SOLVED: Need Id's please December 19, 2012 -9 :50 am

Bellflower, CA(Zone 10a)

See image collage please.

1 A and 1 B and 2 grow right by my Nana's front door 1A smells so wonderful what is it?

The stand alone picture what is it please. They come up in the cold wet weather, they are growing in my edible garden and since I do not know what they are I need to be certain so I do not eat them.
Thanks and happy holidays.

Thumbnail by BellflowerGypsy Thumbnail by BellflowerGypsy
Delhi, India

The picture seems to contain images of Pelargonium and at bottom center Lavandula 'Goodwin Creek'. Second picture is Gnaphalium (cudweed)

Bellflower, CA(Zone 10a)

Not solved on this site.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Could you say a little more about why you don't think they're the plants that singhg45 mentioned? That might help people solve it for you. I agree on the first picture being a Pelargonium and a Lavandula--don't know cudweed well enough to say anything for sure on that one but it seems like a good possibility.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Or maybe your comment just confused me? I see that you did mark the thread solved.

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