A sad day

Orange, CA

A neighbor is chopping down trees - so---bye bye birdies. I am stressed.

(Zone 5a)

You can be grateful it is not during breeding season. We live in the country. We had a neighbor cut down trees when several species of birds would have been nesting already. And his reason... to replace the fence line where the trees had grown up through. About 500 feet of trees were chopped and burned. This was a very sore spot with several other of our neighbors. Since that time the bluebirds have left. We believe it did bring the Cardinals to our yard for nesting.

Are there other trees in your neighborhood? Do you have trees yourself or shrubs for winter protection?

Orange, CA

Southern California, where we live, does not like trees----it likes profit!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange, CA

I meant cement--the same. Ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We used to be surrounded by Orange groves. Oranges are food-cement is disaster coming.

(Zone 5a)

Yes, that is terrible and I understand your frustrations. There is not much we can do to change other people, but have you thought about what you can do in your yard that might be able to offset the loss of those trees? Even just to help a few of the birds?

Last month, we drove back to Omaha, NE (where we used to live) and I was just devastated by all the additional development going on. I don't like golf courses for all the chemicals and mowing they "must" do for a perfect course, but at least they have trees and such to provide nesting areas. And overall golf courses are quiet. The golf course near our old home was sold. Buildings and concrete have replaced the grass and trees. Very ugly... but can I stop them? No, I am trying not to make my blood pressure rise over that and work on providing a habitat for the birds here. At this time, we are blessed with a few acres to do this with, but I know people with less area can do amazing things with plantings and such.

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