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Yellow Flame Tree

kyrenia, Cyprus

I have recently aquired some Flame Tree seeds and want to start them off, but i'm not sure when is the best time, can anyone help? I live in Cyprus, which i 'think' is maybe zone 11...?

Thank you in advance.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Are you referring to Delonix regia? If so, I ran across this blurb

This tree is native to Madagascar and has been widely planted for the last 150 years or more as a garden and avenue tree in both dry and moist regions of tropical India as far as Jammu in the northwest. It is also one of the most extensively planted ornamental trees in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. In Sri Lanka, the tree is grown as an ornamental; it has been tried in Cyprus, but it could not stand the winter cold. Trials carried out in Ghana failed, but in addition to India, it has been grown successfully in Burma, Jamaica, Nigeria, Borneo, South Africa, Egypt, Tanzania and Uganda. It is also been planted in southern Florida including Florida Keys, southern California, Bermuda, Mexico, Brazil and throughout the West Indies

Propagation Info:

D. regia is easily propagated from seeds that have a hard, woody testa and take a long time to germinate. They may lie for 2-3 years in the soil without germinating and usually take 12-349 days to germinate. To break this dormancy, pretreatment is practised; a small portion of the seed coat is clipped, or seeds are boiled in hot water, then allowed to soak for 24 hours. After seeds are sown in unshaded nursery beds, they germinate within 5-10 days, with a germination rate of up to 90%; subsequent growth in the nursery is quite fast. Alternatively, the seeds can be directly sown in polythene bags, 4-5 seeds/bag. Seedlings watered and weeded regularly are planted out in the rainy season, with total time required in the nursery being 3-5 months. Keeping the plants for more than 9 months is not desirable, as they become too tall to handle, but seedlings can be transplanted even when 20-25 cm high. Trees can also be propagated from branch cuttings. Natural regeneration is common. Young plants are not fire resistant and should be protected from grazing.

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