Theres going to be a big plumeria sale this spring

Mulberry, FL

Yes have way too many time for 3/4 to go most are Thailand seedlings some have bloomed some not

Thumbnail by Danasplants Thumbnail by Danasplants
Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Dana, keep us posted - you know I want some, if I can afford them!

Hollywood, FL(Zone 11)

Dana, i spotted variegated one there, save that for me please. Also, keep me inform before you throw away any, i should be able to move in a new house in few weeks.


Mulberry, FL

LOL not throwing any away going to part with 23's of them though there might be a hidden varigated glad you got your house!

Norwalk, IA(Zone 5b)

Sale occur yet? :-)

Mulberry, FL

yes its on going on ebay!!!

Central Valley, CA(Zone 9b)

Holy cannoli, that's quite a jungle!

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Link to sale, please?

Holly Springs, NC(Zone 7b)

Love to know your sellers name on ebay so we can shop!

Mulberry, FL

What I am selling are cuttings and plants Plants are 25 - 30 inch 20 dollars and 2 pound shipping these are Thailand seedlings and different plants that I have rooted there are no names. Selling 30 inch cutting 15 dollars a peice and 4 -8 inch cuttings 20 dollars flat rate small box priority 5 dollar shipping

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