SOLVED: Mystery Plant

Ruskin, FL

Can any one identify this plant from my amatuerish discription ?

Green, low to ground, has greenish brown pods or husks containg red seeds. Seeds are the size of small grapes. Pods are quite large, approx 10" to 12 " in length and about 3" in diameter. Pods have outer covering that looks like a grenade or pineapple. On Florida lawn but may not be tropical.

Seattle, WA

Without an image, I am guessing Iris foetidissima?

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Based on the description, it's too large to be Iris. Maybe Zamia seed cones? Can you post a picture, or if not, at least describe the plant (size, foliage, etc.)

Ruskin, FL

Thanks for the speedy replies. Tom I believe you hit it on the nose. Zamia ! I Googled it and found pictures. Apparently many varieties but one could have been the neighbors plant that the pod came from. Identical ! I will now research it further to decide "to plant or not to plant".

Thanks again to both of you

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