Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Time to have the Christmas tree up in the Tea Room. I didnt forget to put a pic this time when moving us.
Its going to be warmer here today and if the clouds stay around, not too bad outside.

I have sold a few more epi cuttings. Nice to make a bit of pocket money from the plants. If they want to eat well, they have to make some money...lol

I hope you are all resting and have the Christmas shopping done.
I was never one for doing it at the last minute, so if I went to town around Christmas , it was to just enjoy the day window shopping.

Its going to be moving around day for all the epis as I make room for the brug kids.
I think the garden grew a foot overnight after the rain.
I see I have a few of the tiger lilies nearly out. I love their spotty faces.

Hello to everyone. I had better go put up the sign post so people dont get lost

Enjoy the day
Happy gardening

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Merino, Australia

I must be getting old. Forgot the signpost ...
We came from here....


Sydney, Australia

Jean I love the tree ...we could do with some cheering up right now ^_^

One of my favourite old comedies,

Who ever would have thought Michael Crawford would later sing songs for us in the voice of an Angel, what a lovely man he is too.
Here is one of his best -so beautiful
and so special at this time of the year .

Have a lovely and safe day everyone.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks Chrissy, Michael Crawford is brilliant.

Ray and I have just finished picking 20kg of cherries....my mother would have been so proud of that tree, it is loaded with big dark fat cherries....and there is about 30kg still to pick......
I wouldn't make a good fruit picker, Jean didn't you say that you had done fruit picking at one stage? it's hot work in this weather, can't imagine how tiring it would be if it was really hot.

Time for a cuppa now, I'll think about bottling in a couple of days...


Christchurch, New Zealand

much cooler here today - after a 30C day my garden was happy to get a light drizzly rain all night & most of the day.
Supposed to be sunny again the next few days, my tomato plants are finally coming away - they did get away to a good start but the fierce winds knocked them about & snapped their heads off...

My sweet 100 snapped low down & I stuck the top part in like a cutting - it took & has flowers.
From the bit of stalk left with the roots on I have two good looking laterals, any suggestions on whether I should sacrifice one to give the other all the growth?

Mum gave me some seedlings but they are very small, not sure if they will have time to grow up & fruit before summer is over.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Good news.., Sooty has inflamed arthritis.. Weight gain ,443g, coat quality 'very good', Blood sugar, normal!!!!!!!,.no sign of bladder infection, just hard for him with arthritis,.so now he's on a steroid.....He survived the waiting room Rottweiller, yappy foxy and the cute little 'thingamy dog' with the cute face, like youve got ,Dianne..He even ventured to the glass panel in the consult room door to look back out at them ,about '10 times'..Now He's vey tired, and snoozing[bit like me soon]-Anthony

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Bravo! Anthony. So glad there is no infection. Arthritis is much easier to handle. He is such a pretty boy and so reminds me of my Max. How old is Sooty?

Teresa, I would give both laterals a chance to grow for a bit, if it looks like they are flagging, then cut one and stick it back in the ground to root. Sweet 100's are pretty prolific and so tasty it seems a shame to lose any of them.

Wow Dianne. That sounds like a bumper crop of cherries. Our local newspaper runs a daily world weather report listing temps around the world....I noticed that Melbourne and Prairieville temps are within a degree or two of each other lately....found that amusing...but I am easily amused...grin.

Chrissy, the Michael Crawford clip was too cute. Thanks for the laughter. That program must have been very early in his career...he looked barely in his 20's. I am guessing he would be near 70 today?

Lovely tree Jean. Have fun rearranging epis and brug babies, but do take care with your shoulder.

Have a grand day all.

A chuckle from the past. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih6W19KTlZo

Sydney, Australia

moon I adore Michael Crawford too, he comes to Australia quite a lot and yes he is probably close to 70 now.

Dianne I love cherries (my favourite fruit).
Just think of all the lovely recipes (though they are perfect fresh).

I must rush ...back later,
enjoy your day everyone !

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Nelson, New Zealand

Morning everyone,
Hi Dal, had to wait until Pete told me where Riley goes to dog training. It is the Addington club, he says he has competed at Marshland Rd. Riley is sure to be noticed, he is a very big bearded collie.... as he is the only one of his breed I have ever come across perhaps he is normal sized?

