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Wintering potted blueberry

Scituate, RI

I have potted blueberry plants that never made it into the ground this past summer. I brought them into the garage for the winter. Are they better off in the garage or should I leave them outside? Should they be watered & if so, how often? Thanks.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

You could just bury them in the ground, pot and all, up to the level of the rim, forget about them for the winter, and plant them out in spring. It may be a little problematic in the garage if temperatures are a bit warm and they come out of dormancy.

Newton, NC(Zone 8a)

To: altagardener---or anyone else reading my plea for help!!
I have been trying to grow blueberries for 4 yrs here now. I am a transplant from New England where I had rich dark soil & grew everything with luck, I am now here in NC the land seemingly of red clay. We have taken soil samples, tried to get the ph just right....but nothing but tiny little fruits that never grew fuller.
Later this week the EXT. co-op has my 3 new plants/bushes ready for pick-up & I could sure use the most foolproof advice possible as I would love to finally be able to simply go to my bkyd rather than store where i dont know who has sprayed, touched, or otherwise messed with the fruit .
Help please....??? Thank you very much ahead !!

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