CLOSED: ID this little thing (insect)

Griñón, Madrid, Spain


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Minot, ND

House centipede, Scutigera coleoptrata -

Griñón, Madrid, Spain

thanks, could you tell me what can i feed him?

Minot, ND

They will eat just about any arthropod (insect, spider, other centipedes, etc.) that they can overpower.

Griñón, Madrid, Spain

I found him dead in a bottle lid (where it was a small quantity of water). Did he committ suicide? Or had an accident? I also put there a spider that was relatively smaller than the centipede, but he wouldn't eat it.

The spider as well was dead in the bottle lid few days before.


Minot, ND

Three possibilities:
1. Natural causes
2. Spider bite
3. Drowning

Ft Myers, FL(Zone 10a)

Water should be given to insects in a small, shallow dish with pebbles added to this dish. It keeps the insects from drowning. Insects
breathe through their legs.
Read the part on the thorax, near bottom of that paragraph:

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