SOLVED: Low shrub near SFO Zoo gate

Delhi, India

This low shrub forming a large patch growing near gate of SFO Zoo.

Thumbnail by singhg45 Thumbnail by singhg45
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I agree. One of the Helichrysum petiolare cultivars:

Delhi, India

Thanks vngarden and growin.
You two form a really good team.

Seattle, WA

Remember this Mr. Singhg, "...everything we know is just a drop of water, everything we don't know is like an ocean". I'm here to learn!

I pretty much am illiterate in botany but I have on obsession with flower photography. When I am taking photos of the flowers, I want to ID them so I could group them by genera. That is why I am here to ask for help ID my plants.

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