A few salvia seedlings

Gautier, MS

Noticed inside gh a seedling that has variagated leaves on a coccinea.

Started from seed also is salvia blue chiquita

Also from seed what is supposed to be salvia van ramsey.

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Candor, NC

Helena, is that Salvia guaranitica Van Remsen form? If so, it originally comes from James Van Remsen's garden in St. Gabriel, LA.

Grow them out and save the plants. I've found that volunteers that make it are usually plants that do well for the climates they appear in. A lot of the hybrids from California don't do well in North Carolina, but my found hybrids seem to have a wider range of viable growth. Donna Dittman's mexicana hybrids do better in Louisiana than they do better for me in NC.

I found a seedling in a pot of S. miniata that was blooming next to a Wendy's Wish that I am curious about.

Gautier, MS

Rich, yes it is guaranitica Van Remsen's. I manage to collect a few seeds from the plants every year. I was hoping that the ones from seed would do better here.

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