We used to grow Sandersonias commercially but now our tubers are contained within this poly box. Such a pretty flower and always a talking point for visitors.

Wow, Diane, you made my mouth water at the thought of all those cherries. We once planted and had a cherry tree it came into fruiting but the birds beat us every time, ha ha we would find one day that all that was left on the tree was a stem and the stone.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Very warm and windy here this morning. Lots of cloud about so I am hoping for more rain.
Didnt do much yesterday but I did have a long discussion with the epis about where they want to be sitting.
You know.... who sits next to each other ... who doesnt like who ... Very involved process as some boisterous fellows will grow and trample all over the quieter ones.
Non gardeners out there will not know all about all the kerfuffle that will occur if you dont discuss things with your plants...

Anthony, I am so glad Sooty is feeling better. Like the rest of us oldies , having arthritis can be a painful experience.
Your vortex must be so full of color now.
Loving the lilium pics you posted.

i have always been a fan of Michael Crawford. His comic ability is awesome , and all without a single swear word.

Dianne, I may have to creep into your yard for the cherries. Yummy.
I may send Carpet, he's very sneaky and quiet....lol

Teresa, I hope your tomatoes do better than mine.
The ones in the hanging bags are hanging on and I saw a small tomato yesterday on one of them.
The ones in the garden are history except for 3. Hot sun and parrots decided the fate of most of them .

The rosellas creep in when Michael is not looking and have nipped the pink shoots off the top of the roses again too.
I suspect Michael of collusion. He doesnt like his new clothes and is not working well at all.
Hubby says he needs taking down and replacing ..

Hello Moon, you should have been around earlier when I was dragging some of the larger epis from the benches.It was quite a job with some of the bigger ones, having to lift the pots over the front plants.
I was careful of my shoulder, but I think once you have done so much damage it will never completely be without some pain.
At least I can use the darn arm properly now even with a bit of pain.

Al, hope all is quiet up your way. Are you getting any more snow yet ?

Charleen, your garden looks so pretty.
I hope Charley doesnt have a nibble or two in there.

Hello to everyone else popping in for a cuppa.

Heres a yummy treat for you all.......Cherry Pie...( Carpet found Diannes cherry tree ..lol) )

Happy day

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Clifton Springs, Australia

18 bottles of preserved cherries today, have to pick the rest tomorrow, though most of them will go to friends and the local aged care facility.
Ray never wants to see another stem, he had the job of taking their stems out....:-)

Glad Sooty got over his infection, Anthony a very painful thing to have.......One of our cats can only eat, Purina or Optimum dried food, anything else and she gets a bladder infection, sometimes she doesn't drink enough water...yet the others eat anything......

I must get some of those Sandersonias, Tess, I have the Gloriosas and they are lovely too....just coming into flower now.

Jean, I must have a taste of that cherry pie, I've never made one....

Yes Chrissy, brandied cherries are on the list...as well as a few other liqueurs, cherries in marsala, port, gin and so on and so on...not really just the first 3....they look lovely when they are bottled.


Christchurch, New Zealand

Sooty is such a handsome fella :)
glad he had a positive (pawsitive) report from the vet...
arthritis is hard on our oldies, Copper gets medication once a month for his. He is on a break from it this month, with the mostly warm weather he is ok, even frisky at times.
I will start him back in January & that way I can keep track of how many doses he is up to. They have to go off it for a month after taking it 7 months to ensure there is no liver damaging build up.

I have been trawling through my photos on the laptop looking for ones of the terrace pre 'fixing'.
The builder in charge (now) has been & looked & agrees that the sub contractors messed up & the level was poured too high.
It was so nice to talk to a builder that didn't treat me like an idiot & who wants to sort this out.
I need the photos to prove that the concrete was exposed aggregate & not plain white.
I know I have heaps - I took so many of my terrace garden over the last few years but do you think I can find them!
I did get one so hopefully it will be enough to back me up - I would rather have kept the old cracked terrace than have this new one.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning All.

Jean, glad the shoulder didn't give you too much discomfort....the body surely has a way of letting us know not to over do things.

