Anybody using Whey Low Type D sugar substitute?

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

Whey Low Type D Granular is a sugar replacement / substitute.

It is a Low glycemic blend of fruit sugar and vegetable sugar, it doesn’t hit the bloodstream as fast as regular sugars do. It also has less calories and carbs than the regular sugars it replaces. Good for cooking and baking.

Payneville, KY(Zone 7a)

I used Whey Low when it first came out and loved it. You substitute cup for cup with it. I stopped buying it because you had to buy it online and I couldn't afford it. Not that it was terribly expensive, I just fell into a position where I couldn't.

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

Misty I know, it is a bit expensive. I use it for cooking and only for special occasion.

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