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So my neighbor says, Do you want 150 DL I forgot to plant?

Spring City, TN

I said, OF COURSE.

They were cut-back double fans, stored in plastic bags, & tops already died back. There is some frost damage to the roots, but.... should I just pot up, label and leave them alone? It's 26 degrees outside tonight....

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

I would get some peat and just cover most of the roots, move them in the garage for the winter and then pot up after freezing weather has past.. What you dont want, most of all, is to get moister on or around the crown. Crown rot is the only thing that will kill them. If you 'hold' them in peat, they dont need to be potted up, just put them all together in a big box, tub,/ WE. I lean mine and then just throw the peat on them. This is how I save mine till planting if they arrive and Im not ready.

Spring City, TN

THANKS. That I can do.

Rio Rancho, NM(Zone 7b)

Daylilys are very strong plants. I had a box of Daylilys from Bob Selman that were shipped in July and my postoffice delivered them to the wrong place! Bob & I tried to find them and I talked to at least 10 customer service people at the post office. I talked to our postmaster every day for over 2 weeks.

Lo and behold, my box was delivered 1 month later and needless to say, those daylilys looked dead to me. Bob said to go ahead and plant them, so I did and ALL of them came up just fine.

I soaked them overnight with a rooting solution and popped them into the ground. They are all dormant now, because it is cold, but they will be back in the spring!


Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Wow, that is great news. These are some tuff plants!

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