that is only two months away.

Dianne has posted some lovely flushes on BGI, the weather must be good there now, thank goodness it's good somewhere.
This was the first Christmas ever to have closed doors because it was cold. WOW. Not that I mind but the poor plants suffer such extremes.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, it's the last weekend of 2012 ! so kiss it goodbye ! with a bang ^_^


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