Please help my wood stove goes out with the doors shut

sevenoaks, United Kingdom

I could really do with some sound advise here. I have a Vermont Castings Intrepid I and the bloody thing always dies with the doors shut and the vent at the back open. Admittedly i have installed it myself but the chimney has been swept it does not need lining and it was tested to make sure it draws sufficiently, which it does. I thought i would have solved the problem as there was no registration plate but i have just gone to great lengths and fitted one sealing off the chimney. Only this evening i eagerly lit my first fire of the Winter fizzing with anticipation only to be have my hopes dashed as when i shut the door, instead of the fire roaring merrily it started to slowly die. Could it be something to do with the vent being at the back of the stove. I know it's clear as i've had the hoover up there and cleaned it. I'm really stressed over this as i'm a tree surgeon and have a limitless amount of wood at my disposal and this stove just aint cutting the mustard. It barely heats the front room when it should be heating the whole of the downstairs. Any advise would be greatly apprecieted

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

If the fire is dying when you close the doors it means that you aren't getting enough air in through the air inlet. The manual for the Vermont castings Intrepid II shows a draft control operated by a thermostat. It sounds like something is misadjusted there.

Fayetteville, AR

I had this same problem with a different brand woodstove on our new house. Turned out the stack was not above the roof line. Sometimes the smoke would reverse and fill the house with smoke. I added two lengths of stack and it worked fine then.
If that is not the issue try this. Newspaper waded up with some kindling on top and one stick of wood. Light the paper and almost close the door leaving an inch opening for air to draw in. Once the fire heats the stack some it should start drawing good and you can shut the door. If it goes out then the opening where you are drawing air is blocked or maybe you think it is open but it is actually in the closed position. Maybe try closing the back vent and see if it takes off.
I am no expert but just someone hoping to help some.

Manassas, VA

insightful ans.

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