CLOSED: Weird little bug I've never seen before...

Pompano Beach, FL

Hi everyone! Very nice to meet you all. I'm new, just trying to solve my little mystery here and this was the first insect forum that popped in the search. Chances are I'll be back again because I can't resist taking pics of bugs I've never seen. Now if I can just find that old

Anywho, I was over at a friends house and he was pulling stalks off of his ... smokable plant of questionable legality (only added as reference in case this bug is attracted to it normally) ... and this little critter came crawling out of one of the buds laying on the table. It was maybe 1 - 1.5 cm long. There was no discernible head or face that I could identify but it was moving towards the top left of this shot if that helps any. While it appears to be solid white; the small protuberances extending from it actually seemed milky and translucent. I tried to flip it over and get a count of its legs but the little bugger was very adept at folding backwards and righting itself afterwards. The quick look I got of them showed me they were very thin and short. I'm merely curious if anyone can identify it because I've never seen one of its like and neither had my friend.

Thanks a bunch in advance and have a great day.


Thumbnail by MajorPyro
Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Its a mealybug. See:

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