SOLVED: Could this be Centaurea jacea?

faicchio, Italy

This plant found growing at a quota of 1100 m. on a grass verge along a dirt track in the Italian Appenines. The flower has passed it's prime which may make identification rather more difficult

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faicchio, Italy

Hoping that a member might be able to identify this species of Centaurea.

Delhi, India

Not Centaurea jacea in which leaf bases are not decurrent. Above plant has leaves longer, distinctly decurrent on stem, making stem almost winged. C. montana is closer, but leaves above are much more longer.

faicchio, Italy

To all members who have contributed to the identification of the Centaurea. It has been identified as Centaurea triumfettiby the Botanical Garden of Univ. Camerino. Best wishes to all

faicchio, Italy

Dear Singh45, The Centaurea has been identified as Cyanus triumfetti or Centaurea triumfetti. Many thanks for your help.

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