Dianne, are you familiar with Cherry Bounce? It has a very long history here....been around since George Washington was President...


Teresa, hope this builder gets things back to right for you...I am sure the whole affair has been more than frustrating for you.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.


western sydney nsw, Australia

Good morning to every one Iam looking to buy a small generator not knowing any thing about them I was wondering if any one used oneat home and knows a good brand .
Looking at about 4 to 6 H.P. it is only so I can run a couple of fans and may be a old portable T.V .after 2 days of no power and seems there will be more days in the new year its hard to see my little dog suffer from the heat..

Thanks hope every one has a great dayt. elaine.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Looks like being a lovely day here . Should be about 22C.
Nice and comfortable for shopping.

Hello Moon. yes the body has a mind of its own when it comes to doing things. No matter what you want to do, it will tell you ...stop..
You will have Dianne dancing on the table with fancy cocktails...lol

Hello Elaine, sorry cant help you with any info on generators. Its been so many years since I last had to use one, they are sure to be much improved.
Best thing is to ask your local distributor for advice.

Hello Dianne, Teresa, Chrissy , Anthony and Al.
Charleen, I sent Charley home without any cookies. He was teasing Carpet.

I had better start myself moving as its shopping day.

Heres a tasty treat for morning tea. ...Caramel and Walnut loaf..

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

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Sydney, Australia

Good morning everyone ...another stinker heading this way today.
Elaine gosh no power ? that is just cruel. I hope you can get something happening there to keep you cool.
Maybe you can hire one.

I thought you might like to see the pretty blooms on my cinnamon basil ...it smells so lovely and is so pretty.
They are bolting in this odd ups and downs weather, so I have given up trying to stop them. the lemon and the lime are just do delicious, the fragrances amazing , they have white blooms though.

I hope you all have a lovely day ...doing Chrismousy things and playing with cherries , seeds etc.
My black chilli will flower soon, the Peruvian Cape Gooseberries are starting to bloom, yummy one of my favourites !


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western sydney nsw, Australia

Hi All the area is having the power poles changed and wires replaced so all the connections are turned of when you look how many poles and only a few changed each time they work this is going to take a long time they are working on one side of the street so when thate side is finished the other will start .Then thare is all the back and side streets so it is going to be a long time of 8 hours turned of every every 2 weeks so best if I buy my own generator then when the work reaches my sons house it will be a use to them also.

Found the reason my dog watches the christmas tree a opened bag of doggie treats was hung on the tree .

I found the little monsters I found on the plant leaves are wasps yesterday found a big one about 2 inch long in a hanging basket still searching for the nest.

till later elaine.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Elaine, be very careful with those wasps, we had trouble with them a couple of years ago......they really sting...

Moon I just have to try that recipe......just looking at the cherries in the sugar, has encouraged me.....
Today has been jam day, it took me ages to take the pits out, so I ordered a pitter for next year...
Probably won't get any fruit on the tree :-)

Seeds arrived Jean, thanks for those...

Next time you have scones in the tea room Jean, you can use my cherry jam with a big spoonful of cream on top...perhaps mum and Brian
are watching us...nice to think so anyway.
Colleen. you've gone quiet again...it's nearly Christmas, what are the boys getting this year?


Christchurch, New Zealand

got home to day to find the concrete guys had just poured a new step so that there is an even rise on them...
it looks hideous but if it is a temporary measure to prevent accidents until they can come back & re do it properly I can live with it.

If they think it in anyway fixes it so that I will stop complaining then they will have to think again.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
You wont believe it but I am sitting here with the small heater on. It is cold here this morning.
The mist is laying along the valleys like a white lake.
Its only 6C at the moment. The sun is up and it will be very warm later.
One can live with hot days when the mornings and evenings are nice and cool.

I found no plants yesterday while shopping . Maybe when we take a drive over Christmas there will be a small nursery somewhere , waiting for me to come along.

Teresa, I can imagine your anger at the delays in fixing a bad job.
I hope it all works out for you quickly.
I am sending Sugar and Copper a large virtual dog bone to chew on over the holidays.

Hello Dianne, have you finished all your Christmas shopping ?
I hope you and Ray have a special time over Christmas with your family.

