Looking for an old Thread, help please.

(Zone 5b)

I can't for the life of me find an old thread, or remember the name or it. It was written by a gentleman who grew fresh greens for his chickens in big water tanks filled with fish. My nephew has been doing this for quite a while now, he sells to organic stores. He offered to start a tank for me and grow greens for my chickens in the winter. I remember the gentleman gave very detailed information about why he chose the particular greens and how much he needed to grow for them.

If anyone remembers the thread I'd really appreciate being pointed in that direction. Thank you!!!


(Zone 6b)

Sorry AnnieBBB, I have no idea. It must have been before my time, because I don't recall seeing it. I read most of what goes on here, not all, but most.

Richmond, TX

I do remember the thread and have been trying to think who it was, but so far no luck.

Richmond, TX

It was Michaelp and I tried to link it but failed. You can get there by searching under posts originated by him.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Is he not here anymore?

(Zone 5b)

Thanks, I'll keep looking for the thread!

Has anyone ordered their chicks for spring yet? I ordered 14 golden comets for the first week in March. Wish I could get them sooner but we have two vacations planned. Too bad I can't get them now, I have two Broodies!!

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