Are Torenias a long blooming flowering plant?

Wailuku, HI(Zone 14)

I'm looking for a flowering plant like this (love the color, the yellow spot, and delicate look of the petals) but I couldn't find out how long this plant stays in bloom. I was thinking of giving it as a gift to a friend on Molokai Hawaii, but I wouldn't want to learn it only blooms for a couple of weeks out of every year. Her home is in a fairly dry part of the island with full sun, if that makes a difference to it's blooming life span.

If this isn't long blooming, any other ideas for a flowering plant similar to this in having mixed bright colored petals, staying in bloom at least two to three months of the year in a location like Hawaii, with temperatures always above 72 degrees year round?

Thanks for considering my questions.

Jean Tessmer Maui Hawaii

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi Jean. Here is a bit of info on Torenias for you. They do not tolerate afternoon sun but they are very heat tolerant and long blooming in morning sun and shade

These are all fairly good suggestions in this link... browse through a really colorful group of long blooming colorful plants. (if you can get past the beautiful Kauai picture....Grin),0

For more suggestions, just do a search for annuals or perennials that are long blooming in your zone 14.

Hope that helps.


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