Hello Moon , Charleen and Al.
I see that some areas over there have had good snowfalls.
It all looks lovely in pictures but must be hard to manage with feet of the stuff around.
I must get Carpet to come over in the New Year so we can all enjoy a bit of time in the snow with you all .

Hello to everyone else in for a cuppa.
The Christmas tree looks lovely and already lots of presents under it. I see the names and there is one for everyone. No peeking until Christmas Day.

I am off to pot some new ferns I bought on eBay. Very nice ones which will look pretty in the fern house.
More brug seedlings also need bigger pots.

Take care everyone. If you are driving, take extra care.

Heres a nibble for morning tea.... German Chocolate Cake

Happy day.

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western sydney nsw, Australia

So much seems to happen at my house at christmas its a real happy time now the hot water tank has died -- the plumbing &electrical company I use must love me last week they were here to to replace washers and new shower head now a poor worker will miss the break up party just to keep me in hot water . elaine.

Sydney, Australia

What a busy morning here, my dear sister in law paid us a visit and gave me a beautiful home made Christmas Cake, I am the only one that eats it here ...what a lovely thing to do. I guess I will put on a few pounds this Christmas now ^_^

Elaine gosh ! lets hope it all changes now, a new year is soon upon us, if we survive today that is (end of the World lol).

I have been seeing all that snow over the pond ...looks like a white Christmas for most of you over there.

I am tired, how about all of you, I am looking forward to a bit of a rest over the break, though as gardeners, we all know the plants still require attention.

Take care !

_██_*˚。/ ♥ *˚。*。*★*˚。*。*★*˚。*。*★
. ( ̮)*.。*/♫.♫*˛.*˛_Π_____*˚。*。*❤*˚。*。*★
.( . . ) ˛./ '♫ ' .˛*./______/~\*˚。*。**❤ ˚*★
*(...''.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛.|田田❤|門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚。*。*


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

We're expecting snow over the weeekend, just kind of wet and sloshy right now... not quite Christmas yet.


western sydney nsw, Australia

Hi Chrissy Iam a bit of a Drama Queen really I can remember back in the olden days growing up we had a chip heater in the bathroom to heat water if hot water was needed in the kitchen had to boil the kettle before the chip heater bath water was boiled inthe copper and carried in a bucket into the house to fill the bath. The old copper sure was great will never forget the smell of our ham cooking in the copper day and night thate was before we got the smoke house built.
Things sure have improved since them days.

Lucky you home made chritmas cake sorry to say this year I was not up to all the cooking so had to pass on that extra love of making cake and pudding..


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I got a ham from work, and a christmas pudding [a lions one]., tomorrow, in my shopping,,. I hope to get a 'free range' size 40 turkey'for me''- will stuff [traditional]-=guarenteed, no turkey left in 4 days,,.I love my Christmas Turkey......Speaking of Turkey heres a glamour shot of Sooty

Thumbnail by g_whizz
Sydney, Australia

My cousin sent me this in an email ...I had to share with you cat lovers, too cute !

I hope it works for you.

By the way I think we are still here (the World is still turning )

chrissy :)

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Well the world DIDN"T come to an end and I've still got bills to pay and people to feed. Anyway, we've got son John back from South Africa and visitors over the weekend, will be busy for the next few days. Have a great Holiday All!!


Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Too cute Chrissy. Enjoy your Christmas cake...and your Christmas. I must say you are getting quite good at generating neat little pictures....what patience...GRIN

I think the doomsday sayers missed the most important part...the one where it says when you reach here...go back to the beginning GRIN....I firmly believe that no culture has the secret answer...and to spend one's days in fear is grossly counterproductive....about the closest I have seen is the caveat to Eat, Drink and be Merry...for tomorrow you may be gone....that is entirely true.

We have no snow here...probably won't as it only happens every 5 or 6 years...Twice in the past 11, and can't remember when prior to that. It is chilly and windy, but didn't get nearly as cold as was predicted. Seems the Northern part of the country will experience a white Christmas this year.

Al, I know you and your wife are thrilled to have son, John at home for the holidays. Hope you all have the merriest of Christmases.

Anthony, I am with you...ham is lovely, but need that Christmas turkey with all the trimmings. Hope Sooty is feeling better...maybe a bit of turkey will make him happy.

