SOLVED: Help me figure thos out so I don't kill it!!!

Suitland, MD

My fiancees mother gave me this. I was one of three she received in August. One, which is apparently the same species, is over 4 feet tall and the clump is about 3 feet around. We both need to know what it is so we don't kill them.

The leaves are upright, each on a single stalk, thick and firm. The one photo shows the crown(s?) of the plant(s?) which almost looks like the aerial roots of an orchid. I've had it for about two months now and it has grown but I've probably been pressing my luck. I water it once a week and have it sitting on a bed of aquarium gravel that I keep moist, but not up to the bottom of the plant. It also gets about 14 hours of light from a 150 CFL bulb.

Thanks for any help!


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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Anthurium, maybe Anthurium hookeri

Suitland, MD

Thanks! You might be right although the pictures I have looked at here show hookeri have a much more tightly clumped nature.

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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Might be this one:

Suitland, MD

The leaves look closer but I may just have multiple plants in the same pot because the link you provided still looks much more tightly clumped. I think anthurium is the right genus, just may not have identified the right species.

MIddle Blue, Indonesia

Does the plant have produced berries before? Anthurium hookeri have white berries instead of red..

Suitland, MD

No berries to this point in time.

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