CLOSED: Little black bug found all over kitchen floor

Greatwood, TX

I keep finding these little black bugs on the kitchen floor. I just killed about 10 of them. They're all spread out. I can't see where they are coming in from. They're about the size of ants. I've tore through my pantry thinking they're eating something in there but I can't seem to find any in there. Please help.

Thumbnail by JonnyC1400
Minot, ND

Looks like one of the grain weevils in genus Sitophilus - larvae usually develop within grain seeds -

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Someone else will come along and give you more specifics, but it is some species of weevil.

Sorry Flap, didn't mean to cross post.

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Greatwood, TX

Thanks so much for the help. Looked where we stored some grains in another area of the kitchen and found where they were all hiding.

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