Good thoughts to you all.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. I am a bit late opening the door today. I got caught up in doing something else. Going to be warm here again but still chilly now.
I did a bit of repotting yesterday and will do more today. I added a new piece of pipe in the fern house . It hangs from the overhead beams and I can now hang my fuchsias in there.

Chrissy that little cat is so cute. I have had some lovely ecards sent at times from people who use that site. Very clever and beautifully done

Al, enjoy having your son home for the holiday time. I hope the snow doesnt get too deep around you.

Yes Moon, we are all still here and I bet there are a lot of people feeling very silly now.
If they only researched properly instead of just assuming things...
The Mayans never said the world would end.
They knew that civilisations eventually end though.

Anthony, I'm a lover of my Christmas turkey too.
Its not Christmas to me without the turkey and Christmas pudding.
These days though, I dont get a big turkey as there is only the two of us and hubby gets tired of turkey leftovers.

It will be turkey and pudding etc out on a nice picnic somewhere for us. I love a picnic at any time.
Food always tastes better outdoors.
Hubby says I eat more when we are out driving.
Must be the fresh air...lol

Hello Dianne, Charleen , Teresa and everyone else around
I think its time we started on the Christmas type morning tea snacks.

Here a yummy Fruit Cake ....

Take care and enjoy your day

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Sydney, Australia

Good morning everyone !
must run but here is my contribution today ...mouse pies er mince pies ^_^
another Christmas treat I look forward to once a year.

Have a lovely day everyone, don't overdo things.


Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

I forgot to say, my favourite cat you tube is still Simon's cat ...I know we have all seen it but ^_^

Here he is trashing the Christmas tree.
who can resist ?
Merry Christmas to our little 4 legged mates too.



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Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, love those E cards and of course Simon's Cat.....enjoy your Christmas Cake....

We have Christmas at home and we have variety of meats and veggies, one of these days I would love to cook yams, what do they taste like? Yam eaters please reply...
We still have the pudding, pav and the best of all, TRIFLE....I bought a new dish for it, it isn't very wide but it's deep and being glass you can see the layers....
There is every chance that the pav will be decorated with cherries this year..lol

It's going to be a stinker tomorrow, so I'd better make sure that everything is watered, Ray has about an hours start, so if I sit here a bit longer he just might finish it.

Have a good day everyone.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I hav'nt had trifle,....stab...83-84....Aunty Bev died in 86..I was a bit of a 'wild man 'then,.,.but, my god ,Dianne, hav'nt you brought back memories.......It was an evil [but tasty brew],., and raised on it[each christmas] as kids,it was brilliant-what ever happened to those 'good ol days',..,.Going to be warm here too... Lily sales are crap, so Im going for cover, so many are wasting-next years sales maybe?....I got a 44 Turkey[not free range], but hey! it will still taste good...Woolies had a very poor selection, so I went to a private vendor....Anthony

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sooty is such a lovely cat!

I am so tired, worked today sorting boxes of stock to fill an order.
They want 1 of each size in each colour of every style...
there are quite a few.
I did manage to swap a few things out of big boxes for smaller boxes which is great as we are so crowded in the store room - boxes are 5 high in some rows & we have to lift them up & down.
I also swapped over some badly crushed & split boxes for better ones so they stack better.

I am finished work now for the Xmas week & really looking forward to getting my Xmas shopping done & then getting into the Xmas spirit ...

Bought a bottle of sparkling pinot gris to have with Xmas brunch, have some good quality bacon to go with eggs & toast.
The bread was baked for a competition & given to a work mate - a big basket of specialty breads that she shared with the rest of us...

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning

Dianne. yams are rather like Acorn Squash in color and flavor...with a slightly creamier texture and the sweetness of cooked carrots. There are a variety of ways to fix them here....most folks prepare a Candied yam dish....Yams, peeled and cut into chunks( or tinned yams) with cinnamon, pecans and butter added and topped with Marshmallows of marshmallow cream (Fluff) and baked til tender. Hubby and I prefer them baked in the skins and a bit of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon added when served. If I make a casserole, I layer peeled,sliced raw yam with granny smith apple slices (peel on)...add a little butter, some pecans, cinnamon and orange juice and bake til tender.


