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Here to get ideas from Birders for new Birding Software

San Francisco, CA

Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I am here to represent - Our goal is to create a free Online Wiki-Database of Birds for educational use.

The reason I joined this forum is to find like minded individuals that would like to help Beta test our system, or, if you have any suggestions or features that you would like to see you can respond to me here.

Right now we are working on a Tagging system for Audio Bird Calls. This would be where a user can describe the song they heard and our system will display audio tracks and correlating Birds.

Any feedback you guys have would be wonderful!


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San Francisco, CA

Does anyone have a set list of general Plumage Options they would use when categorizing a Bird?

Thank you!

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

I usually just check Sibley's or post a picture here. I don't usually drill down to ID something.

San Francisco, CA

Right. Understood. And thank you for your input. The concept behind my vision is 2 fold though. 1 is to provide people with their own Databases to track their Life Records as it were, whereas the 2nd motive, is to create an open platform for which people can come and learn about Birds. One example is a cool Audio interface so that if you hear a Bird call, and don't know the Bird, you can describe it with preset variables and we can then let you listen to and see images of the Bird so that you can verify it and learn. To make a long reply shorter ;) in order to code these interfaces, the variables need to be predefined, hence the need for a consistent Plumage verbiage list.

Thank you again for your response! I hope this clears up my previous question!

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

Oh, if there was some sort of drill down sound list, that might be cool. I'll hear a bird but I can only say "woodpecker-like" or "finch-like". And I can't just go listening to every bird call.

San Francisco, CA

Great idea! That is very close to what we have. We broke the Bird Songs down into 6 categories. One of them is set to describe the sound (chirp, screetch, kaw, cluck etc.), we also use tones (High, Medium Pitch and Low Pitch) and we also include details about the length, repetition, beginning and ending characteristics and so forth.

The idea as you stated, is for someone to find the Bird rather than having to listen to thousands of calls to find it.

Also, I should point out that our actual Database of Bird Songs is very, very limited as of now (we just started this). If you would like to add to them that would be wonderful!

When all is said and done, we would like for this to act like many of the Online Music Finders, wherein you can describe the song and the Software will tell you who wrote it.

Ultimately, we are looking to generate an iPhone and Android App that will record Bird Songs and then show you an Image and Name of the Bird that made it (we are a ways away from that though).

Thank you again for your reply and ideas!!
Any suggestions for extra Tagging Options would be greatly appreciated!

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

Well that's pretty cool. All I could think of is like I said… "It was kind of like a finch…" So maybe groupings of similar calls. "melodic like a robin" etc.

As far as plumage, I'm not sure how that would be relevant to identification. Unless I really know what the bird is, then I would know if it is in Breeding, basic or juvenile, etc. I suppose it would be relevant to a certain picture though.

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