Texas sage is sick

Granbury, TX(Zone 7b)

I found something that looks like a black mold on the truck of my Texas Sage bush and it's spreading through the limbs. What should I do? Will it affect my other sage bushes planted next to it? They are still small enough that they aren't touching. Should I dig it up? I planted these this summer but have had some that were 7 yrs. old before I moved with no problems at all. Please help!!!!!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Can you post some pictures?

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

these plants seem to be susceptible to the black mold (probably sooty mold) which is caused by other pests like scale, mealybugs, etc. and the ants that "farm" them. this is a really tough plant but i've found from experience that they absolutely need very good air circulation or these problems will occur. if they are already in a great place, then i would spray them with a soap spray to clean them up and then watch for pests.

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