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Anyone remember me?

Lexington, SC

Hey, it's been a while and I forgot the information for my old account so I just made a new one. For those of y'all that have been here for a few years, this is Trent (diehardsouthrnr or 1cros3nails4given... I'm not sure exactly how I spelled my old usernames.) I'm 21 now and I'm a junior at Clemson studying horticulture. I thought I'd drop by to say hey and see who all is still around here!

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

I remember! Studying at Clemson, huh? I guess I'll still talk to you. I got both my undergrad and Masters at USC. ;)

(Zone 9a)

Hey Trent, welcome back. Of course I remember you. I got my graduate degree from USC also but I have been a Clemson Master Gardener for 25+ years so my blood runs both colors. LOL

So happy to hear you are majoring in Hort. Are you officially in Lexington County now? Any ties to Beaufort County still? I am asking because our local MG association funds scholarships for Beaufort/Jasper/Colleton County residents who are majoring in hort science at CU.

Lexington, SC

Well I'm very glad y'all will overlook that "flaw". haha My parents officially live in Lexington but I've got a job at Palmetto Coastal Landscaping in Bluffton. I stay there in the summer and my grandparents still live there. I hope to move back down to the Lowcountry soon!

Johns Island, SC

I've lived all over this country---except the left coast (by choice) Sandlapper, and I gotta level with you, the Lowcountry is as good as it gets in North America! Especially to a plant freak. I'd like to write a book about it, but then too many people would know. And they'd swamp the low country, and we'd turn into another ticky-tacky area that resembles so many around the country. Can't have that, because it's also relatively fragile... Welcome back!

Lexington, SC

Thanks, Stono!

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Yes I remember you and the board has changed a lot. Lots of oldies not here any more
Glad to see you n hope you drop in more often

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

I've been lucky enough to follow our young man via Facebook :) It's been a great journey watching him go from HS to College years and I appreciate his letting this old lady stalk him LOL

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