Glad you found your turkey Anthony...sure it will hit the spot Christmas day.

Teresa, glad you have some time now to enjoy Christmas...and sure the pups will enjoy having you home.

Hope you all have a lovely day...


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its a beautiful morning . Nice and cool with the sun shining through the window.
It is going to be very hot later, so I always enjoy being out early.

Dianne, I have never seen yams here . I know there are native tubers that some call yams, but they are not something I would eat. I have tried them when dug up by an aboriginal friend.
From Moons recipe, they sound like a sweet potatoes.
I had to satisfy my curiosity and found this about yams & sweet potatoes.


I love sweet potatoes. Not the white fleshed ones. They are bland compared to the lovely orange fleshed ones.
When I was young, the white ones were all that was found in shops. Later the others appeared and now you hardly ever see the white ones.

I use them in place of the usual potatoes. So much nicer.

Moon, I must try the recipe with the apples.

Teresa, hope all is well over there. Maybe all your repairs will be done properly after the holidays.
Sugar will be very well behaved over Christmas, I am sure.

Anthony, I have large piece of smoked turkey and a rolled turkey for Christmas. That will see us through.
I have my Christmas puddings too. Hubby doesnt eat much of that so more for me..

Hello everyone else looking in.
I hope everyone enjoys themselves over the Christmas and New Year.
No over indulging on the Christmas treats....lol

I am going outside to enjoy the cool while its here.

Heres your morning tea nibbles ....Cinnamon Rolls

A quick peep at the presents under the Tea Room tree.
There is one for everyone but not until Christmas Day...

Stay safe and enjoy the day.


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

Just wrapped the Christmas presents, considering how hot it is outside, it's the perfect time to do it.

Thanks for the recipe and the info, Moon....for some reason, I thought that Chrissy was growing them, but I'm probably mixing them up with Taros.....more than likely....

Well, lunch is almost ready, it's going to be a lazy day today....
I might read thru the catalogues and look at all the things that I don't need....
Who would have thought that big TVs would only be a couple of hundred dollars..
Then again the little 7ins tablet, that Ray thinks is his, works like a charm and only cost $100...
it's really too small for me, but sometimes I use it just to read mail and of course it's excellent for games..lol

Take it easy everyone.

Christchurch, New Zealand

I started gathering the ingredients for my Xmas truffles & realised I didn't have coconut...
off down the road to the supermarket, not as busy as I expected & managed to pick up a couple more gifts so tomorrow won't be too much of a panic.
It is a lovely warm day - not ideal for making truffles but need some for tonight.
One oven tray covered with Drambuie truffles & the other with port & chocolate truffles.
I went outside & painted some boxes to put them into - didn't turn out as well as I hoped but will do.
Might get some glue & cover the other boxes in xmas paper.
Sugar was so wicked while I was busy, she stole my gumboot, first time I got her to bring it back but the next time I decided I didn't care enough to drop what I was doing.
Then she sneaked in & ran off with the little dust brush...
and kept coming back in looking for any other mischief she could get into.
When I caught Copper counter surfing I decided enough & packed them off to bed.
Being bad must be tiring as I haven't heard a peep out of them.
I have a long list of cleaning & tidying to do but right now I can't be bothered.
Baz is off helping a friend put the wings onto his plane, skived off without even doing the dishes.

Merino, Australia

Teresa. you know the old saying....a womans work is never done ...does not apply to husbands and dogs....lol

I bet Sugar is dreaming of more mischief.
Fancy Copper counter surfing...your cooking must have tickled his nostrils..

Very hot & windy here. I have done nothing and will continue to be very busy doing same.

Dianne, we bought a much larger TV when the old one died.
Its so nice to watch things in HD and actually read the writing..

Hubby had a great idea early this year.
He said dont cook on weekends.. So, we have frozen pizzas or frozen McCains meals.
Just as good as anything else and so easy.

I am spending the rest of the afternoon playing solitaire on the computer.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Turkey stuffing is done- Turkey is behaving itself, thawing in the sink....Look out turkey on Boxing Day-or maybe a nibble on Christmas night!!

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