Celosia Cockscomb?

Miami, FL


I received some plant clippings from a friend in Va, she did not give me planting instructions and I thought that I could just stick the plants in some dirt and they would root. However it did not, seeds dropped off of them and started growing. My friend did not know what the name of the plant was so I did some internet research and I believe that one to be a Cockscomb, the other I am unsure.
I repotted them and on Dec 9th and today I think I see the start of something. Take a look and maybe you can help me identify the taller leafy plant.

The first pic is from my friend's garden
2nd is the results of my thinking that the plant would root
3rd the results of the seeds falling off of the cutting
4th after my repotting, these are the taller green leafy ones
5th the shorter red stem and redish leaf ones

Thumbnail by mimidahop Thumbnail by mimidahop Thumbnail by mimidahop Thumbnail by mimidahop Thumbnail by mimidahop
Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

The picture of your friends plant I would call the Plume type rather than the Cockscomb type, but yes, it is Celosia. What I think of the Cockscomb type sort of looks like a fancy colored brain.

I have found that the flower color is predicted by the leaf and stem color. Mostly the green leaf/pale stem will end up yellow or white, or pale pink. The redder stem and especially the red leaves will be hot pink to red flowers.

When you want to collect seed you will get a mix, if there was a mix in the garden. If you only want one color then thin the plants before they flower, so the pollen only comes from the color you want, then the next generations might slowly become one color. You are simply selecting for the color you want.

In FL you might grow them out doors year round, I am not sure.
Here (CA) they are summer annuals. They thrive in the heat.

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Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

I agree with Diana, both about what you have and the description of cockscomb, (definitely looks like a brain. ;)).
The taller ones are zinnias. They'll all look gorgeous in the garden together!

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

I see at the very back of the prince feathers celosia, in the photo of your friend's garden, a cockscomb celosia. The second photo is obviously celosia, the second and third photo are of zinnias and the 4th photo is of the new celosia seedlings some of which look like they might turn out red like the ones in the photo and the ones without red stems could turn out to be yellow ones or pale ones of some color, not red. Good job of propagating the plants you were given. I think you have a bright future as a gardner!!!!!

Miami, FL

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your responses.

Diana_K, I think that you may be right about the Cockscomb. When I was in VA one of the plants looked like a picture of the Cockscomb, but the others look more feathery. All of the little plants (Celosia) have red stems, and some have red leaves while others have all green leaves. And quite a few of them have little feathery looking blooms.

I got the cuttings in October and they were all put in the same bag. I was not really sure what was in the bag, but I think they were a mixture of all that were in her garden. When the first leafy green ones started growing, while in the pot with the cuttings, I thought that somehow some weed got in my pot and I pulled them. Then like the next day or so I saw a few more and realized that she must have put some of the other flowers in the bag.

Any way I am excited to see them in full bloom.

Beach_Barbie, I believe that you are right about the taller ones being Zinnias. I looked them up on the net and they look just like my friends. There were about four or five different color flowers on the plants, and they too have little buds on them.

Steadycam3, the Cockscomb is the plant that I wanted when I saw it in her garden, the “prince feathers celosia” added beauty to the cockscomb. She had a couple of cockscomb standing alone and two or three “prince feather celosia” standing along, but I think when they were grouped together they looked so much nicer. I am so excited about my plants. I don’t have a yard, I only have a balcony to grow my plants. When I repotted them I was a little worried because some of them did not look so well after the repotting. However they seem to have weathered the storm and are doing much better. However I did lose a few in the process. Thanks for you encouragement.

Thanks again to all of you for all of your help.

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