What is doing this to my Dracaena?

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

What in the world is making little cut marks in my Dracaena leaves? It is only happening in the center where new leaves emerge.

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Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

That's bizarre. I've never seen munch marks in a pattern like that. Have you looked down into the crown/tip to look for a critter? Probably. Did this happen inside or out? Good looking plant otherwise...

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

It was outdoors until a month or so ago & it didn't have those marks before I brought it inside. Even before I brought it inside, I treated it with Horticulture Oil - in fact all my plants were treated with it before being brought inside (including the soil). I did look inside the crown and didn't see any type of insect, but even so, I dripped a little Safer insect killer inside it just to be safe LOL I have 2 new leaves that came up, but they are only like 2 inches long and they don't have munch marks yet. I guess I will keep an eye on them and see if it happens to them, too, then go from there.

I haven't seen any kinds of marks like this before, either. Whatever critter did this, and I assume it was a critter, is pretty talented LOL

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

From the way the marks are in a similar place and similar shape on multiple leaves, it looks to me like some damage that was done before the leaves emerged--maybe there was something in there that took a little chunk out, or it was just a growth defect of some sort. Then as the leaves emerged, it ends up looking like something's been chewing on a bunch of them. I'd just keep an eye out and see if you notice more of it, and if you don't then it's probably nothing to worry about.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I also think it is mechanical damage when the leaves were in the bud or just starting to open. Perhaps a squirrel or something took a nip, then decided it was not to his taste.

Lady's Island, SC(Zone 8b)

I will definitely keep it eye on it for sure! I noticed another 2 leaves popping up, that makes 4 new ones, and no damage on them.

Thanks for replying, everyone! :)

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