Pull-behind Grass Sweepers for mowers

Spring City, TN

Anyone use these? Love them? Hate them?

I'd really love an alternative to raking although cost is an issue.

I'm finding them for $200-250 at Tractor Supply & Lowe's, 42" wide, and it's a mechanical sweeper, not motorized, the rotating spines "pick-up" the clippings and leaves and flip them into a towed catcher/container.

Also found a $1500 motorized pull-behind vacuum & shredder for grass clippings and that seems a little excessive for my 2 acers of grass.

Bedias, TX(Zone 8b)

Just stumbled upon this note. I do have a pull behind sweeper. I love/hate it. It does a great job of sweeping up the leaves and small sticks and pine cones. The bad part of it, is, you cannot back up with the sweeper, and if you have any string or wire or vines in your yard it gets bound up. (Very large yard, lots of projects over the years) I discovered this year that if I put down a tarp with some old plywood on the edge, then drive the full sweeper over it, dump on the tarp. I was able to get two loads of leaves on the tarp then I would pull the tarp into the berry garden to mulch the plants. It made the work much easier.

Enterprise, AL(Zone 8b)

Never have owned one, but I have had serveal neighbors that have owned them. One offered to give me his, the other one stopped using his. I have a riding lawn mower with three plastic hoppers on the back, it works way better than any of the leaf sweepers I have seen. Plus the mower shreds the leaves a little , the sweeper does not. I have also noticed when the leaf sweepers are emptied a lot of grass has been pulled out by the roots. I once watched one of my neighbors trying to clean his drive with a leaf sweeper, he could have sweep it with a broom in 1/3 of the time. So I have a low opinion of leaf sweepers, others may have a different opinion.

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

Yep, I'm on my 3rd one of these guys. What I use mine for is lawn sweeping grass. Then I use the grass to mulch around flowers/trees, etc. I have even considered fertilizing an area of grass to make it more dense to be able to cut it more often to use the clippings for mulching. The grass mulch is gone by next year, but has added nutrients to the ground and improved the texture of the dirt. It's a good thing in my opinion.

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