keeping pots warm

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

im thinking all you tropical plant enthusiasts might be able to help me..
i dont have a greenhouse..that said.. i am growing tropical amorphophallus'..
i can keep growing conditions good ..but im challenged during winter..
?? question ..heating the pots with the corms..
i use heat pads..but my biggest corms well thats not enough heat..and i dont want to
heat the whole house to 80F..
i was thinking of using heating cables attached to thermostat..and bury the heat cable
right in the soil. along the edge of the pot.. the thermostat would keep it at desired temp
and wouldnt be "hot" so im thinking wouldnt damage the corm..or roots..
am i nuts?? :)
any ideas.. thoughts..???
much thanks

(Zone 9a)

Are you sure they need that much heat? Is it because you trying to keep them actively growing during the winter? My amorphophallus used to stay in the ground all winter and I was living in an area that did have several freezes a year. They would go dormant and pop right back up in the spring. Obviously it is much colder in Utah so you would have to bring the corms indoors but I don't think they need such high temperatures.

I am not an expert by any means and perhaps you are growing a specific cultivar that needs such heat. That said, I have seen heating coils that sit inside the pot in the soil, usually along the bottom, maybe something like that would help. Good luck with this, it is always fun to find ways to outsmart mother nature and grow tropicals in cold climates. .

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't grow Amorphophallus, but most tropicals should be fine if they're inside the house which you presumably heat at least to 60-something degrees.

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