What do you have blooming

Emerald Isle, NC

Wow here it is almost xmas and ive still have many plants still blooming,what a grate year for gardening.

(Zone 9a)

I usually walk around the yard on Christmas day taking pictures of what is still blooming. They are calling for frost tonight here and I am not happy. I have frost cloth to put out but the 25 mph winds are making it difficult.

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

We haven't gotten a frost here yet. The lowest temp so far was 33 several weeks ago.
A few of my mums still have some blooms and even my tropical hibiscus pop one out occasionally. My fatsia are in full bloom, the red salvia, roses and african daisies are still chugging along and my camellia sinensis has a few buds openings.
Yea for warm weather!

Lexington, SC

My Bird of Paradise is about to bloom. I'm mildly ecstatic about that.

Johns Island, SC

We've still got Knockout roses in bloom, Cassia, Plumbago, Cestrum Nocturnum, C. Sasanqua (full bloom), and C. Japonicas (just starting). Supposed to be in the high 20's here tonight, so I suspect all except the Camellias will be gone by Monday... Still, it's really nice to have such a pallet of eye candy available at Christmas!

Lexington, SC

The crinum lilies I planted in my parents' yard this summer just threw up one more inflo before they go dormant. The flowers are a little beat up because I got back from Clemson right as they were winding down.

Thumbnail by Sandlapper91
Lexington, SC

Last night I moved our Bird of Paradise inside. It has three inflos, one of which just bloomed today.

Thumbnail by Sandlapper91
Emerald Isle, NC

Wow mine have never bloomed

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