Aussie brugmansias in December 2012

Clifton Springs, Australia

Sorry to say Chrissy, the weather is so inconsistant here......lots of buds on new seedlings, but 39c forecast for Friday, so disappointing...
The white double that I've been waiting on, is so battered that it has lost all of it's petal tips...still it should open before Friday...lots more buds of course, but it's the waiting......
I've repotted a few babies this morning and had the task of culling a lot of them, not the OS ones but all of my crosses.
All the GHA, Ivoire, Angioletto and RFP crosses have been so vigorous and uniform in their growth that I had no choice, I just can't keep so many....I just had to take out every second one, I still have a lot so possibly another cull later one will be necessary..unfortunately...

GHA hasn't flowered yet and OA has only had a couple.....but PP, Buck's Fizz, Bruce's Pink, Clementine, Maya, RFP, Tantra and Knightii are flowering well.
Ivoire is just starting to flush again.....but the flowers are still smaller than last year.....

Shaun how are you coping with all the seedlings that you grew?

Merino, Australia

Dianne, what are you doing to GHA ? He should have flowered by now. Did you insult him in any way. He does like being talked to as you garden around him.

I just moved all the primary kids to the shadehouse to make more room for the kindy kids .

My GHA has stopped sulking and is a mass of buds.
He just didnt like all the creepy spider mites on him.
Its funny how they never touched any of the aureas for a few years then suddenly jumped on them. Even the red Iochroma . It was so bad I cut it right back. The purple Iochroma is so lush and not a mite in site on it.

No sign of any buds on anything else. I am sure it is the mites. The plants just dont like spidery things on them. I dont blame them, nor do I.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne all the seedlings are almost planted in to 10-12" pots now and there is only a few trays left the place I have placed the recent ones have about 5 hours of sunlight per day but are not in shade other then the sun moving over the house on the west side
All the EU & US seedlings are done now its mine that need to be potted up.

I have many plants with buds and many others with mites I have been hitting them all with different mixes soapy water, neem oil, chemical sprays, and just molasses so its working in my mind any ways so if it keeps up ill have to cut many plants back and go with out blooms this year.
I was told that we in Melbourne will have a week of over 30oC and that's not so good for the plants or the babies,
I have plenty of seed to sow but I just don't have room for them at this point of time

WHAT TO DO.?????

Sydney, Australia

Morning everyone ...the drizzle has driven me in from the garden, isn't it always the way ?, when you have a bit of time the weather may not want what you want.

I don't seem to get those mite things here, so I don't know what to tell you except that some growers from over the pond strip the leaves off so the mites give up and go away. BUT I would be a bit scared of doing that because the I think on the hottest day the trunks or at least the thinner growth may cook in our intense heat. Best ask the experts.Or look it up in the Brug Bible.
I think most of us are in a similar situation re seeds and seedlings Shaun ...who would have dreamed such a thing 4/5 years ago huh ? ^_^

Our big heat is coming too, expecting over 42 C next week OUCH ! from cool drizzle to that, no wonder the plants are not happy.
That last 42C did quite a bit of leaf burn and cooked buds and blooms. Most of mine are without shelter. The Hot wind is the most awful thing of course followed by the cold one that follows it.
What can you do but ride it out.

Well I hope we can all find some kinder weather pretty quickly because time is racing away.
Better go be domestic ...more friends popping in for afternoon tea.

Enjoy your Sunday


Merino, Australia

Chrissy, I am finding that the mite affected leaves go yellow and fall off by themselves.
It does leave some brugs looking a bit bald, but if its what they do , one cant stop them .
I notice that lots of new growth quickly follows anyway.
GHA is now covered in buds all along the branches at every possible node with leaves starting.
Isnt it wonderful how a plant just knows what to do and when. No way he was going to set any buds while the mites were so active. My spraying is keeping them down or totally gone on most.
Now all I need is something else to flower so I can get pollen for pollinating some of his flowers.


Sydney, Australia

We are about to say goodbye to 2012,
all the best Brug Nuts, may 2013 bring hundreds of delicious new Brug babies and lots of Happiness and Good Health to everyone, everywhere.

Cheers !



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Clifton Springs, Australia

Ditto to all that Chrissy said.......
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.......


Merino, Australia


I hope you all enjoy your celebrations for the new Year. Stay safe and drive carefully if going out.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Happy New Year
Hope to see all over the other side of 2012 in 2013
keep well get drunk and Party
dont drink and drive but have fun


Cairns, Australia

Happy New Year to all have fun.

Sydney, Australia

At an expected 40C today ...I am staying inside under a fan in the bedroom. I love tropical things but not the Tropical Heat.
I hope everyone had a great night ...

I will pop in when the weather is more civil (me too-unhappy in high temps).

Wearily watching bumps appearing in the cups I planted coldies in ...I can't see how they may really be germinating in this heat (I do have them in shade) ... must be nuts- LOL even to try ...guess we don't call ourselves brug nuts for nothing.

Have a great one everyone !
Welcome to 2013- fasten your seat belts !


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Sydney, Australia

So we waved goodbye to 2012 comes 2013 !

Walk this way (or crawl if you are tuckered out from all the partying and heat ^_^ )


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