CLOSED: Small Flies

Fort Lee, NJ

Hi there,

I started seeing these small flies around my home a few weeks ago and they've proliferated. They're about a millimeter long, and keep flying at bright lights (like computer monitors) or people. I kill 5 or 6 a day, and am not sure if they bite. When they fly by your ear, it makes a similar buzzing noise as a mosquito, and its disconcerting. They seem to keep flying at people's faces which is super annoying.

I got one intact, and took a macro photograph with my camera.

Was curious about what they were and how to get rid of them.


Thumbnail by cosmicpower Thumbnail by cosmicpower
Minot, ND

These may be scuttle flies in the family Phoridae -
Their larvae will feed on a wide variety of decomposing organic matter, including gunk in drain pipes -

Fort Lee, NJ

Thanks! Much appreciated

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