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Getting Brugmansias started from cuttings

Saginaw, MI

Hello everyone, Have some brugs cuttings I am starting in water--how long can you leave them in water once they root???? Can they be left in water indefinitely??? or should they be planted in pots once they form roots???? Can't put them outside right now(in Michigan) but don't know if they have to be planted in dirt once roots form or if they can be left in just water(as long as changed every 3 days or so) until spring??? And , either way, -- in water or put in pots -- should any type of fertilizer be given to them???? REALLY admire these beautiful plants but have never tried them myself before and really want to give them the best shot at survival I can!!! So , anyone & everyone, your advice will be greatly appreciated!!! THANK YOU!

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

I have best results potting into potting soil when it gets roots.. the water roots are tender and under go an adjustment going into soil later.. but you can leave them in water...
Now...mother takes big cuttings in the fall.. 3-4 ft long.. and puts them in a big galvanized trough.. and takes them out in the spring... she assures me she never changes the water.. just adds to it.. and no ferts... if theyare rooting and putting out leaves.. I'll add ferts to the water ...
the point being you can do most anything with them.. but having them growing as they will have to saves alot of adjustment later the spring.. when you want them to be taking off..

Saginaw, MI

Thank you so much for the reply! Your information will be very helpful. I received some cuttings from another dg member and most of them are doing well and have formed roots!! I did loose a couple though and of course one of the ones that did not make it(kept getting soft and smelled) cut off bad part and tried again only to get soft and smell again--cut off and tried AGAIN -same results :( and OF COURSE< the one that did this is one I REALLY wanted to get going --NAUGHTY NICK--(one of my sons is Nick!) so really wanted this one to get going but guess it wasn't meant to be this time--maybe I can acquire a few more pieces of it somewhere along the line and try again!! Also looking for ANDREWS GOLD--(another son!!)

When I put them in pots how do I determine what size pot I should use??? Start small and transplant alot or go big???? And fert or NO fert when initially potting in dirt????

Thank you so much for your help in my quest to grow these awesome looking beauties!!

La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

Start small and transplant to the next size when the roots have filled the current pot. Many potting mixes already have fertilizer added. If it does, don't add any more. If it doesn't, wait a week or two until the roots get established. Then use a weak solution if you have the cuttings under grow lights. If they are under natural light, fertilizing will only encourage weak spindly growth.

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