Watering Perennials during Winter

Woodbridge, VA

Hello -
I'm new to caring for perennials during the winter and have a couple questions. I have two coneflowers and a hibiscus. All seem to have gone into their dormancy. Am I supposed to be watering these regularly throughout the winter? If so, how much, approx?

Also, at the end of this last summer 2012, I put in some tiny butterfly bush seedlings that were supposed to be perennials. 3 of the 4 looked like they were dug up and destroyed (probably by the possum I know visits from time to time). The largest of them held out a bit longer, then seemed to 'die' but probably went dormant. Should I be watering that plant, too, although it looks dead?

Thanks for any advice!

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

I've never watered a dormant plant (outside) in OH or AL.

Worcester, MA

Yeah, I'm assuming they're outside too - and in the ground.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I don't do any winter watering either

When planting tiny bareroots or seedlings I cut those large plastic pots from the nurseries and stick it down in the ground and surround the plant to protect it till it gets bigger and stronger

Woodbridge, VA

Yes, they are outside in the ground. Thanks everyone!

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